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I read an article about Mike Leach going to Mississippi State and it mentioned he taught a class about Football while at Washington State. It got me thinking about a major in Football and how it would look so I put together a curriculum. It should be open to any student, with the exception of participation in Game/Practice labs which would be reserved for members of the football team. Would love to hear feedback from the TKP community.

Core Requirements - 54 Credit Hours
History of Football
Rules of the game - 2 Semesters
Offensive Strategy - 2 Semesters
Defensive Strategy - 2 Semesters
Special Teams & the Kicking Game
Quarterback Play
Offensive Line Techniques
Defensive Line Techniques
Secondary & Coverage
Linebacker Play
Wide Receiver Play
Running Back Play
Film Study & Game Analysis - 2 Semesters
In-Game Adjustments

Football Electives - Select any combination of these for a minimum of 12 credit hours
Exercise Science & Nutrition
Strength & Conditioning
Coaching Techniques
Turf grass & Other Playing Surfaces
Football and Game day Operations
Game Lab - open to football team members only
Practice Lab - open to football team members only
Strength and Conditioning Lab - open to football team members only

Non-Football Electives - Select any combination of these for a minimum of 12 credit hours
Public Speaking
Business Management
Sports Management
Sports Law
Sports Medicine
Personal Finance

Free Electives - 42 credit hours
Any other university class the student qualifies for and has an interest.

120 Total Credit Hours

*Edited to add Personal Finance as a non-football elective
*Edited to move Football and Game day Operations as a football elective instead of a core requirement

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If golf (professional golf management) can be an accredited major in college, no reason football shouldn't be.

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I think I would like to get a Bachelors in football. This sounds like an awesome curriculum

I, for one, would love to take Offensive and Defensive Line Techniques taught by Dr. French60wasp

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19 major specific classes is a hell of a courseload. I'd imagine you'd have to focus either Offense or Defense for 12-13 major classes (36-39 credit hours)

Both tracks would have History, Rules 1-2, Film Study, Analysis, and In-Game Adjustments (18 hours)
Offensive Focus would have Offensive Strategy 1-2 OL, QB, WR, and RB (18 hours)
Defensive Focus would have Defensive Strategy 1-2, DL, LB, Secondary and Coverage, and Special Teams (18 hours)

Add in four Football specific electives (12 hours) and six football-adjacent electives (18 hours) and you'd be looking at 66 credit hours.

Fill in with the core-requirements for the remaining 54 credits and you're good to go. Journalism might qualify for one of the two Writing Intensive courses, Turf Management could satisfy one of the two Scientific Reasoning and Discovery courses,. Those being the case, you could have only 33 remaining required credits, giving a prospective student a remainder of 21 credits.

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I don't think the core requirements are unreasonable. Here are the requirements for fashion design and they seem roughly equal

Fashion Merchandising and Design Requirements (55 hours).

AHRM Core Requirements (24 hours)

General Education (up to 45 hours)

Electives (5-7 hours)

Fair point. I have a hard time trying to determine what constitutes a "heavy" in-major load. Mine was History that only required either 30 or 36 (I wound up with over 50)

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Same here. I imagine engineering is even more heavy with in-major requirements.

I think any courses taught by Bill Roth would be quite a complimentary elective, especially if someone wanted to go into broadcasting.

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I'm down only if Professor Beamer can teach the first-year core class, Beamerball 1025, and an upper-level capstone, Gettin After Ya' 4025.

Wouldn't the full course title be: "Gettin After Ya' - Media Relations in the Modern Era"?

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

I've said this for years. If some kids are not interested in an education but have the skills to be a highly recruited player then it should be offered. I mean they are there to be trained/taught/weeded out for a future job playing football just like engineers are there to be trained/taught/weeded out for engineering jobs. I would also recommend some type of communications classes required as well since media requirements are part of being a professional football player.

I wouldn't limit it to just football players. Open it up to any interested student. This would provide an opportunity for some kid out there who played high school football and wants to be a coach, but wasn't good enough to play in college. Or maybe an opportunity for some kid who wants to get into athletic administration or operations role.

Your time on the field should definitely count as credit hours as well. Just like a chemistry lab, it is hands on education. For those who want to pursue other majors while playing sports they could count these hours as electives and a minor in athletics if they choose.

Honest question...the game is 1 hour long, but takes 3+ hours to play. How many credits is the football lab?

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The university policy equates 1 credit to three hours of work, so a 3-credit lecture supposes 3 hours of class time + 6 hours of outside effort. Same with labs, 1 credit = 3 hours of blocked off time in your schedule. So with that in mind, football lab would be 1 credit.

At VT, football majors would be required to take two semesters of Special Teams/kicking

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I already have a doctorate in football from VT....my wife got me one of these...

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Where can I find one of these?

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My wife takes the kids and leaves the house while I watch my Hokie games.........nuff said

I like it, would need one for Men's Basketball as well since it is the only other major revenue sport

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So was doing some word related google searches to this topic and came across this:

Virginia Tech led the way for the ACC in number of different majors with 30 different ones represented on its 2016 roster. Defending league champion Clemson was close behind with 27. Louisville and Virginia had the smallest amount of declared majors in the Power Five with seven each


So in 2016 Tech had the most academically diverse team in the ACC and LOLUVA had the least.

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It seems weird that the most common major among football players at Duke is Evolutionary Anthropology.

Wasn't that one of the no show classes?
Wrong Tobacco Road school.

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Solid List...personally I would swap out Business Management and Journalism with classes on Personal Finance. Big problem with young NFL players is not managing money properly and going broke when they leave the league.

I listed Business Management and Journalism as electives, so I think instead of swapping them out, I would just add Personal Finance to the list of available choices.

Proposed additional coursework:
Tailgating 101
Bourbons and Bourbon cocktails


When football and basketball (soon) become another NBA and NFL, it's when I check out. I'm a huge VT football fan but when players major in "football" and hold out, and get signing bonuses, and complain about pads in practice,etc. See Ya.

To say that Leach taught a class about football sells it a bit short. It was called "Leadership Lessons in Insurgent Warfare and Football Strategies" and was co-taught with former state Sen. Michael Baumgartner that served in Iraq. SI has a good breakdown here:


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