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yeahhhhh....that's too far

Chris's picture Chris | Jahque Alleyne No Longer On Team | commented 37 sec ago | reply

Interesting, Safety is a pretty common second position for WR's, but I recall Deablo impressing a lot with his outside blocking during the preseason last year. I figured he'd see the field this year a good bit at receiver.

It's all about the #sauces

And occassionally, #marinades

No one has ever accused star wars of being overly original

cds7c's picture cds7c | Jahque Alleyne No Longer On Team | commented 1 min 57 sec ago | reply

Not necessarily. If it's injury, he can stay in school and get his school paid for but not count against our 85-scholarship limit.

That might explain why I've heard rumors about Deablo being asked to play Safety. Still think that move makes no sense, but from #sauces he'll have the choice to play S or WR.

You're pretty much right, including that it's a pretty awful way to rank teams. The calculation is way too simple, penalizes teams for beating significantly worse teams, and rewards teams for losing to significantly better teams.

There's a reason the Selection Committee announced that they're speaking with a number of computer rankings experts about developing a new ranking system to help them pick the tournament teams.

hokie07ME's picture hokie07ME | Jahque Alleyne No Longer On Team | 1 reply | commented 4 min 12 sec ago | reply

So, if a players leaves the team, he loses his scholarship, right? That kind of sucks for him financially if he stays in school. kind of a one-two punch to his dreams: first, you probably aren't making it to the next level if you stop playing college ball and, second, now you have student loans to pay off that you probably didn't plan on having!

Chris's picture Chris | Jahque Alleyne No Longer On Team | commented 6 min 22 sec ago | reply

I recall hearing a lot of good things about him as well. I was a little surprised by this.

RealDiehl's picture RealDiehl | Jahque Alleyne No Longer On Team | 1 reply | commented 7 min 13 sec ago | reply

That stinks. Really thought he had a chance to break the two-deep by his junior year.

If it's anything like me, episode VIII would be "The Force Hits Snooze Like Seventeen Times Then Is Late For Work Again"

Andy Bitter just tweeted out that safety Jahque Alleyne has left the football program but will stay in school. I would expect this to continue over the spring and summer.

No no no. Episode IX is The Force Goes Back to Bed.

If we can sweep the cavs I'm not sure I'd even mind if we were NIT bound. I mean, I'd definitely complain about it, but the consolation prize of beating LOLUVa's prize squad twice in one season would totally make up for it.

Sure, I'm looking at it from an RPI perspective. BC is in the 170s, Clemson is in the 40's. BC may not be an easy win, but from an RPI perspective, they won't be much help (and may actually draw our RPI down a touch).

It feels like a 9-9 ACC record puts us over the top of the bubble, meaning we have to protect home court. We're on track now (swapping ND home loss with Clemson road win).

All the remaining home games are against teams we could / should beat, with the exception maybe Miami and uva. If we can split with the cavs and / or steal a road game against BC or Pitt, I think we'll be okay heading into the ACC tourny.

Not that big of a deal, NCSU has a strong RPI and it was on the road. The margin isn't really a factor.

We don't have a bad loss. Road loses to NCSU and FSU don't hurt us. A home loss against a team as good as ND isn't that big of a deal. aTm is a middling team, but it was on a neutral court.

That's why the projection systems have us well inside the bubble. Palm had us a 6 seed last week. The Bracket Matrix brings all the projections together and had us an 8 seed last night.

We need to get to 20 wins or so, and besides two games against BC, there aren't a lot of RPI-no-help wins to be had. If we are a tourney team, we will get to 20+ wins. If we get to 20+ wins, our metrics will be fine. If we finish with 18 wins or so (we have 15 right now), then we don't deserve to get in.

But watch the schedule, it's tough until mid February but ends with 4 winnable games. Some fans are going to freak out if we are 6-8 in the ACC in mid-Feb.

Thumbs up from BB-8 AND Chuck Norris



So, it doesn't matter who you lost to, just that you have a certain number of losses against an aggregate winning percentage of opponents and opponents' opponents?

I think this helps to explain why our RPI would drop after beating a bad team (because we lost to good teams before that)

I don't think I like this ranking anymore... what am I missing?

Not really couldn't tell you his twitter handle. But people who analyze everything recruits said have posted about it on twitter. They even say he has a "type".