Headed to Nashville: What should I do?

TKP Fam,

I have to be in Nashville for work on January 29th, so I figured I'd take the weekend before and the Monday-Tuesday to explore what I've heard is an awesome city.

I'm staying right downtown (Sobro / Rutledge Hill area).

I can't say I love country music (but I'm partial to Johnny Cash and I'll be going to the museum) - but do love good live music.

Hot chicken?

Best restaurants?

Brewery recommendations?


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It's outside of downtown but Lane Motor Museum is very cool if you dig automotive stuff. All very cool and unique. It's a private collection and only costs about $8. I'd also recommend trying Don Juan's for tacos if you're at the museum.
If you go to the Johnny Cash museum, I'd recommend going to the Southernaire for a Cuban sandwich or to The Stillery for pizza.

My favorite breweries:
Southern Grist (hazy IPAs, fruited sours, pastry stouts)
Bearded Iris (hazy IPAs)
TailGate has a wall of option that they crank out

Go to Bolton's for hot chicken. They use a cumin based dry rub. I'm going back to Nashville this weekend for a wedding so I'll be checking out Hattie B's. I'll also check about a BBQ recommendation I was given (I think it was Edley's).

EDIT: Couple more additions. Got a recommendation from a local for Peg Keg Porker (recommended below as well). Nearby is The Station Inn that has good live music. Lots of bluegrass/folk/country. It's a cash cover (ATM outside), cheap beer, and a good time. I'm not normally into those genres, but I've now enjoyed myself twice there

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Edley's and Martin's are both solid BBQ options.

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Martin's is just run of the mill for me. The bbq is fine, but they only have one sauce. If I'm in Donelson, I like Bar-b-Cutie. 5 or 6 sauces.

cumin based dry rub

Everybody loves a good cumin-based dry rub!

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Eat some original nashville hot chicken for meπŸ˜ƒ

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I was in Nashville for the first time over Christmas, so I can offer some rookie advice. I was only in the Broadway area during the day time, so unfortunately I can't speak to any night life.

The music scene on Broadway was not strictly country music from what I experienced. For example, some of the groups I listened to played covers of ZZ Top and had a more rock-oriented sound. And if you don't like the sound of one group, head a few doors down and sample the next band playing. Everyone I heard playing was really good.

I ate hot chicken at an official Prince's food truck within easy walking distance of Broadway. Here is a link to the Google Map of the spot - https://g.page/hot-chicken-prince-s?share.

It's located in this neat area with two bars where they also have a pretty good selection of beer and moonshine. They offer moonshine tastings as well, I believe. Regarding the hot chicken heat level, I am a big wimp for spices and the 'Mild' level was perfect for me without too much heat. I also ate a 'Medium' chicken tender and that thing had me sweating immediately and (TMI) caused some indigestion later on... Everything I read beforehand about the hot chicken is don't be tough guy if it's your first time and order one level lower than what you think you want or normally get at other chicken places. Prince's is the original hot chicken in Nashville. The chicken did take about 20 minutes to come out at lunch time.

Also - not sure if you'll have a car or want to venture out a bit, but we spent some time walking around inside the Opryland resort. Not sure if this is frowned upon or not, but we parked for free at the adjacent mall parking lot at the movie theater and walked over to the Opryland resort. There are several large, themed atriums to walk around in and look at the decorations and plants.

Not frowned upon - we all park at the mall and walk over to the hotel.

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If you're over that way, head over to Santa Fe Steakhouse. I'm a fan of the cowboy platter, great hotlink & ribs. The large beers come in quart mason jars. Reasonably priced.
And if you're old enough to appreciate it, Cooter's Dukes of Hazard museum is right there and it's free. Plenty stuff in there that I'd forgotten about, like the old cake toppers that they used to sell in the grocery store. Mom would bake and frost the cake and throw a topper on it that held the candles & it'd say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY", and had a center piece.
Certain weekends some of the cast shows up & there'll a few General Lee's in the parking lot.

I visited Nashville a couple of years ago. If you have any interest in music history, take the Ryman Auditorium tour. The Studio B tour out of the Country Music HoF is excellent as well. I thoroughly enjoyed the Johnny Cash museum.

The music scene on Broadway varies throughout the day and evening. I found a classic rock cover band that was really good (all the acts that play in the bars are really good - the buskers on the street are good) so if you don't fancy the music in one place, move on to the next one. The bars are usually crowded, though.

If your into touring estates Andrew Jackson's estate is not too far out of town. The Grand Ole Opry tour is also cool.

Hatie B's is a no brainer, and stick around for the Titans party to ensue Monday or Sunday night if they win their game should be a blast. Me and a couple buddies are actually driving out from Roanoke to Kansas City for the game!!

Go for it

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Nashville seemed fun last time I went but I couldn't tell ya.

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The home page does show some really hot stuff.

Drink. I would always tell friends to go to Yazoos till I found out the founder is from UVA. Good beer though


Right next to there, I'll make sure to avoid it :)

Thanks all!

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We went last year and I recommend wandering over to Printers Alley once you get tired of the crowds on Broadway. It's not far and there's some cool spots on that block. When we were there the music trended towards blues and jazz rather than country which suited me just fine. Even if country music isn't your thing the history of the Ryman and places like Tootsies are pretty incredible. Spend some time on Wikipedia and read about them before you go.

You'll find live music everywhere. From the airport gate we arrived at to luggage claim there were at least three guys on guitars.

You did not say where you are staying, but most downtown hotels help sponsor a free for guests downtown shuttle for getting around. Hattie's is my choice for Hot Chicken. Broadway is the new, cleaned up version of the Alley. It is modern, has plenty of modern chain places, and lots of neon. It also has better music and a bigger selection because more people go there, and is expensive for food and drinks. The Alley is grittier. Downtown (outside of Broadway) has lot of very good and very expensive non chain chefs and restaurants. The Opryland hotel and conference center is fun to explore, and a good place to drop $75 on a second rate steak or lobster if you are into that kinda stuff. I like NC BBQ and beer better than any have tried in Nashville, and have tried many but don't recommend any. Great whiskey/bourbon tasting bars, and the selection at some liquor stores is second only to neighboring KY. I recommend saving a bunch by asking what's behind the counter or what are the single barrel selects at the liquor store and bringing back for pre and post game enjoyment. Hot growing suburbs, like Franklin, tend to have good food at non-tourist prices. There is some great scenery there, with old horse farms, rolling hills, and mansions down that way as well. Traffic does suck at rush hour. Locals plan around it - you should too.

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I'll be in Nashville in a couple months for a Pearl Jam concert at the Bridgestone Arena. Any recommendations for where to stay? I have mostly been looking at Airbnb's in The Gulch and Music Row areas. Are those good areas to stay?


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Nah, keep going and head to Memphis.

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I get wanting to get closer to the state line, but Arkansas?

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Arkansas! Come for the meth, stay because you're addicted to meth!

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Careful now. I have relatives in Memphis and my daddy was from Dyersburg. Good people all. And no need to go to Arkansas for meth with West B'God so close.

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Another vote for the Station Inn (world class locals place) otherwise Printer's Alley... where you can find anything you want.

Allegedly there are a bunch of bachorlette parties there, if you are in to drunk horny women...

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If you like cocktails and hipster vibes, Patterson House is a 100% must-do. I had the best time there geeking out with the bartender about falernum.

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Thanks Frank!