VT Men's Rugby

Something something g about National Championship game.


Hrrr eh
Team national champ trophyincoming



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I am positively lost.

Go Hokies!

VT Men's Ruby plays for the National Championship in December.

This is going to be great for the ACC.

Drink from tha boot!!

Gonna do a shoey?

Probably worth mentioning that they're trying to raise money to travel to Houston. Unlike varsity sports, they're self-funded.

So if you've got a few bucks laying around and want to help some Hokies cover their expenses to a National Championship, use the link in the next post down from this one, by HokieMan07.

Here is the link to the actual VT Crowdfunding page for the team: Men's Rugby Team.

What a savings

Awesome! I joined the Rugby Club as a freshman in 2000. Sadly, the combination of my high school football techniques not translating (legal tackling in football then, now called "targeting" was always illegal in rugby) and the fact that they played games on Saturday when Michael Vick was QB led to me missing 6 of the games and hanging it up after a semester.

A fun bunch! Glad to see them succeeding!

Beat WVU

I played in '88, and had blast. That trust in you ur pads from starting football young was a real issue, and led to a partial rotator tear, but it was the cleat to the bottom of the kneecap that led me to hang it up. Excited for the team and the chance to bring the trophy Home!

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