Pitt football and basketball hit with NCAA sanctions

the penalties:

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this entire thread is basically an excuse for everyone to post FPN and this gif

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eat shit, pitt

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Imagine dealing with sanctions because you had a coach cheat and still deliver a dogshit program like Kevin Stallings' Pitt teams.

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Finally, some good news!

Douches gonna douche.


That third down could have been a dagger if the corner hadn't noticed that the wide receiver was isolated by himself. Heady play before the snap.

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Wasn't that Stroman?

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Yes, that was Stroman.

If the non-staff members were coaching then this should be viewed as a player safety issue and should be a larger issue.

Are you joking?

(Seriously asking. Not the normal "Are you joking" tone of condescension.)

Leonard. Duh.

No. I didn't read in depth into the report other than people that aren't coaches were acting as coaches. There is no information about the qualifications about those people. If the non-approved coaches were instructing college kids incorrectly then that could be a player safety issue. Such as teaching poor tackling techniques such as spearing.

That should be taken very seriously and investigated.

Sorry so late with this... but yeah...trust me, dude. They're coaches.

Leonard. Duh.

i don't like Nardounche so any penalty to him is good with me

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You just hate to see it

Whatever. It was one bad year.

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Must be demoralizing to cheat and still suck at what you do

Shane Beamer is on line 1.

I keed I keed

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Imagine having more coaches than permitted and still sucking ass.

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No punishment?

The NCAA norm of letting you pick your own punishment seems to be really turning into a big old nothing these days.

We're starting to see punishments like "you have to promise not to check ze tweets of recruits for two hours, carry on."

Fuck Pat Narduzzi

That said, this as much of a non-story as NCAA sanctions can get. They're getting a slap on the wrist because what they did is almost laughable to even call a "violation"

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Why is there a smear of a different reddish color in there?

Someone touched it before the paint dried

Compression artifacts amuse me

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The birth scar.

Bless his heart

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Hmmmm.....I wonder what Penn State did?

If you're not sure if my comment warrants a "/s", it probably does.

They did a really good job of pushing off the rule book

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And give them credit for that

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