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Felt like we were playing at a level (for some games) that justified Bush. Continue to believe, coach wanted to hang the "help wanted - WR" sign out for the entire season. That the couple/few games where Bush would have made a big difference it was worth having Jackson in to show a commitment to distributing the ball widely to wide outs. No inside information, no football smarts. Just my favorite color and I ain't changing. Sincerely hope we get a ton of WR competition from true FR (as well as returners) next year.

weavez22's picture weavez22 | OT: Anyone else playing HQ? | commented 32 min 8 sec ago | reply

I tried but it usually lags so bad it's unplayable. Has it gotten any better?

I'm the offensive coordinator. It's 3rd and 7 in the red zone. I designed a perfect play for this exact scenario, based on our opponent's tendencies in this situation. I see the defense's alignment and know that we're in position to get a chunk play. I expect a touchdown. Three receivers/blockers on the perimeter and only two defenders. Worst case scenario, double team on the slot defender and pick up the first down. Best case scenario, extra receiver picks off deep safety and running back strolls into the end zone.

Ball is hiked. Defense blitzes. Out of position. Offensive line steps left and my quarterback fakes hand off left. Defensive end out of position to stop pitch. I stand up, preparing to celebrate a touchdown.

Quarterback pitches right. Throws away pitch. Wouldn't have mattered. Slot receivers both miss the nickel back.

I exit the coach's box.

marcb2's picture marcb2 | December 2017 recruiting Thread- Part 2 | commented 2 hours 26 min ago | reply

Doubling down on the illogic now, I see.

For starters you assume individual star ratings by ratings services are the end all, be all of talent - and those same highly paid coaches aren't also better evaluators of talent than the hacks at the recruiting sites. Do you think maybe the real pros know what they're doing and it's not an accident some of those borderline 3*/4* somehow get recruited by a blueblood?

You also overstate the star ratings of recruits at Clemson, et al. Contrary to your portrayal, the vast majority of their recruits are not 5 star recruits. But in the aggregate they are simply recruiting more talented players - and that results in greater, but not guaranteed, success.

Also, you seem to ignore that the Clemson's of the world also have busts. If coaching was SO important, wouldn't all of these guys be high draft picks?

The fact of the matter - getting back to the original point - is if you have the inherent talent and physical attriibutes, you work hard, and you don't go to a total shit show of a program you have every bit as good a chance of getting drafted in the same place in the draft as going to a blue blood school. I mean UVa has as good of a track record of putting guys in the pros as VT (if not better) but their program and coaching haven't been remotely in the same league as VT's. So how have they managed to put guys in the NFL? Because the one thing they've succeeded at WRT football is often signing a handful of really talented players in each class - and many of those guys ended up with substantial NFL careers.

Bruce Smith was at VT when it was a 3rd tier program in a day and age when VT being on TV was a rarity and exposure was almost non-existant. Yet he was still a #1 pick. Do you think that was because the VT coaches at the time were so off the charts good? No. Bruce Smith was simply a ridiculous talent. Short of a shit show, he was heads and tails better than everyone else and it didn't matter what school he went to.

H2okie03's picture H2okie03 | VT vs OSU Line movement | commented 2 hours 27 min ago | reply

That doesn't add up. The sharks bet on who they think will cover the line. Would make no sense for them to always bet against the public and they don't.

From what I understand they are pretty sophisticated in how they bet on games, insider info, data, expert analysis and are trying to find arbitrage in spread. Seems they're seeing something in our game. This is interesting to me because like many people on this forum I'm a little worried about the matchup. It appears the sharks are feeling pretty good about VT while the public is heavy on OSU.

PhantomJB93's picture PhantomJB93 | VT vs OSU Line movement | 1 reply | commented 3 hours 57 min ago | reply

It doesn't mean anything. The "sharks" go against the public because that's just how you make money in that business. Nobody gets anywhere betting with the public.

Yeah, which was really just an excuse to give a second downvote for his original comment, which was that bad.


Some poeple in my office act like its the best thing since sliced bread.


french60wasp's picture french60wasp
| Winter Fishing Report/Tips Thread | commented 4 hours 50 min ago | reply

So I have a question- I know there are some largemouth fishing guys on here. I have been out of that fishery for awhile, but am looking at possibly getting some gear that many would consider largemouth gear.

I am trying to find the right rod and reel combo to meet the following specifications. First and foremost, the rod is more critical than the reel. I would like a low profile, and a low backlash rate. Otherwise, the reel kind of doesn't move my needle. I would like the reel to be sealed so saltwater doesn't screw it up, otherwise typical bass gear (12 pound drag, 130 yards of 20lb braid) is fine. Retrieve speed means little. Slow is fine. I fish slow.

I want a light, extra-fast or fast action, medium power 7 foot rod. Counterbalance and sensitivity is critical. Feeling light bites, think a light plastic worm tap, is critical.

I am looking for this to possibly try some bass fishing when long trips just aren't workable. Moreso, I would like a rod where I can use 20lb braid and fish vertically for sheepshead, striped bass, and bottom fish.

I welcome your recommendations. If I can get the combo under $200, that would be sweet.


Count me in.

Lmao and wasn't the -173 for saying "downvote away"

This is a solid choice. Everyone who was a kid at the time remembers the Coyote sliding under the tractor trailor.

What about Buck Rogers:
Buck Rogers In The 25th Century - Intro - YouTube


Fuck. Pawl. Johnson.

My biggest grievance is your omission of the Magnum PI theme.

With regards to AC/DC, everything after Back in Black is cheesy, one-note garbage. Just the same song over and over again with slight changes. Completely interchangeable and forgettable.

And the best video of all time is One by Metallica.

gjpvt09's picture gjpvt09 | December 2017 recruiting Thread- Part 2 | commented 5 hours 36 min ago | reply

Rasheed Walker made All Met as well.

That sounds wonderful. And I mean that 100% seriously. I'm looking forward to it even more now. I hate small petty work so give me a test and let me see if I can do it.

Trolling for attention and it works.

Right up there with the Cash me outside girl.

Hate them, so much

HightyTighty's picture HightyTighty | OT: STAR WARS Week is here | commented 6 hours 10 sec ago | reply

Claire Underwood has Frank Underwood killed to protect his legacy (and her money).

HokieBen2010's picture HokieBen2010 | December 2017 recruiting Thread- Part 2 | commented 6 hours 59 sec ago | reply

Can we get a list of players visiting this weekend? So far I have:

Jermaine Waller (VT Commit)
Rasheed Walker (uncommitted)
And potentially Walker Culver (uncommitted)