WBB vs Virginia

The Ladies play LOLUVA at UVA today at 3PM. The game is on the ACCN for those who have it. UVA is 7-10 overall and 2-4 in ACC play. Six of their 10 losses are to ranked teams or teams receiving votes; none of the games were very close and they have not beaten a ranked team.

UVA players that actually play significant minutes are not a lot taller than the Hokies; but they do have a lot of height on the bench that does not play many minutes. They primarily play 7 players; and the Hokies may have a slight height advantage against those 7.

UVA shoots 43% overall and 33% from 3. They allow 43% and 33%. They have 3 players who shoot 40% from 3 and only one other player who has made a 3 pt shot. They make about 4 3's per game on 12 attempts. Three of their top 5 scorers shoot better than 45% overall; the other two shoot better than 40%. Although they shoot well, they do not seem to shoot often, averaging only 58 points per game. Defense will be important in this game. UVA averages 13 assists and 16 TO per game. They have been out rebounded by 3 reb/gm.


UVA has played a very tough schedule and may be better than their stats indicate. And this is a rivalry game. The Hokies need to keep their head in the game. We can't afford the 2-5 minutes each half where we seem to forget how to play basketball. If we play a complete game, this should be a win.

Go Hokies!

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Let's Go!

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UVA has some really good players. Willoughby was Player of the week last week and Williams was Freshman of the Week. First time this season both have been from the same team. Willoughby leads the ACC in scoring average. She accounts for 35% of UVAs points in ACC play. Williams is another 19%. We need to slow those two down to win this game.

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Down 29-18 at the half. 12 turnovers, shooting 28% overall, 17% from three. They look awful. Refs are calling traveling almost every possession for the Hokies. Hokies can't get a shot and can't stop Willoughby; she has 15.

Doesn't matter if it's cake or pie as long as it's chocolate.

The first place Whit needs to redirect money from is Kenny Brooks. He has recruited well but he is at best an average coach. Paying him over 500k and it bothers me that his daughters are taking up 2 scholarships when neither are D1 players.

Couldn't there be an easy way around this? Give Brooks a raise of 50k a year and let him foot the bill for her daughters' tuition. 2 extra scholarships that way

Must have been one heck of a second half. I had to go out and missed it; but the Hokies win 69-61. Maybe Brooks can stay around.
Edit. Trying to get the final score right.

Doesn't matter if it's cake or pie as long as it's chocolate.

I missed the first half, got home to turn it on, saw the score, and picked up the iPad, just leaving it in in the back ground. 8 VT points later and I put the IPad back down. Great finish.

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We won. Good enough for me today.

Edit: And yes it was a heck of a second half. Nail biting finish, we loved it.

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Holy crap. 51 of 69 points in the second half. Nice to see us finish for once

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UVA coach blew it at the end of the game. She didn't get a designated fouler into the game to commit the clock-stopping fouls; so her leading scorers fouled out. She also did not have a defense set up to get the ball to a poor foul shooter. I'm not enough of an Xs and Os guy to know what Brooks did in the second half; but it sure did not look like the same team playing both halfs.

Doesn't matter if it's cake or pie as long as it's chocolate.