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ashore13's picture ashore13 | OT: Game of Thrones Season 7 | commented 14 min 29 sec ago | reply

That's a really good theory. And I like the symbolism that the throne represents the strength of the 7 kingdoms. I'm fully expecting the political structure to he significantly different by the end.

hokietrax's picture hokietrax | UVA roasting VT on Twitter | commented 16 min 17 sec ago | reply

Nope. A Cavalier is the male equivalent of a ballerina.

FudBoster's picture FudBoster | #3 secondary in the nation | commented 24 min 47 sec ago | reply

Tavante Beckett will most certainly be the #2 option at Mike.

Hokieflyguy's picture Hokieflyguy | UVA roasting VT on Twitter | commented 35 min 39 sec ago | reply

Never heard anyone use the term Orvoid before, but I will most definitely be adding it to my lingo.

Thanks, the shirts are starting to become a pretty big hit around Bburg, especially on game days.

Chachi's picture Chachi | #3 secondary in the nation | commented 38 min 42 sec ago | reply

FSU's pass defense was very mediocre last year, and trying to argue that one player lost in the second week was the cause is a huge stretch. Every secondary usually experiences an injury or two during the season, that's why having solid depth is so critical to maintaining statistical excellence. The stats just don't support this prediction, it smells like a big dose of bias.

As far as LBs go, we have a seasoned backup at Mike in Huelskamp. While he doesn't have the raw physical ability that Motu has, he's a R-SR with game experience who I think Foster trusts to run the defense. At Backer I believe Shegog would probably be the next one up in an non-garbage time situation this year. There are also a lot of highly rated options coming in this year, our 2nd and 3rd highest rated recruits by 247 are listed as OLBs, and we had 2 other LBs in our more typical .85ish range furher down the list.

Hokieflyguy's picture Hokieflyguy | UVA roasting VT on Twitter | commented 44 min 36 sec ago | reply

This made me actually LOL, thank you.

NerdMagic's picture NerdMagic | UVA roasting VT on Twitter | commented 47 min 39 sec ago | reply

It is a little asinine. It'd be like Germany tweeting out a picture of their World Cup Trophies and the USNT responding with "BUT HOW ABOUT THOSE TWO WORLD WARS HUH?"

Corner is a position where players have typically been able to come in and compete right away if they're talented enough, especially if they have other experienced players in the secondary with them. Assuming no one leaves early, we'll presumably have Edmunds, Hunter, Adonis Alexander, and "whickle" Mook Reynolds returning in 2018. Behind them there are several underclassman waiting for their turn and there's always the possibility that a true freshman comes out of nowhere; Ke. Fuller and Facyson both started as true freshman and I don't think anyone was expecting great things from Facyson until we started seeing clips of him from the spring practice prior to his freshman year.

The Defensive positions that I typically worry the most about following departures of upper classmen are in order Mike, Free Safety, and Backer. We seem to be stocking up on talented linebackers the last couple years, so Free Safety is a bit more of a concern, but we already have some options for after Edumunds leaves including Deablo and Hunter

Vtkey's picture Vtkey | UVA roasting VT on Twitter | 1 reply | commented 1 hour 11 min ago | reply

Hey, I think a national championship in anything is great.

It just has nothing to do with the Commonwealth Cup.

VTMaroonOrange's picture VTMaroonOrange | #3 secondary in the nation | 1 reply | commented 1 hour 12 min ago | reply

This article is a joke! Not only is Miami's backness not recognized, but the U is not even mentioned. The Hokies are actually talked about in the second sentence of the article as possibly being a better secondary than FSU. Their only saving grace is that they did mention that a hurricane took place during UNC's game against us and they docked us 32 points for it.

hokiebuzz's picture hokiebuzz | OT: Building a Gaming PC | commented 1 hour 22 min ago | reply

With the PSU, I went a little more powerful than needed primarily for future upgrades. Odds are, a budget gaming PC now will be upgraded in the future. Also, I would recommend a modular PSU. Makes install so much easier, especially if it is in a smaller case. Another big thing is to make sure it has the right cables to power your entire PC. Some items will be powered through your motherboard, while others will be powered through the PSU.

I also would recommend a smaller SSD for your OS and anything you will run on startup, and a HUGE HDD for everything else. It is amazing how quick a PC can start up on a SSD.

hokiebuzz's picture hokiebuzz | OT: Building a Gaming PC | commented 1 hour 24 min ago | reply

Yup use PC Part Picker to see the price trends, and then set a notification for a price range that you would pay for that part. Don't be afraid to be stingy because NewEgg's flash deals can be amazing from time to time.

I think that a big part of Facyson's Freshman year was that he was an underrated newcomer starting in a very experienced/talented secondary. He shared the secondary with junior safeties in Bonner and Jarrett directing traffic, a senior Kyle Fuller for most of the year, and very talented Kendal Fuller, and had Antone Exum in the meeting rooms all year even though he only played in three games (Kyle played in 7 games and I believe that Tone's 3 games coincided with the part of the year he missed). The experience and talent around him meant that Foster and Gray were able to put Facyson in a position to succeed by playing to his strengths, namely his ability to quickly come out of a backpedal and break on thrown passes. As French put it in his review of the 2013 ECU game:

Facyson plays mostly well off the receiver to the field side, which allows him to watch the quarterback and break quickly on short passes.

The coaches were able to take advantage of teams avoiding the more experienced players in the secondary by disguising the coverage a very talented freshman played. French goes on to praise Facyson's reaction time and closing speed on a play where a receiver breaks off a curl route short and doesn't gain any more ground because Facyson has stopped his backpedal and covered the 7 yards between them in the time it takes the ball to get from the QB to the reciever. The next play of the game is his first interception. French narrates it as:

Facyson shows a zone back pedal, reads receiver's cut, and beats the receiver to his spot on the post. Freshmen should not be able to do that. Foster's design tricked the quarterback, and Facyson had the talent at corner to make Carden pay for the mistake.

French also went into really good detail the week before, in the review of the Western Carolina game about Foster and Gray using a triangle concept with Bonner, Ke. Fuller, and Faycson to confuse QBs.

None of this is intended to say that I think Facyson hasn't been a good corner since then, just that he is being asked to play a different role with different players than what was asked of him as a Freshman. I would argue the opposite, that while the flashy stats, interceptions and passes defended, have been lower, this is a result of QBs not targeting him as much because they have more respect for him than they did for him as a Freshman. I haven't been able to find 2016 numbers, but going into the bowl game in 2015, he was the 4th best corner in the ACC in terms of completions allowed per target at 34.1% (Clemson's Mackensie Alexander led the conference at 31%).

ComboHokie's picture ComboHokie | #3 secondary in the nation | commented 1 hour 39 min ago | reply

I agree. It's nice to have people fear our defense (as they should) and underestimate our defense due to multiple ?'s and allow us to move up and down the field on them.

Too Druck to Funk's picture Too Druck to Funk | SUMMER FAM THREAD | commented 1 hour 40 min ago | reply

(Manson) FAM!

Creepy af. Yikes.

smittyvt32949's picture smittyvt32949 | #3 secondary in the nation | 1 reply | commented 1 hour 41 min ago | reply

Nice that VT keeps getting some preseason accolades.
Its nice in most of them they keep saying things like:

This offense is riddled with question marks

We know this is true, but I think this helps us sneak up on teams. I think our offense will be good (not great) and we'll surprise other teams and the pundits. Words like this in the media help us for the early part of the season.

mushrambio's picture mushrambio | OT: Building a Gaming PC | commented 1 hour 42 min ago | reply

That's a damn steal for that GPU, holy crap

Vtkey's picture Vtkey | #3 secondary in the nation | commented 1 hour 43 min ago | reply

I'll take it, but I prefer VT to do well in the post-season rankings.