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07Hokie's picture 07Hokie | October 2017 Recruiting Thread Part II | commented 4 min 13 sec ago | reply

Hypothetically speaking, in straight line speed, the difference would be about a yard covered over 4 seconds of film.

Just curious but can you really tell a tenth of a second difference on tape?

Bragghokie's picture Bragghokie | UNC Uniform Reveal | commented 7 min 26 sec ago | reply

7:30 I believe as per HokiesFB twitter account

See crab cakes and footballs post above

sibleycd's picture sibleycd | UNC Uniform Reveal | commented 7 min 27 sec ago | reply

Video link above said 7:30pm so maybe then?

HokieByProxy's picture HokieByProxy | UNC Uniform Reveal | commented 7 min 38 sec ago | reply

Based on some twitter sleuthing, the BC uniform reveal was at 6:46pm. Do with that what you will.

that fab five kid that went to OSU

Brady Taylor? I seem to recall that he's a Columbus native.

07Hokie's picture 07Hokie | October 2017 Recruiting Thread Part I | commented 22 min 8 sec ago | reply

KJ should be there this weekend and show up with MV7 to say hi to #KJ2VT

Alright guys just got done watching game film on Kalon Gervin. Here's what I came away with.
1. Profile shows that he is a sub 4.4 guy.
I'll give em 4.51 maybe 4.55.
2.From what I can see he is sound in coverage ability. I only seen one Int. He was playing safety tho.
3. Has to get out of the habit of grabbing and holding every snap. He could cost us a game or two with that.
4. Not afraid to stick his nose in the pile.
Overall I think he could be a serviceable player after a red shirt yr. I don't see him contributing early.

3rdandLogan's picture 3rdandLogan | UNC Uniform Reveal | 3 replies | commented 31 min 45 sec ago | reply

Anyone have an idea on the time of the reveal tonight??

Henry Skutt's picture Henry Skutt | That feeling when...? | commented 40 min 52 sec ago | reply


Henry Skutt's picture Henry Skutt | UNC Uniform Reveal | commented 42 min 31 sec ago | reply

I promise I know what it is. Just don't want to get my source in trouble.

No he's not.

MaroonX2's picture MaroonX2 | UNC Uniform Reveal | commented 48 min 14 sec ago | reply

Are you suggesting that we are playing in literal fire. The unburnt team?

94VTENG's picture 94VTENG | October 2017 Recruiting Thread Part II | commented 49 min 1 sec ago | reply

The moon is the roof.

jmecca's picture jmecca | 2017 Ticket Exchange Thread | commented 55 min 25 sec ago | reply

I have several tickets available for the UNC game. Family emergency and therefore I have a lot of them available.

2 Tickets:
Section 10, Row W, Seats 10 & 12

10 Tickets:
Section 504, Rows Z & AA, 6 seats in Row Z & 4 seats in Row AA

Parking Pass for Lot 9

jmecca [at] vt [dot] edu or text 5405562188

I really want these tickets to be used and I'm only looking for face value.

It does seem to be quite the coincidence that your information is always the same as vtscoop, just right after they post it. Who knows, maybe you have the same source? But I would like to read something you post that I didnt already read over there.

Henry Skutt's picture Henry Skutt | UNC Uniform Reveal | 1 reply | commented 58 min 30 sec ago | reply

Oh? Hmm...

VWhokiehi's picture VWhokiehi | 2017 Ticket Exchange Thread | commented 1 hour 20 min ago | reply

Was just gifted two tickets to UNC, looking for a parking pass. Live in Roanoke area but will pay for shipping if needed. C k p o r t e r 1 (@) gmail.


Edit: Wanted to be clear that I am in search of a Parking Pass for UNC, not that picky about lot. Anyone????

Alum07's picture Alum07 | UNC Uniform Reveal | commented 1 hour 22 min ago | reply

Bill Roth was dropping some curious hints on Twitter the other day... I wonder if he'll be calling an upcoming game in some form?