OT: 2020 Season Simulation in NCAA 14

Sometime in August, a few friends tried to convince me to stream a "simulation" of the 2020 season on Twitch, sort of a "what if COVID hadn't changed everything" type of scenario, and right around the start of September I actually looked up some stuff, discovered that the game has a modding community, and figured what the hell and started setting it up. I downloaded a custom roster and 2020 schedule and modded them both into the game. The roster is "mostly complete", in that there are still about 200 players across 15 teams with the placeholder name "X X", but in general most teams have most of their pre-opt-out rosters intact. I did notice some issues with the schedule I found, but I fixed all of the major issues so that all of the games are accurate at least to the week, and if I find time later I'll fix some issues where games on Thursday in the mod were actually planned for Saturday or whatever, as well as some weird kickoff time patterns, but there are some bigger priorities.

This past weekend, I finally got *something* up and streamed a bunch of Week 0 and Week 1 games between Sunday and Tuesday, and started Week 2 with a game last night and 2 more tonight. The full week 2 stream schedule is HERE, and the stream itself can be found HERE. It wasn't until just a bit ago when a couple more friends expressed an interest in it that I realized there might be wider audience than just the first 2-3 people, hence why I'm here. Also, I guess technically this might violate the CGs even though there's roughly a 0.0% chance that I could monetize this even if I wanted to, so go ahead and remove or downvote as necessary.

Going forward, I plan to add more info to the website (full weekly schedules/results, conference standings, rankings), but mostly I wanted to try to emulate a season as closely as possible, streaming a selection of games every day they were originally scheduled to air (#MACtion on Tuesday and Wednesday, a smattering of Thursday and Friday games, etc), and then all of the conference championships plus most or all of the bowl games including some form of College Football Playoff.

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Lol, of course the game currently running has Fresno State, one of the teams with the least complete roster, including apparently their starting QB

Really excited for CFB Revamped Mod(PS3 and 360) to come out. Hoping that the download will be as simple as that say it is.

Yes,that's the Hokie Bird riding a camel. Why'd you ask?

V2 (which they call the "SEC Pack") is available already, but to install it you have to have a modded console or an emulator.

V3 (the "ACC Pack") is coming soonβ„’. It'll probably be halfway through the next offseason before they release updates for all 126 teams.

Yeah I'm just waiting for the ACC one to release and I might try and figure it out.

Yes,that's the Hokie Bird riding a camel. Why'd you ask?

Fired up NCAA 11 recently on PS2 and man, how do I miss it. The gameplay is so tight. The next gen consoles look better, feel better. But the gameplay just doesn't work for me. I'm still using the PS2 platform with our 2010 team and making a ruckus.

The series really lost its way on the next gen platforms, IMO. The recruiting ability and tightness of controls are second to none on the PS2.

Case-in-point: the way linebackers have ridiculous verts and pick off passes is crazy. Also it's so damn hard to get a receiver in a 1-on-1 situation; next gen consoles the defense is ridiculous. You essentially can only win with a quick passing west coast game.

In my experience next gen (PS3) has been pretty easy. Been running the flexbone to make it more challenging.

I've always heard that PS2 was more difficult, but I guess it depends on the person.

Yes,that's the Hokie Bird riding a camel. Why'd you ask?

Huh? I rarely do quick passes on ncaa14, most of my pass travel 15+ yards in the air. I attack vertically. The defense on the 360 has holes in it the size of a football field, lots of 1 on 1. Some routes are open 95% of the time in man coverage. Half the time teams use a safety on the slot reciever so you have him run vertical and hit him around the 11 yard mark before the safety gets there, or wait and let him out run the safety.

I've been playing NCAA14 since a year or so after it came out, but it never seemed all that much more difficult than the earlier ones. Defense may have gotten a bit smarter, but it's definitely still possible to find open receivers.

Saturday slate has kicked off, for anyone who's interested. Penn State @ VT should kick off at around 7:30.

This is only legit if your console dies.

I just had to replace my PS3 about 3 months ago because it overheated and died.

Am I the only one who went for the cash and sold their copy of NCAA14 for $140?

Man, that's a lot of cash, but I can't give up my copy of the game, too valuable to me.

An insider told me they thought a new NCAA game will be back in 2 years, maybe 1 year. I don't get as much time to play it any more so I thought I would cash out now before the NCAA14 price plummets when (hopefully) a new one comes out.

I have hopes that it will come out for this next gen console lineup that is about to his us this Fall.

I would pay for a version for the next generation consoles that is just a port of NCAA14 with payoffs.

From an Xbox standpoint it should be simple to port as is and it would give EA money (they should scramble the players first)

I've been casually browsing ebay for the last 3 months trying to find a copy at a reasonable price... still no luck

I might consider it, since I have both a physical copy and a digital copy...

I've significantly expanded the website, adding the weekly rankings and schedules/results. Week 3 streaming schedule is posted, and begins with 2 games on Thursday night, then one on Friday night and 10 on Saturday.