Grimsley Enters the Transfer Portal

Are we going to have any WR when it is all said and done?

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Never forget when Hez put that FSU defensive player square on his ass


He wanted to be closer to home as it was said earlier in the season, but it definitely didn't help that Robinson passed him on the depth chart at the slot and PR. He's a great dude and I hope him the best from a fellow Williamsburg native.

"Can't argue with that logic" - Rick Sanchez

I respect that. Fact is, in order to compete with Clemson and win the ACC, we need more than 1 slot/PR guy.. we are living in a world at VT where if you don't start, you transfer out and we never have any depth. Who is the slot guy in 2020 if Robinson gets nicked up? a RS freshman that has never played. That's the issue.

No disagreement here. Per other sources, I believe that's why Blackshear was brought in as they probably knew Hez was gone to begin with. Going to be seeing....gulp....several jet sweep looks with Blackshear in the slot and he was a proven passing threat at Rutgers as well.

"Can't argue with that logic" - Rick Sanchez

Is he even eligible in 2020? I thought not?

As it currently stands I do not believe so, but he should get a waiver because of a coaching change. Of promises there.

"Can't argue with that logic" - Rick Sanchez

Right, don't hold your breath with VT involved.

What about moving Wheatley to slot?

THIS is my point. Grimsley in 2020 would be much better than moving a 4th string RB to the slot. No question. We can't build depth anymore.

I don't think it's that dire man. Sometimes players are underutilized in their original position and switch and flourish.

Lynn Bowden

I don't believe he poses enough of a passing threat. Did run that one pop-play against UNC, though.

"Can't argue with that logic" - Rick Sanchez

Closer to home? W&M? ODU? UR?

Would love to see him at W&M. Would immediately become a fan favorite due to him being from Williamsburg and make a great impact for them!

"Can't argue with that logic" - Rick Sanchez

It is a little telling that he thanked "TRUE Hokie fans". Wonder if there was a negative social media expierence or something. Friendly reminder: Don't tweet at 'cruits or current players (at least nothing negative)