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Said it after their first matchup with city... dont sleep on em. They're a good team that has a good setup for Europe. A lot of city fans pointed to the fact that arteta managed the first game as the issue, and I'm sure it didn't help, but they're just a good team

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Was waiting to see if anyone got it.

I've been in RVA going on 7 years now so I know I'll botch the years, but I'm pretty certain five summers ago the reds were in thick. My friend who has lived out there for 18 years and another friend of mine who fishes for them a ton both agree that the puppies seem to cycle in good numbers through the middle of the Bay and Middle Peninsula. I generally believe this, but have heard of varying reports that make me question it.

Back to the five years go, they were definitely in thick. I recall a hurricane came up the coast and they left after. Much like happened with the big drum this year in the Neuse. Two years ago was a good year as well. I got several on fly on a certain flat in IFish's back yard. My buddies tore them up with spin gear. I returned throughout September and caught fish there and my last day there saw several more Oct 3rd. I remember it because it was the day after Tom Petty died. Pretty sure another storm came up the coast and they were gone thereafter.

With the 3 year cycle, last year there were not many reds, this year there will be a good amount of smaller fish in the 8-12" range. Next year will be the good year for a lot of fish in the perfect light tackle /fly rod size.

Reasons I'm wrong... There's always SOME reds around. I heard this summer there were lots of the 18-25 inch fish on the east side of the Bay. Chris Newsome was also catching a bunch of 35-40" fish in a very well known and visible spot. He was chumming them up from deeper water and getting them on big jigs and some deep flies. I also received a very credible report from early summer that Monday Creek was loaded with reds, but they wouldn't eat. This was confirmed at least once.

If I were you, I'd find a place they are known to frequent, i.e. Monday Creek, and fish it over and over unless you get a really good report for a spot elsewhere. I may post redfish porn all summer long, but it has taken me days and days and days to figure out the patterns. Once you do, you can consistently catch fish and have some ridiculous days, like 15 on the fly from 22-28".

Your other option is go join the guys that are figuring out the huge bull drum run in April down around the Bay Bridge / Fisherman's Island. That looks intense.

Global warming will help us briefly till it acidifies the oceans so much that most of the fish die. If they don't choke on plastic before.

I would love for a team NFL or collegiate level to release data sets of scouting reports. To see what tendencies each team has and what would be uncovered in crowdsourcing would be awesome to take a look at.

I assumed that from the suggested rule change. It's also going to require more rule changes to be practical. Maybe you could do some type of rule like chop blocks where only one player is allowed to cantact the gunner.

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Four years ago the Hokies signed this kid named Justin. Justin turned out to be fairly decent at point guard. This year, his senior year, the offense looked really good when he was on the floor, but he got hurt a few weeks ago and can't play.

This guy thinks the Hokies should play him with a cast on his foot. Buzz knows Justin's mama wouldn't be happy about that, so he used humor to defuse the situation before it escalated.

You're welcome.

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And then he'll write a country song about it.

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Those jerseys were stolen. I think ETSU homeboy just forgot to pack his.

The contestants that participated seemed to be college based research teams.

Apparently the data shows that more players get hurt in the double team then any other part of the punt.

leg for your signature.

rewatching GoT in prep for the last season.

Eliminating the double team on gunners seems like something that would require another rule change to make it work. I can see it giving the offense an advantage on fake punts if there is guaranteed single coverage.

Dang, for as much $ the NFL makes you'd think the prize money would be a little more for 1st/2nd prize for research from professionals.

Yes I did. It's near the end of the second to last paragraph. The 1st & Future program is where they rewarded the winner. They haven't made any determinations on how they will change the punt play, but their ideas will be given to the Competition Committee for review. Things like no double teaming gunners and rewarding fair catches with 5 yards are on the table.

As an EE that was def not the optimum choice. If I remember Digital Design 2 was a lot of programmable logic.

I don't know if you know this but the NFL actually posted a Kaggle competition where they essentially encouraged freelance data scientists to review punt data and make recommendations for prize money. The competition has been closed for some time now, but it's still neat.

Please, no one is a bigger bonehead than me. Took Statics during the summer, talk about information overload 😳

Sorry. My bad.

Read that wrong. I know, I majored in Engineering.

So... Here's the deal with statics for me.

I did horribly in the class then turned around and tutored friends the next semester and was like, "Why did I have a hard time with this".

Sum of forces x + sum of forces y + sum of forces z = 0


I can confirm. While I didn't take it quite as lightly as the guys who would start drinking before night tests so they wouldn't be behind when they partied after, I didn't put in much more effort than I did in HS (read very little) until maybe fall semester senior year (4006 will get after ya). the "weed out" classes were the most fun because they just made sense and if you could learn how to do it all without the crazy amounts of work, they were a breeze.

statics isn't the same as statistics.

I agree with the sentiment: statics = fun/easy.