Shane and Stiney hanging out at the Skins game

Shane Beamer posted this on twitter As you can see if you clicked the link it is a picture of him and Stiney with D Hall at the Cowboys Redskins game. If you read the comments I posted a gut reaction to it. I feel like I am somehow in the minority of wanting a change at OC based on what I saw on my twitter timeline. Most people were smooching up to this based on what I read. After seeing this I will be highly surprised if any significant changes are made to our offensive coaching staff. I could be wrong, but right now it is very frustrating to this VT fan.

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I'm very scared right now. I feel like we're all fooling ourselves with this overhaul and Beamer is gonna do nothing. If that happens that I don't know what I'll do. Alcohol can only do so much.

Rip his freaking head off!

We've already discussed this... If nothing else changes, we riot.

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Just because Shane and Stiney went to a Redskins game together to see a former VT player doesn't mean that Stiney will be back (and quite frankly, I'm hoping he will be back, but in a reduced role). Stiney was on the staff when Shane played at Tech and they have also coached's possible that they've actually become friends!
No big deal at all and I don't think you can really read too much into it.

Stiney as Recruiter-in-Chief!

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I think it's great, I hope Stiney and Shane....

...are part of our staff for a long time.

Kyle Shanahan?

You guys a reading this all wrong. Seeing D Hall was a cover so they could meet with Shanahan to bring him up speed on recruiting so he can hit the ground running when he comes in as the new OC after the Redskins win the Super Bowl.

I wish they would have consulted with Kyle Shanahan or Chris Ault instead of the Texas coaches in the offseason with regards to how to run the pistol. The Redskins have blended the zone read, inside and outside zone, beautiful play action fakes with the pistol for one potent offense.

Kissing ass

No one in their right mind thinks this offense is on the right track, but people love to kiss ass in a public outlet (i.e. Facebook, Twitter)

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Insider Info

Over the weekend I heard from one of my friends that is very close to the team (family member of a coach) that Steiny was not going to be fired completely but named as the recruiting coordinator. No word on possible hires to fill the offensive coordinator position yet.

My source is reliable, don't ask me who...I can't tell :)

Thats ideal, but we've also heard from credible "sources" that Tony Franklin was going to be our new OC

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At this point I'm just on pins and needles waiting for somthing to happen

Do you have any insider info on this Pep Hamilton rumor?

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No Sorry

All he could tell me was that Stiney would stay on as the recruiting coord.

He didn't have any info on the possible new hires for the OC position.

Yeah that would be awesome! But we'll see...

i can

say with a great degree of certainty that the pep hamilton stuff isn't "totally" rumor .. i think that there have been feelers sent out and i'm sure he has responded with "i'll listen" .. a lot of things going in VT's favor with this. it sounds like he may be getting a lot of interest .. so we won't be the only in the mix. fwiw - i think that VT/Frank Beamer has a lot that he would favor but if anyone claims that he is already (behind the scenes) agreed to be our OC -- i'd say that's a rumor. i keep seeing baylor's oc popping up, shawn elliott .. and there are probably a few others in mind.

With the way things are going at Stanford, they probably won't even miss a beat should we land Hamilton.

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David Shaw

Exactly right. As long as Shaw stays, and he just signed an extension, the Stanford power offense isn't going anywhere. Shaw would have to hire a new OC but he would still exert great influence over the offense seeing as he is a former Stanford OC and more of an offensive head coach.