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As much as e discuss uniforms in other threads, thought this might be a good place to drip this.
With the last round of black/merlot or whatever color that was/navy, I said something to a buddy of mine about how it just doesn't rep the US well at all. (Then he got one of the uni's for his birthday from his kids.)

football players can have pretty hand writing too you know...

don't hate

The Sgt Peppers uniforms look more like the basis for future Maryland designs.

On a related note, the market has recently figured out that UnderArmour was way overvalued.

definitely got his girlfriend to write his announcement letter for him.

Vtkey's picture Vtkey | Quincy Patterson committing today | commented 6 min 24 sec ago | reply

I'm seeing progress guys

Not enough, but the commentary will continue as long as the legs are awarded.

Brown_Trout's picture Brown_Trout | Discussion: Who will the Hokies Play? | commented 10 min 39 sec ago | reply

As of today, we have defeated three teams currently ranked in the RPI 1-50: Michigan, Duke and LOLUVA.
Miami and Wake are both currently in the Top 50, a win against either or both will build/solidify our resume.

The timing of this thread makes me nervous....

But he dont look excited in the pic PAAAWWWLLL.

I can think of two from my days in the mid- to late 90's. The aforementioned Caleb Hurd, plus Atle Larsen, kicker, class of '95 or '96 who was an aerospace engineering grad.

Bile taste here......

They'll put 60 on him and make him a OT!. Horray for the good guys.

RealDiehl's picture RealDiehl | Discussion: Who will the Hokies Play? | commented 28 min 45 sec ago | reply

Lunardi can shove a basketball up his @$$

cds7c's picture cds7c | Quincy Patterson committing today | commented 30 min 51 sec ago | reply

Pretty normal for QB's to commit early to claim their spot.

tech46's picture tech46 | Quincy Patterson committing today | commented 39 min 7 sec ago | reply

Good looking Qb , with a lot of offers . Like how Fuente & co. have extended the recruiting footprint. A Great addition to class of 18.

vhokie's picture vhokie | Quincy Patterson committing today | commented 39 min 49 sec ago | reply

It took a few years of intensive therapy for me to transform from nonchalant to chalant.....I really feel bad for this guy.

VTMidge's picture VTMidge | Discussion: Who will the Hokies Play? | commented 53 min 43 sec ago | reply


Was he the brother that was in the Army or something to that extent?

ltrepeter2000's picture ltrepeter2000
Hoops Wiz
| Buzzketball Central: January/February Recruiting | commented 58 min 13 sec ago | reply

Henry Coleman III, Class of 2020, Forward/Wing, 6'6, 190 Lbs. Benedictine High, Richmond VA

MaxPreps Profile

That's really impressive! I wonder if he's able to transfer what he's learned about the dark arts from class over to the football field.

757hokie83's picture 757hokie83 | Hokies Men's Basketball | commented 1 hour 8 min ago | reply

That was maddening. Seemed like the majority of them were unforced too

i believe vinny mihota is in electrical engineering.