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The Key Play.com is a 100% free community dedicated to covering the Virginia Tech Hokies. Most of the time we talk about football, sometimes about basketball, but we're always up for discussing the topic de jour. We break some news around here. We caught wind of the Sugar Bowl invite, Shane Beamer returning home, and we stay on top of recruiting. We like to analyze game film. We like to be have fun. We like to pick on UVa. We like pictures with captions. We love the Hokies.

Creative & Copy

Joe @thekeyplay

As far as my eyes are concerned, maroon and orange are the two most beautiful colors in the world. I love, to the point of an unhealthy obsession, Virginia Tech football. I also enjoy Rails from TOTS and the #5 from Sub Station II.

French60Wasp @French60Wasp

French was born in the sheltered confines of Abingdon, Virginia. He grew up with Virginia Tech as an afterthought, until their return to prominence (starting with the 93 Independence Bowl win) built on a foundation of hard work and aggressiveness brought him into the Hokie fold. He spent his high school years throwing chicken wings and chop blocks from a wing-T formation, before walking on at a Division III power where he learned the nuance of option blocking against multiple fronts. He was the quintessential "smart lineman," also known as the guy who played backup at numerous positions because he didn't screw up the plays in practice, but only got limited meaningful snaps because he didn't have the feet to be dominant. David Wang, we can smell our own. He is a firm believer in the philosophy that, if the coach calls a counter trey on 3rd and 17, if everyone executes, you will get the first down. He once saw Michael Vick asleep on a couch in the hallway of apartments above the Gumby's Pizza on Prices Fork. The only other time he was that close to greatness was when he looked in the mirror. He has also been knocked unconscious by walking into a light pole in front of what is now Sharkey's.

French currently lives in Northern Virginia, where under a secret alias he works as a director at a healthcare association. He also likes the New York Rangers, fishing, and women who listen to him talk about both. Jersey Mikes subs are better than Sub Station II.

Eric @beercontrol

There once was '95 Pamplin Business school Alum,
whose IT job kept him from being a bum.
BeerControlOffense was his old blog
and Taylor a lab mix, his dog.
Gameday is for whiskey not rum.

Nothing beats Lane in the fall
or those 5 hours pregaming for football.
In Bud he trusts,
God please don't let the offense go bust.
To hell with it all, when is last call?

Keeping the wife and kids happy, his goal
just hoping to throw some cornhole.
His SouthernPigskin pen name is Pyre,
but wishes he were Bunk from 'The Wire',
Drinking too many ales takes it's toll. Damn, getting old.


Kevin @KBurke90

Kevin is a junior at VT majoring in Electronic and Print Journalism. Hailing from Northern Virginia, he is a lifelong Hokie fan, witnessing his first football game at age 8 in the Music City Bowl vs Alabama. His first game in Lane was Miami in '05, but that game didn't really happen did it? His interests include the VT Drumline, sports broadcasting, supporting Washington DC sports teams, despising the mixture of blue and orange, and watching Danny Coale run down the sideline vs Nebraska.

Brian Marcolini @ marcolini11

As of fall of 2012, I'm a senior at Virginia Tech. A communication major, I like to dabble in all things sports media. I currently write for this glorious blog (as well as host its podcast), write for the Collegiate Times and serve as a play-by-play intern for the Virginia Tech IMG Sports Network. I enjoy rails, Green's sushi and will one day eat at every restaurant in Blacksburg. I also high-fived Deron Washington's mom once.

One day, I hope I can point to this site and say this is where I started.


Adam (06Hokie) @AdamAbramson

Adam is a former sports writer who still thinks he has "it." He served as the Collegiate Times sports editor from 2003-2005. Kellen Winslow once cursed at him about how loud it was in Lane Stadium. After leaving Blacksburg, he blogged the national college football scene for Newsday, covering two Heisman Trophy ceremonies. After a few years, he started working in television and became jealous of how much fun everyone was having on The Key Play so he decided to give it another go.

Joe (HokieJoe3) @kngjb3

I'm a fall 2006 alum who loves football and might be a bit too obsessed about Virginia Tech. At first i wasn't happy attending VT because my college choice was Salisbury, best party/visit of schools that recruited me to play football, but my parents wisely forced me to VT. My angst at not playing football quickly transformed into the joy of watching the Hokies play and then love of VT football during the experience that was being a freshman sitting in the North Endzone during the 2003 Miami game.

I'm an optimist but like to think I'm in touch with reality and hope to convey that when writing about VT.

I had a room reserved last year for the Orange Bowl, but I couldn't make the game and had to cancel the reservation. I dreamed big this year and have a room reserved at the JW Marriott New Orleans for January 6-10 that I'm hoping not to cancel.

Audio and Video

BilldozerVT @BilldozerVT

My first Virginia Tech football game was a loss to Boston College in 2003. I was there on my recruiting visit for the Track team and knew nothing about football. There are only two things I remember from the game. The first was the electric feeling that surged through the crowd when Enter Sandman started. The second was that despite the losing effort, the stadium stayed full and the fan's held their intensity. I decided Virginia Tech was the place for me. My Freshman year, 2004, was a great year to become a VT Football fan.

While at Tech I won a couple ACC titles (mile and 1500m) and set a handful of school records. I met my wife while she was working in the Nutrition Oasis in Cassel and we now reside in sunny South Florida. I am a project manager for a team of web developers and in my spare time I dabble with video editing. Being so far from Virginia, my obsession for VT is expressed through my cinematic creations.

Also, quick shout out to my brother tonkaberlin. He is my second opinion on all my videos and memes. If I make a crappy video, blame him.

Art Department

Magdalyn @magduffs

Charleston, SC native, defected from a Clemson family to go to VT (would've been a third generation engineer at Clemson), studied ocean engineering and vocal performance, VT football freak - favorite memory is the 2003 Miami game, a bourbon-powered moment on the field of Lane Stadium basking in Hokie goodness, recently opened my own graphic design firm based Design Mayjah in Charleston.