Deep Sea fishing Oregon Inlet N.C.

Anybody have any tips or advice for me? It's my first time going deep sea fishing from Oregon Inlet in North Carolina and it will be in June. Not sure what kind of fish to expect to catch or what bait is best...etc. Any tips would be appreciated. It's me, my brothers and our dad so just getting to spend time with the family is the most important thing to me.

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Are you on a chartered boat? If so just sit back and enjoy the trip most of those people will take good care of you and will have everything you need.

ESPN. The coverage is excellent, you'd be surprised at how much you can pick up.

Take some dramamine.

THIS big time

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And multiple boxes of saltines. Puking up coffee at 10 a.m. is not fun. Even someone with the title of "Captain" gets seasick.

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Amen. Neither is spending all that money to hug the cabin floor. It seems like a big boat until you get passed the continental shelf.

Pay attention to all of this advice. Even if you aren't prone, seasickness is an equal opportunity misfortune and can creep up on even seasoned sailors. As much as I hate the side effects, dramamine does keep the pukes away. Agree on the crackers, and I personally would recommend an early, non drunken night before to help out. Hydrate, before during and afterward, and be sensible about your breakfast. Snack a little all day long and limit the brewskis while aboard. I've tried it both ways, when sick, go ahead and let it happen, even help it happen if necessary. I mean, if you get seasick, you're gonna be sick and miserable, but swallowing saliva and turning green and trying to "man up" and not throw up does you no good and basically prolongs the inevitable. Good luck, listen to the captain, tip the mate and have a ball. As my old fishing buddy Cecil would say, "Hope you catch a sackful."

Reel men fish on Wednesdays

Here are my best tips-

1) The boats are all the same price. If you want meat in the boat, the top boats in my opinion are The Pelican and Rigged Up. The Pelican would be my top choice. But almost all of them are really good boats- Oregon Inlet is a collective. Boats that don't produce lose their spot.

2. June is a weird month. Most years there is a transition from big mahi to bailers. Some years the yellowfin bite is there. Mid June is also the end of blue marlin. Don't go expecting a marlin, but one could provide the surprise of a lifetime.

3. Sea sickness is a worth, and I struggle with it. The best tip is getting a full night sleep the night before. Second, take Dramamine before you go to bed the night before and in the morning. Third, stay out of the cabin once you are on the grounds. Fourth, bring ginger root or ginger bread cookies to settle your stomach.

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Taking the Dramamine the night before you go to bed is the KEY of the whole process. Do not skip this.

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I agree. This also gives your body time to acclimate to the effects of the dramamine. The ginger thing is something I haven't tried myself, but French isn't the first of my friends to suggest it, so I'm sure there's value to that.

Reel men fish on Wednesdays

Couple of times I went out did the one the night before, then another about half an hour before getting on the boat with a hot donut. Had ginger with me just in case but never opened it. I mean, for $4 it couldn't hurt, but pretty much if you do the two Dramamine, and still feel queasy, no amount of ginger is going to put it in reverse. Could help after you get sick to calm things down on the back side, possibly.

Also know guys that swear by the patch behind the ear. Personally, I'd rather have the medicine in my full system, but there are a ton of captains and mates in OC that do the patch.

To you from failing hands we throw
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Having tried both, I found dramamine a little easier on my system in the long run. The patch was a little too strong for me, and the effects seemed to last longer after the trip.

Reel men fish on Wednesdays

The patch gives me a splitting headache.

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I only recommend the ginger as something to try and settle things down. I do not like ginger (I have a gag reflex to it's flavor, though not as severe as cheese, whiskey, or bananas), but ginger bread cookies have slightly eased issues.

The biggest key is don't drink soda the night before and get a full 8 hours of sleep. Sleep has been the biggest factor for me. If I sleep well, I do well even on rough days. If I don't (or get overheated), it doesn't take much, as Fish has been privy to.

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Yep. Gotta take it the night before.

I'm also of the school of thought that if you stay buzzed the entire time you're on the boat and stay loose, the motion of the ocean won't impact you. Maybe I just have a problem though....

Mentioning The Pelican really brought back memories. Me & college buddies chartered this boat in the early '90s. Seeing as the twin brothers are still operating/fishing for such a long time is pretty exciting!

We pulled in a bunch of Dolphin fish on our trip. Tipped well and gave the guys who cleaned the fish at the inlet some of the fillets.

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Arch is still there and runs the boat. Pat moved down to the Florida Keys and is guiding down there now. Pat comes up in the fall and he and Arch fish for drum off the piers. Pleasures to fish with. I even ran into Arch one day when I was fishing down in Florida last December.

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Good times. We'll be going out as well mid-June. Its a good time but a bit of a transition period for fish. Big Eyes usually hit in late May but we have snagged a few in early June. Same with dolphin (you may hit a few gaffers but a lot of bailers) and if you're lucky you may hook a wahoo to complete the red neck grand slam.

A few tips - definitely agree with all the talk on sleep, not getting hammered the night before and taking plenty of water / snacks throughout the day. I take the patch but sea sickness sneaks up on everyone depending on the wind so prepare.

Also, plan to get there about 30-60 minutes before the boats are scheduled to leave. Besides getting boarded, most captains try to sneak out early of they can. If you go offshore no need for bait tackle, equipment, whatever. All you need is your own food. Bring a cooler big enough to bring home fish. And lastly, bring cash. If you want to get fish cleaned at the center, I believe they only take cash and a decent day (5 big fish and a pile of bailers) will cost you $100+ for cleaning. We've had days where it cost over $400.

THIS- the mates work for tips, and at Oregon Inlet, the fish cleaning crew comes and gets your fish and takes it inside to clean it (usually before you get a chance to say you want them to or not.) The prices are pretty reasonable.

The mates, especially on those boats, are experienced guys who work their tail off. You will spend much more time with them than the captain. To me, it is a minimum $240 ($40 per person for a 6 person crew.) Standard is 20%.

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Thanks for all of the advice everyone! Dramamine is big on my list as is hydration. I will remember the ginger cookies, saltine crackers, and plenty of water and sun screen.


Oregon Inlet Rankings based on my experience
1) The Pelican- Always in demand. I have fished with Arch on piers and land. Nobody will work harder to find fish, and be polite and professional doing so.
2) Rigged Up- My single best day on the water in terms of poundage. An early April day produced a dozen yellowfin tuna, a 40 pound wahoo, and a six pack of 65 inch class bluefins which all hit at the same time. That said, if there are kids on the boat, I didn't feel like it would be family friendly. Great fishermen, but it was more of a football locker room atmosphere.
3) Fintastic- When the bailer mahi (first of July) were not cooperating, he found the yellowfins. We got 11 in the midst of a very slow tuna summer. Good all around boat.
4) Seaducer- older boat that needed some TLC. This was a makeup trip and we went after striped bass instead of bluefin because OIC couldn't put together a full crew for a bluefin trip.

Fishing Frenzy, Tuna Fever, and Point Runner have been there forever. Having a slot there is performance based, so I am sure they are money boats. I just have not had direct experience with any of them.

The Legacy was a spectacular boat, especially for families. But, Captain Jordan sold it and is now building boats. I would have given him repeat business. We had a bailer dolphin limit and he was great with the kiddo and my nephew all day.

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Loved the Legacy. We met Jordan when he was mating for the Carolinian on Tillet's boat (helluva mate) and then when that boat was sold we moved over to Jordan's as a new captain. He had a great learning curve and came up to speed quickly as a captain - and always made sure we had a good time and brought home fish. I think he was one of the first ones to kite fish out there - hope he's doing well with the family business.

Awesome guy and great boat. Jordy and the mate were really engaged with Andy and Tucker. The boat was immaculate and was a smooth ride. When we targeted bigger stuff, the kids went in and watched the World Cup. I hate that he sold the boat, but the family tradition is strong with boat building.

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Ditto on Legacy, although Jordy still does private charters. Also the first mate gunner is now on Skirtchaser.


Great suggestions on the drammamine. I'm taking my boys deep sea fishing this summer as well. We'll be in Kill Devil Hills the last week of July. We are using "Carolina Style Sportfishing" out of Wanchese, NC. Anyone ever used them or thoughts? Signed up for 3/4 day shark fishing and stated that we wanted to do some shark fishing but then also some fishing for stuff to keep.

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I went outta Hatteras twice with Bernas Ballance. Guy was a dick, I think he's passed now.

Tip your first mate like 20%, they take care of you. You don't have to worry about much, just drop your line in when they find a school of dolphinfish and yank up the day's catch. Trolling is hit or miss.

I've never taken dramamine but there are other readily available things the reduce nausea if you're prone to it.

Have fun, keep us posted.

My Hatteras Inlet trips have never been anywhere close to as good as my Oregon Inlet trips other than early spring bluefin season. And, those trips were with an Ocean City skipper instead of a local.

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