Board functionality requests

I'll start: can we improve the search function? It's just bad.

Try to search for posts from an individual? Good luck with that.

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Click on name,

Then click on either:

"View recent posts" or
"View recent comments"

I just did this for your comments, and voila.

Damn, that was a short thread.

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so uh.... how bout them sports ball team?

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How about a dark mode?

Maybe some sort of reference for replies other than the "stepped" look. On the phone, it's easy to lose track of who's replying to what. Keep the stepped look, but maybe just a "replying to" notation in the box somewhere.

Warning- Filter lost.

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I believe the search function is Google powered and abides by google syntax parameters, that could be helpful in finding a specific comment from a specific user.

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not sure if this is a glitch. But when I select a topic, get the full screen ad on my phone and click the close, it essentially marks all responses read, so nothing shows up as new.

I have a Samsung S10 Android, was wondering if others had this issue.

I had the same issue, but I cheat a little. When you open TKP after not having been on for awhile the programming uses that hiatus as a trigger to show me an ad. I anticipate that and click on the link for the poster (i.e. Gobble Gobble Chumps). It sends me to an ad. I back out then click on the topic. Presto! All new comments are displayed.

Although sometimes, I can go to multiple pages or topics before the ad pops up.

I'll start going to a bunch of topics I don't care about to try to trigger the ad, and after about 5 or 6 topics with no ad, I figure that I'm safe. Then I go to the topic I actually want to read with 20 new replies, and the ad pops up.

TKP has no control over the ads unfortunately. I've mentioned it before, but those ads are suppressed for TKPC members.

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