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Musky's picture Musky | OT - ND: Rockne alternate uniforms | commented 8 min 16 sec ago | reply

I don't like anything about nd and this sucks too.

Foster knows his shit. The only thing that would've made it better is if he said Red Velvet Cheesecake.

So misled. Over all these years...... they prefer cake. Really? Please poll richrod and kiffin. We now know what uva fb fans felt like under London.

To be fair, football players have to eat a very solid diet in order to be in peak physical shape. We can't expect them or coaches to necessarily have good taste in desserts.

JASONinARLINGTON's picture JASONinARLINGTON | Questions about FedEx field... | commented 19 min 32 sec ago | reply

Oh great, I'm in a corner section next to, in front of, and behind WVU sections. This is going to be fun

I mean... if I allowed myself into a situation devoid of pie and could only have cake.... red velvet and ice cream cake would be at the top of the list.

marcb2's picture marcb2 | OT - ND: Rockne alternate uniforms | commented 35 min 21 sec ago | reply

I know these are all about money -- and supposedly recruiting. But the whole alternate uniform is so passe by now.

To all my Team Cake brethren...

CBRDog's picture CBRDog | 2017 Ticket Exchange Thread | commented 38 min 58 sec ago | reply

I have two South end zone club seats available for the UNC game with lot 18 parking pass...

** sale pending **

VTGuitarMan's picture VTGuitarMan
| Is VT-WVU the biggest rivalry nobody remembers? | commented 40 min 20 sec ago | reply

Brave man to go onto the WVU campus to get a picture of their dining hall.

Just trying to do damage control.

Nothing to see? Did you read they like cake better than actual good desert like pie?

I always knew they were smart men.

Beaver_Hokie's picture Beaver_Hokie | Mark Lawrence Jr at US Amateur | commented 1 hour 41 min ago | reply

Looks like Johnson Wagner is having a bad day and won't get in the top 125. Will have to go to and try to get a card. He will have conditional status next year, but won't be able to play that many tournaments.

If athletes are benefiting from a fraudulent class to keep them eligible to play a sport then that is a schools issue to conduct an investigation.

This is the key... If the class is open to everyone, and everyone is graded at the same level, is it a "fraudulent" class?

In the late 1980s, before I-64 was finished from Sam Black Church to Beckley, you had to take U.S.60 from Sam Black Church to Beckley, which is a windy road through central WV. I don't know if it is still there, but there was an establishment named "Possum Holler Pizza" somewhere along the way. Needless to say, we did not stop there.