EA Sports College Football Game Delayed

The rebirth of college football video games will have to wait another year to summer 2024.

Hopefully EA can deliver more than just a Madden reskin.



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Having seen what Madden, FIFA, and NHL have become, I want to be excited over this game, but I know deep down that EA is going to massively screw it up and just keep doubling down on their mistakes year after year. Whatever they don't get right the first time around will never be fixed due to corporate policy (they stop developing on current releases the moment it goes out unless its to fix a game breaking bug and they only look to add marginal improvements every year, and not fix past issues), so I'm glad they're taking an extra year to release.

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i'm sure they'll find a way to drop a secondary revenue stream from this game, and that's probably why they are delaying... I would bet they are trying to do something now in/around the NIL to monetize the game.

The crap part is that it doesnt need to be this way. Base game, recruiting, roster management, and online play is all you need. A few things I would like to see is a configurable post-season (e.g., at the start of the new season the player can [re]configure the format and # of teams invite), and the ability to hire and fire members of the staff. That last one may bleed a bit into program revenue management which isn't something I would be interested in tackling since that also would need to include things like fund raising and thats just so far away from the core game that it would be an annoying distractor.

Most likely, it'll have a very rudimentary single player campaign. You'll have a Program Builder mode where you can control a school, but it will not be nearly as in depth as you want. Where EA is going to make all their money, and likely the reason they are delaying, is that they are going to make this a Game As A Service to the extent where they'll give you incentives to buy as many recruits or coaches as you can for your program with actual real money. And then the bulk of the game will be implementing some kind of online team/program builder in the same vein as MUT, FUT or CHEL, and monopolize the absolute shit out of it. And every future game will have more and more development going there, completely neglecting the single player offline experience.

Wouldn't even be shocked if they set up some kind of online recruiting system where you invest the game's currency to attract good players, with incentive to top off your account with real money to lock those players in, all of which becoming a bidding war in online leagues.

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Per ESPN a lot of the delays are around NIL, although the article did quote EA is saying any prediction for a '23 release was pure conjecture.

I honestly think its going to take something like the NFLPA for college football to be created and manage a sport-wide licensing deal like this. Doing one-offs with every player or program would be a massive PITA and absolutely not worth the effort to get this done.

I don't get it. If they just re-released NCAA 14 with updated rosters/conferences they'd make a shit ton of cash. Could be a totally halfassed low cost effort, no new features or anything. Just updated rosters and barely passable updated graphics for this current gen. Can't be that hard. But my guess is they're stocking it with all the bullshit Madden has nowadays with gimmicks and micro transactions.

I'm hoping the delay means they're not just half-assing, and having it be Madden with college teams. They'll probably end up focusing on all that ultimate team stuff, though.

I think I remember reading somewhere that EA now forces all of its developers to use the same engine for everything. The engine that Madden runs on is really specialized for first person shooters, which is part of the reason it has weird quirks. Stands to [their backwards] reasoning that they have develop it from scratch using the new engine.

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This is as good as places as any, I am having the best 4 years in NCAA 14. I have two senior QBs and two Senior RBs.

My back up RB won the Heisman as a sophomore. He will finish with ~6000 rushing, ~3000 recieving, double digit kickoff/PR TDs and at least 1 pick 6.

My back up QB will finish with ~7000 passing yards and ~5000 rushing with 130 total TDs.

My starting QB has a rocket arm and I have had tons of 6'3"+ 220lbs 97+spd recievers that he just out throws the defense. He will have close to 18000 total yards, with 220 TDs

I have enjoyed this team so much over the past 4 years I would have loved to play my backups as starters, but having the ability to change out the QB after a scramble to keep everyone full energy really makes a difference.

Good thing I started a new Skyrim run this weekend.

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December 14th the next gen update drops for the witcher 3 on all platforms as well.

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Sweet! Maybe I'll finally finish it. I've only put 180 hours into it and still haven't finished the main story, much less the DLC.

The DLCs are fantastic and definitely worth the time. Hearts of Stone has one of the better villains in the series and Blood and Wine is like getting to play through Grimm's Tales.

If you feel the leather in your hand let it rip.

I'll be running through it all again DLC and all for a fourth time once this comes out finally on PC as well. Its my all time top RPG fantasy game by a good margin. The DLC is a whole extra games worth of content and so much fun and a great way to wrap the Geralt story line unless you try to sleep with all the different witches.

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I had NCAA Gamebreaker 2000 (989 studios' competitor to Gameday) and while I don't think Mike Vick was fast enough, it didn't matter because I got 20 sacks a game and blocked almost every punt just rushing Corey Moore off the edge.

Why EA cant just take 2014 and figure out how to port it to current Gen consoles and let us play that I dont get. Even charge like 30$ a copy and they would profit big time.

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No kidding. How can EA not look at the demand for a product like NCAA Revamped and then not have a single VP suggest that updated rosters and a quick port/re-skin would not make a killing in 2023? Like you said, offer it for $20-30 bucks as an interim release before the new 24 version comes out; EA would have to push the stacks of cash out of the way in the office.