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macraw83's picture macraw83 | Cutting the cord. Best streaming options? | commented 2 min 10 sec ago | reply

That's what it says, if it's available in your area.

To be fair to 2015 predictions, the loss of Brewer, Fuller, and a few others to injury probably cost us 2 or 3 games.

Someone further up said all the free trials were 1 week long. Is this still the case for Youtube tv? In case my normal watching methods fail, it'd be nice to know how much of the season I can squeeze for the least money.

Nice. I knew he was starting for UMass, but I wasn't aware of his level of success there. I wonder how he would've fared playing for CornFu's offense if he had stuck it out in Blacksburg. I would think he would've certainly had a shot competing for our QB1 the past couple of years, given his demonstrated success at UMass.

Then again, in 2015 pretty much everyone said 8-4 or 9-3. Not really a good enough sample size.

Baron any unforeseen sircumstances, that will make for one empressive knight.

macraw83's picture macraw83 | Cutting the cord. Best streaming options? | commented 44 min 39 sec ago | reply

I clicked on the "free trial" link, and the next screen told me it was not available in my area, and gave me the option of giving them an email address to notify me when it is, in fact, available in my area.

The TKP staff always predicts a solid 1-2 games below the actual season results, so we're good here as usual.

In 2016 we had Joe calling 6-6 and all but two others calling 7-5 or 8-4.

Part of me wonders if the lack of depth at DT is the result of a semi-intentional decision by the coaching staff. By that I mean, of course the coaches want to get the best they can at every position, but the reality is they have to dedicate more time scouting certain positions based on perceived needs. Fuente has been vocal since he arrived that he wanted more quality WR depth on the team, and the recruiting results reflect that. I suspect that now that DT has emerged as a position of need, they'll realign their scouting efforts, but it might not have been a focus compared to certain offensive positions.

They might be saying you won't get the local cbs nbc and fox channels it should be available everywhere you might look into that

Now this I can relate to my dad is awful with computers and tech and when I ditched cable I had to go with apps that were old fart friendly with easy to use interfaces and most importantly and good guide. Tried sling for a few months but the stream quality was poo poo plus YouTube tv launched and I went there and it's great the interface and guide is so simple and easy to use I no longer have yo help him find stuff. Also depends how you're streaming on the remote bit I use a variety of tech pieces like Roku or the smart TV I got as well even the Xbox is seamless

Works beautiful on the Xbox one, I use YouTube tv on Xbox, a Roku, my Sony smart TV and on my phone every device works like a charm

As always fifthfuller is the only reasonable prediction. 15-0 here we go!

I think it's less about Pitt and more about how we have played against Pitt. I know it doesn't make sense. Pitt's been a thorn in our side since the 90's. No one gets excited about Pitt as an opponent. It's kind of like BC and Syracuse. Whoop dee doo.

I think Fuente would agree with you. I would give up a piece of that QB depth for just one above average to elite running back. Sometimes that's just how the chips fall I guess.

YouTube tv is fantastic plus the local channels in app are killer for sports locally I don't have to get out the antenna anymore like with sling.

D2 Potwash Guy's picture D2 Potwash Guy | August 2018 - Recruiting thread | commented 1 hour 10 min ago | reply

War is peace.

The only Ford I need is Isaiah

The depth is there, maybe my thoughts are that it is just a bit unproven and inconsistent for those guys that were getting a fair amount of reps. I know they are coming behind some All Timers (Ford and Phillips). Hope they make their mark.

VTCC-69's picture VTCC-69 | 2018 Ticket Exchange Thread | commented 1 hour 19 min ago | reply

Thanks but I need four. My wife and son and I have made it a tradition to go to the UVA game for several years. This time next year he may be living and teaching in China. He also now has a young lady (who believe it or not has never been to a football game!?!?) with whom he is in serious "like". This may be the last time with him at a Tech game for several years.