OT: These Hollywood Reboots are getting ridiculous, now its Willy Wonka (again!)

Except this time, its real and not a movie.....

Jelly Belly founder to give away candy factory as part of 'gold ticket' treasure hunt

This time the founder of Fairfield, California-based Jelly Belly is launching a series of golden ticket treasure hunts across the country before his retirement.

Think Willy Wonka -- with a twist.

David Klein announced the contest in a video message online, saying the big winner will walk away with the key to their very own candy factory. Thousands of dollars in prizes are also up for grabs.

Klein says gold tickets are being hidden in secret locations throughout the U.S.

"You will be looking for a Gold Ticket in the form of a necklace with a tag that includes a code you need to use to verify your find. Winners will receive $5,000," according to contest rules.

But, only one person will win the grand prize.


The contest is not free. Those who wish to participate will need to pay about $50 to receive their state's riddle. There's also a gold ticket Facebook group.

"Each treasure hunt has a strict limit of 1,000 participants," added Klein.

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They are remaking Momento as well...

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They'd be better off just continuing the story forward (backward?)

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Related, if you bought the DVD, there was an option to watch the movie forward vs. backward. Pretty cool feature, and vastly different viewing experience.


I thought they'd done this already, it was a gender swap too, I believe it was called finding dory.

The film industry and music industry has been doing this for decades.

Take a proven formula, insert current artists. A good bit of the public is vaguely familiar with the original, so their muscle memory says they'll like it. Collect cash.

The headline reader has logged on

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But if I can tell you the whole story without reading the article, was it even worth clicking on it?

Edit: OK, I read the article. I had the whole story wrong - skimmed it a bit quickly. Tricked by the headline writer into exposing a pet peeve of mine.

Note to self: Drink coffee before reading TKP.

My apologies, and carry on.

Gobble Till You Wobble

Key, I thinks you should be stripped of all legs. This is some important shit!

"Hey Bud, you wont have to hold the opponent to 17 points anymore."

$50 to enter. Hard pass

Fire guy

Nice way to make 2.5$ million while drumming up sales with lotsa advertising. You would think it would have been closer to easter though since it is jelly beans

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GETTING ridiculous?