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VT_Fencer's picture VT_Fencer | 2018-2019 Coaching Carousel has begun | commented 2 min 10 sec ago | reply

Miami already has the problem of having a ton of skill position talent with no offensive line or QB to compliment it. Now you throw this in and they could be looking at an 8-4 ceiling next season plus depth issues down the road.

Memphis over Wake Forest
Boise State over Boston College
BYU over Western Michigan
Clemson over Notre Dame

Maybe they hope recruits won't notice the change. /s

Edit: Also on a somewhat related topic Miami has had 6 recruits decommit in the past 24 hours

Time for him to meet Hilgart! Welcome to Hokie Nation!

being "better" than someone doesn't make you the best college basketball player in the last decade. your on court performance does. its pretty clear to me that tom brady was better than tim tebow. but when you talk about who was the "better" college football player everyone would pick tebow.

I clicked on this thread thinking it would just be a bunch of table gifs and an <50% chance there'd be a helpful subthread. Lo and behold.

Never change, TKP.

Any updates on Landers Nolley??

leave it to an ME to find out how to do something on a computer in the laziest half-assed way possible.

hokie07ME's picture hokie07ME | Mount Rushmore of VT Football | commented 1 hour 6 min ago | reply

We'll protect your assets

I am literally talking about schools in the District of Columbia because they are administered, funded, and run very differently. And when discussing recruiting, the influencers, athlete culture, and frankly the academic preparation for DC recruits (excepting Gonzaga) are very different than Maryland or NoVa. When people refer to "DMV" recruiting as tho it's some monolithic area, it suggests to me that they don't know the area very well and that they especially don't know DC... regardless of what the ever so thorough and heavily invested in local high school football coverage WaPo does. (That part about the WaPo is s/ in case it wasnt obvious.)

OK, I'm calling photoshop on that picture.

  1. wrapping the plane like that would totally be an NCAA violation, right?
  2. Why would we wrap a plane that big for one JUCO recruit?
  3. I don't think that plane can even land at the blacksburg airport.
  4. Airspace that low is restricted over a stadium, isn't it?
  5. if it's that low, heading in that direction, the only place it's landing is the field behind Foxridge.

/s in case you haven't picked that up.

I may or may not have designed this in solidworks from watching this video...

And here I am typing all that shit out by hand like a chump

I believe the fence option opens up towards the end of chapter 2.

4VPISU's picture 4VPISU | Requesting Forum Help | commented 2 hours 29 min ago | reply

I wish we could get more momentum behind The Goodbye Song coming back - one of the best things about Lane Stadium traditions when I was growing up

I like his game a lot more than Barrett's. Coach K needs to pull the reigns in a touch on that kid.. 7 or 8 blue chippers wearing the same jersey and kid is putting shots like it's an oxygen source. Zion is much, much less selfish it seems

I'm shocked only one person has uva losing in their top 5. It's literally a given

Rayo's picture Rayo | MOUNT RUSHMORE OF VT BASKETBALL | commented 5 hours 24 min ago | reply

Robert Brown
Ty Garland
Ben Emelogu
Jalen Hudson

Nah but seriously: