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Fork. Spoons are soups and desserts other than cake.

I find the sequence of comments hilarious. [See enginerd's comment directly above]


Fuck Liberty and their Sexual Assault enabling AD

Charity or not I want nothing to do with that entire athletic department as long as they put Athletics over the well being of people, which is what they did when they hired their AD.

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A fork works for everything. Spoons are basically useless. Sporks were just just made for people not good with tools. Cereal and soup can be eaten with a fork. If it so thin that you need a spoon, then you drink it.

If you think I am wrong, think of how people only use chopsticks. The fork is just merely a technological upgrade.

So I use my fork in a potato. I fork that potato good and proper.


Obviously HE has given away our sides. He eats potatoes with a spoon (and has encouraged our child to do the same). I am civilized and use a fork.

Spooning leads to forking.

You are all heathens.

Fork. Works best for all varieties of tater.

A similar utensil debate has raged in my family for years as my brother-in-law insists pie is always eaten with a fork even with ice cream.

It's a friendly debate.

You're both wrong

Your wife is right. FIFY.

Fork every damn time, For forks sake!

If you are eating dinner and you have potatoes. How do you eat them?

If I'm heating up leftover mashed potatoes to just eat them I'm not getting two utensils dirty and I'll just use spoon I scooped them out of container with to eat too.

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The passes always have numbers last two years for which home game it is. So first home game is 1 and so on.

Marital debate you say?

You're both wrong. That's that. You're welcome