Where Have You Been All of My Life Fuzzified Sabre?

If UVa is good for something it's laughs during tough times. They lose to William & Mary and suddenly our loss to Alabama doesn't look quite so bad. We let a close one against Boise State slip though our fingers and they trot out the laboratory lovechild of a horse and black bear that's going though its rebellious phase as their new mascot; sweet Mohawk bro!

Where have you been all of my life fuzzified Sabre?

He was worshiped by the Others.

He braved the tanks.

He ran the Street.

He pitched some product.

Now, that made me feel better. If you have Photoshop skills and time leave some below. It's cathartic. Here's the cutout of Snuggle the WaHorse you'll need to get started..




i can't wait to drop mine tomorrow. i have the idea, now i need is 15 mins of free time with gimp.


Sometimes I think they do this on purpose. What else could explain it?

Here's my entry

A bullhorn, a bottle of whiskey and a dream.


Don't have access...but how bout the Katrina Heineken Looter....

I'm a man! I'm 40!
Hokie thru and thru.

Not very good with Photoshop / Paint, but ...

Snuggle WaHorse's Punch Out

Someone should take the boxer and photoshop a Virginia Tech pro-combat jersey on that bad boy.

wow. i'm not sure how you came up with this idea but i won't judge because i laughed.

it's in the game.

their only chance at getting on the cover.

UVa Football...

...it's all just a dream.

Welcome Sir!

I'm disappointed UVa doesn't play Tennessee this year.

There's a Snuggles the WaHorse/shower discipline joke dying to be made. DYING.

I feel special.

That you thought enough of this to drop some of your magic.

nicely done

one of my fave paintings!

colors match.

I saw this painting in Oslo. Nicely done.

A bullhorn, a bottle of whiskey and a dream.

Almost looks like a

pending back kick to the groin.


A bullhorn, a bottle of whiskey and a dream.

A bullhorn, a bottle of whiskey and a dream.


A bullhorn, a bottle of whiskey and a dream.

This dude

looks like a cow with a mohawk and gloves.



pointed out to me the similarity to the Hokie Pro Combat unis. Aaaaahh!



The Pro Combat uniforms didn't have the Mohawk though.

The fur

looks more navy to me than black.

A bullhorn, a bottle of whiskey and a dream.

We should

make this a weekly mocking of the opponent's mascot.


Here are some more

He was with Forrest

Holy @#%&* Batman. What is that thing?


this thread wins the internets. thank you