Tim Settle creates clothing brand.

Tim Settle, luxury fashion CEO
In late June, weeks before his 23rd birthday, Settle released the project he had been working on for two months. St. Echelon is his luxury fashion line, inspired by his favorite high-end brands, St. Laurent and G-Star RAW. The company's logo is a penguin because of the post-sack dance he began at Virginia Tech, and its tagline is "Never Settle."


Also in Tim Settle news he is about to become a father. Congrats!

Settle commissioned designs, found a local vendor and partnered with Eric Kumah, a longtime friend. They established a supply chain, built a website and marketed the product, mainly on Instagram and with teammate Greg Stroman. The combination of football, an entrepreneurial project and the upcoming birth of "Baby Tim," the son Settle expects this week, has not fazed him

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Cool to see a bunch of Hokies working on this together.

Looks like a current selection of 3 t-shirts and a face mask.

weren't the edmundi starting a clothing line?

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Takin care of his chicken

Now finish up them taters; I'm gonna go fondle my sweaters.

Great Kid, has to be Fuente's biggest regret that he never had him returning punts...

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SEC Level DT.. those have been few and far between at VT. Stud. and great kid. Wish we had more of him on the roster.

Awesome! I was kind of hoping it would be called Big Tim brand. But cool nonetheless.

He's already doing pretty well for himself. 2 of the 3 shirts are sold out.

EDIT: in Medium at least. Did not check other sizes.

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Sizes offered XL. 2X 3X and army tent.!

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The video was an adventure

Get that next generation of Hokies started! Congratulations to Tim and fam!

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My hope is that every person in the country willing to spend $50 on a t shirt buys three. I won't be one. But, I love the hokie teamwork and ambitious side hustle. Big Tim looks to be in excellent shape at the moment.

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