Marcus Davis Doesn't Feel Like Blocking. Ever.

Watching that embedded video kind of makes me sick to my stomach. I know this has been a trend all season but damn Marcus, use your size to your, heck our TEAM's, advantage even if the ball isn't in your hands...

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What an Idiot!

What a sorry excuse for a football player, let alone a Hokie footbal player. He always was and still is a over rated pansie. He couldnt catch water if he fell out of a boat. I hope Beamer cuts his ass in the offseason or benches him. This is the problem with out teams today. They dont want to play and they keep starting them.

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Well, he's graduating. So gonna be tough to cut him.

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Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

your an idiot

you're an idiot

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Reading the Comments on Deadspin

Hilarious seeing some of the troll and not troll comments....I believe Marcus Vick left a comment as well.

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He shouldn't have even been on the field

Well Demitri is now starting so theres that...

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Even worse was the response from Davis

"Davis said a number of the plays in the video were passing plays, adding, "You can’t block in the back. That’s obvious."- from Andy Bitter's blog.

Brutal, especially given that he was doing jumping jacks out of bounds instead of giving the FSU the Steve Greer treatment on the Coleman 3rd down conversion. If he seals the DB inside, Coleman has a lane down the sideline to perhaps score, but at least get another 5-10 yards.

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Maybe thats his problem

He doesnt know the difference between a passing and running play and what his responsibilities are in those plays

A new hope


Another extremely gifted athlete from 757 that is about as mentally strong as an infant. These guys don't get it; with that size and ability if he would block on every play and get tough NFL scouts will be all over guys like Marcus. GT has two receivers drafted in the first round in the past five years for that exact reason, you don't have to be a first team all-American, you just can't be a baby and take plays off every time you don't get the deep ball thrown to you.

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French got another Andy Bitter mention in this article about MD's reaction to the video.

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Thanks Frank!

Great publicity for the site!

Davis and Roberts

I am okay with both of them never seeing the field again. Especially Roberts, he has not been the same this year. I really think the way the last two seasons ended for him has him mentally out of it. It is a shame. Dyrell used to be on the verge of being an elite kickoff return guy (Alabama) and a trusty reciever (Nebraska and nice catch against App St). Davis has never hit his "potential". Every preseason the same thing was said "look out for a break out season from Davis...." The coaching staff should have thrown in the towel on him weeks ago because he already had done so himself.