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We just had some family members who were assisting us with the move bail out due to worries about COVID, so we are starting to put together a moving plan. What is a reasonable budget for moving a two bedroom apartment from Northern Virginia to the Richmond area, especially if the movers will only be handling the furniture and not boxes, clothes, dishes, books, etc?

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It's all based on weight multiplied by mileage...I moved about 3000 lbs (most of which was my car) 2200 miles to Arizona from NOVA in 2008 and it cost $2500...a similar weight to Richmond cant be more than a grand tops but probably closer to $500. Hope you get a good price.

It really depends on how you are moving, my wife's company will do the move, but are based in NoVa so they won't have a return trip so you can approximate 3 people for at least 10 hours of work (4 hours of commuting at min), including company overhead/packing materials/gas/etc you're looking closer to a grand. If you use a van line then they will outsource to the cheapest company which means your stuff could be 1 of many on the truck which would make it cheaper.

It really depends on what you are looking for. You can call the companies and get free quotes. Most are praying for work right now, especially residential only movers.

You'll just need to call them up. Even among movers, the estimates may vary. They may have a minimum for that distance.

You may want to have at least some of your estimates include moving your pre-packed boxes, too, and take the back breaking part out. May be worth it.

When you do get estimates, don't go the internet route. Call local companies and get quotes. The internet guys will low ball you and then bait and switch on moving day. I had a bizarre experience moving from Charlotte to Charleston where we itemized each room for a quote, got the quote and the day the movers showed up, they tried to charge me double. When my wife called the office, The guy got belligerent, literally threatened to kill us, and refused to negotiate. We had a stand-off for about 30 mins before he was willing to renegotiate, which was a higher price.

Then, the guys dropped a box in the move and broke a bunch of Le Creuset bakeware we got as wedding gifts and just repacked the box! We discovered it, tried to file a claim for a couple hundred bucks, but in the 5 pages of 4 font contract we got, the max they were going to pay was $60. Ok fine, I was just fed up, told them to send the check.

6 weeks later, the guy calls me at work again totally off the rails, belligerent and yelling about how we stole his money. His story was he sent the check right away, but we changed the amount from $60 to $600 and again he threatened us. I told him how ridiculous it would be for us to do such a thing when he had all our information and address. He told me he was calling the police. I gave him the phone number.

Anyway, nothing ever happened and I was fine with that because I didn't want anything to do with this whole fiasco anymore. Our next move we got a UHaul and hired local guys on our pickup and delivery to load and unload the truck. I'll never using a moving company again.

One thing us that you really get what you pay for in moving. I don't ever want to use a van line. The two times I've moved with a company was with JK Moving. They are a bit more expensive but the employees are actual employees of JK, the claims department (never had to use) is in house. They have been great to work with.

I've moved with movers a bunch of times.

There is absolutely a quality difference. Some movers get your stuff there undamaged, without damaging your house. They keep you informed. They take the headaches out. They're usually more expensive. A good mover pays if they damage your stuff.

There are lots of options here. By the way French, for me, if I'm hiring movers, I'm letting them move ALL of my stuff. I'd definitely ask for both kinds of estimates (Furniture only AND Furniture and pre-packed boxes), with a mix from different movers. Otherwise, I thought the "rent a U-Haul, and hire folks to help you on either end" might be an interesting choice, depending on cost. A lot more legwork from you coordinating it, and you'd have to drive the U-Haul, but you would likely save a few bucks.

On important thing about moving is if you have pets make sure they arent around for the moving days. I've heard so many horror stories about cats crawling into couches to hide and no one finding them until too late. We put our dog into day camp the day of our last move. Keeps them away from everything.

Took me five trips with my 15 passenger Chevy van and a utility trailer to move all my stuff from Giles County to Mathews 8 years ago. I got help for the big furniture from a friend or two along the way, but didn't ask for the big gatherings we had when we moved to Giles and pretty much did it myself. Good thing was, I had all the time in the world so I didn't have to stress too much and moved over a month's time. Still, it was a true chore. Add in the downsizing of several decades accumulation of "stuff", and it's also an experience I wouldn't care to repeat.
You are welcome to borrow said van, you'd be amazed at what they can carry, but my legs and back aren't up for being much help. When we were younger, we'd call three friends with pickup trucks, buy a couple cases of beer and knock it out in a day. Poverty is a good motivator.

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We moved from Ashburn to Williamsburg 2 years ago. Used My Guys Moving. Packed up all our stuff day one, delivered and unpacked morning of day 2. If I remember correctly was around $1000 and this was for all boxes and furniture. 3 bedroom, 3 level townhouse.

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What brought you to Williamsburg? Seems like mostly retirees and college students. Other than tourism, are there many jobs?

Wife's family lives there. I work in tourism so that works great for me and my wife is a Veterinarian with no shortage of vet hospitals down here.

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Awesome man. Seems like a great place to raise a family. Probably the nicest part of the 757.

When the wife and I moved from our 2-bedroom apt to our house in Midlothian, we used a combination of PODS and a local moving company. We like using PODS (or similar company) because they drop of the box or boxes and you fill it how you want and at your own convenience. They are also easier to load since they are close to the ground. You do have to buy your own padlocks, though. Then, you schedule a date where they pick up the PODs and transport them to your new location. You rent the PODs by the month so you can take your time instead of renting a UHaul were you have to worry about returning it quickly. This was back in 2011 so the prices might be different, but they were like $30/month.

The movers just handled the large items (couch, mattress+box spring, and some heavier furniture). When they got to the house, after they unloaded the truck, they helped unload the PODs for us. So we gave them a big cash tip to split.

Splitting it this way means that the movers truck should be much smaller since they are moving much less stuff, so it should be cheaper.

The biggest benefit for us was the time difference. It was way less stressful by taking our time to load up the PODs in the days leading up to moving day instead of trying to get it all done in a day or two. Just be sure to talk to your apartment complex so they can tell you where the PODs can and cannot go.

Also, keep some cash in your pocket to tip the movers if you think they did a good job. That way the cash goes straight to them instead of the moving company getting a cut.

(I don't know how well this would work since your starting and end points aren't in the same general location. You would have to call and ask about lobger distance transport)

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If anyone uses PODS or a similar company, take a photo of the container number before the company comes back to pick it up. You can then verify that they delivered the correct container to you new place.

757 to 703 (hints the username) cost me about $8k. 4br house to 4br house. They packed, loaded, transported, and unloaded everything. Definitely pricey. A lot of companies now cover moving expenses, and mine did. Otherwise I probably would've done 2 26ft uhauls and paid some buddies to help.

It costs me about $900 to move seven miles from Kingstowne to Springfield last summer. Full 3 bedroom townhouse worth of furniture, we moved all the small stuff ourselves. No issues with the movers, guess I got lucky based on all the horror stories here.

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We are moving from a two bedroom walk up to a three bedroom apartment. Our plan was to move everything ourselves minus furniture and beds. I believe there are two desks, a dining room table, a couple of very small end tables, a chest of drawers, two beds (queen and a twin). We have a month to do the rest, so there will be several trips back and forth. Susie has a library of books- that will be the biggest challenge.

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Have moving guys do the books. You warn them that the box is heavy and then they stack 4 boxes and walk out like it's nothing. And they guy looks like he is 140lbs with 180lbs of books on his back. its insane.

P.S. most places have a minimum, so you might wasnt them to move more.

Apples to oranges, I know, but I had 173 paperbacks mailed to me by a friend for Covid reading for maybe 27 bucks. Media rate is cheap, and the weight didn't make for trouble. I know real books are different.

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Mailing isn't cheaper than having a moving guy put them on a truck.

Have you considered Pods?

Whenever we moved, we rented a couple 1800packrat pods and hired a local "2 men and a truck" type service to move stuff to-and-from container.

We packed the boxes so we knew nothing would break. Nothing has or was broken over three moves.

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sold house before new house was completed.

so we did pods...loaded at our leisure. later had 2 guys and a truck unload at the new place. i don't remember what it cost but I remember thinking it was crazy cheap...especially moving from a single story to a 2 story.

and yeah, little skinny guys carrying ridiculous weight up stairs...and getting it all done in a couple hours

$ very well spent