Convos with Coaches: Laze interviews Ryan Smith

Great interview with Ryan Smith. He's another guy I'd love to hear more from in the program. Seems really on top of it in a number of ways. I think the DBs are in great hands.

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A great interview, and a very likeable coach. Thanks for posting this, as I probably wouldn't have seen this otherwise.

Agreed. I always appreciate those who help out my non-twittering self by posting news the old fashioned way - on a web site.

Very well spoken coach. I hope to hear a lot more from him.

This was my first time hearing him speak - what an impressive guy. I thought it was interesting he'd always been slated as backup defensive play-caller (long before NC State week).

I know some people were disappointed we didn't hire an NFL person for this job, but there's not much to complain about with this guy. He's got me believing the DBs and defense will be much better in '21.