so well.

Da U showin' it's $EC material after all.


This just makes me smile....

No that's it... I'll sleep well tonight.... haha


Ray-Ray Armstrong
Travis Benjamin
Dyron Dye
Jacory Harris
Marcus Forston
Aldarius Johnson
JoJo Nicolas
Adewale Ojomo
Marcus Robinson
Sean Spence
Vaughn Telemaque
Olivier Vernon

They're all listed in the Yahoo! report and are on Miami's roster.

from post-spring depth chart

in the 2-deep (here: http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/2d07WW/hurricanesports.cstv.com/sports/m-f... )
Ray-Ray Armstrong - starting SS
Travis Benjamin - starting WR
Jacory Harris - starting QB (tied w/ Morris)
Marcus Forston - starting DT
JoJo Nicolas - starting CB
Adewale Ojomo - starting DE
Marcus Robinson - backup DE (2nd string behind Ojomo)
Sean Spence - starting LB
Vaughn Telemaque - starting FS
Olivier Vernon - starting DE

If all of these guys are

If all of these guys are ruled ineligible their defense would be decimated. Here's a great summary http://www.seventhfloorblog.com/2011/8/17/2367927/a-prospective-post-sha.... Some of my favorite lines are:

"With the subtractions of Ojomo, Forston, Robinson and Vernon, Miami's defensive line is absolutely decimated. "

"With the loss of both Armstrong and Telemaque, Miami might be the first team to ever contemplate not playing any safeties."

"The supposedly heated quarterback race is effectively over. Morris takes the reigns, which might not be the worst thing in the world, but it leaves Miami one injury away from the return of the Spencer Whipple era." /shiver

Its Hilarious

Miami Fans think theyre all clear because some UM blogger is repeatedly saying all these players are cleared. they tout the 4 year statute and how RS stiffarmed this guy completely. A coach they called incompetent btw. If GT got chopped for $312 I see no way in Hell they think they'll get a slap on the wrist.

Just Like Beyonce Says...


The Swagger is Back

Looks like I was a year early predicting the Canes would be back. They certainly are back now and absolutely right where they belong. I may have to get some Photoshop in order to properly showcase Sebastian.


i'm plotting my miami mascot mock out now. it'll have to include some of shapiro's abercrombie & fitch party shirts from 2003.


I am at a loss for words. Pictures might be better.

#Let's Go - Hokies

Is anyone really surprised? The only thing that shocked me was the look on Shalala's face at a $50,000 check- merely $10,000 more than a traditional Miami student's tuition. Can 'U' say money issues? Very nice work Joe this gave me a great laugh. Hahahahaha. Swagger is back...ha. All joking aside I really hope they don't get the death penalty due to our rivalry and ACC prestige (though it's already low in football).

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how awesome would it be if it was revealed that HD was having a secret affair with princess jacory and that shapiro paid for their rendezvous? would explain sooo much.

Yes, or that there was a certain thing that Shapiro paid to resolve for HD's love affair...


Waiting for a UVA scandal to break now as the rest of the ACC Coastal is in flames. Wait...DOES UVA even have football boosters? Can't wait for the mascot mock.

NCAA meeting menu item

Next NCAA lunch meeting addition: Roasted Ibis

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.


Lots of fodder for the mascot mock.

#Let's Go - Hokies

:D can has death penalty? :D


can has death penalty?


I'm very interested to see Swofford's take on all of this. For a conference that prides itself on academic reputation, that's two major black eyes from UNC and Miami.

The more I think about it, I just don't see how da U can be allowed to have a football program next year. The timing could not be worse though with the SEC ready to grab FSU.

"We were at the pinnacle, and we did it for years," Foster says. He pauses, nods, takes a deep breath. "And I did it with the best guy in the business."

Swag v. Swagger

Kinda makes you wonder what they were talking about when they kept saying da U has it's swag back, huh?

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

headline on sports center this morning read "death penalty for Miami?". i sure hope not that would make the ACC look terrible and it also makes me feel bad for miami fans. i dont know what i would do if it was us in trouble

Death Penalty not likely

I heard analysts say that NCAA probably thinks death penalty is too harsh for any program due to the economic impacts on the entire school and the surrounding community.

Would you rather have a weak U or no U?

#Let's Go - Hokies

a weak-er U

This "elite" title they give themselves has been absent since '01. I want these fairweather tools to keep tying in the 80's for another decade or two.

Here's a stat for ya

Prior to Miami’s 1995 NCAA sanctions, Virginia Tech was 0-12 against the Hurricanes. Since, the Hokies are 11-5.


I heard a couple analysts say the same. But this penalty has to be worse than USC's and even worse than Miami's last time with issues. They have to endure a serious penalty and probation and scholarships losses just don't seem like enough. The NCAA has been trying to flex their muscles lately and I expect serious action. ALthough they were already on probation, SMU essentially got the death penalty for $60K and in the range of 20 players. That looks to be monopoly money, even with inflation, compared to Miami and far less players were involved. Also, people keep putting out there that the NCAA wouldn't do it to such a storied program, but SMU was a very solid program when they were handed their punishment. They played in Rose and Cotton Bowls, had a heisman winner and produced legends like Eric Dickerson and chumps like Craig James. Not to mention they were 11 time Southwest Conference champions over teams like Texas, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, Oklahoma St, Arkansas and TCU!

This should get interesting over the next several months.

excellent point

you make an excellent point, sir.

OK maybe that's a bit

OK maybe that's a bit much...

This question wields a sharp double-edged sword. Based on what we know right now, and going forward it looks like the ACC will be home to two top 25 teams, FSU and VT. I would say Clemson, and NC State are programs on the rise, whereas Georgia Tech and North Carolina are all slipping. Paul Johnson is a great coach, but he's only won with Chan Gailey's players. This season will tell a lot about their future. North Carolina will get slapped around by the NCAA, and a school obsessed with talking about integrity and academics may have had their fill of big-boy football. Do we want a better shot of winning more ACC Championships against a diluted ACC or have the ACC be more relevant nationally at the cost of a tougher road to championships.

Also consider Miami being irrelevant would leave a big two in Florida, that's not good. There's almost enough talent in Florida for three elite schools, leaving "The State of Miami" open to Florida, and as is more relevant to us, could see their roster as talented as during the elite Bowden years.

To answer your question, a Miami that's getting their fair share of recruits, wins a respectable amount of games, but is the third best team in the ACC is probably the best thing for the conference and Tech.

Not sure what this means

F$U or other Florida schools could benefit with a loss of U scholarships. If it gives F$U an edge that might hurt VT.

Not sure of the impact to the ACC. I don't think da U has been helping against non-conference opponents. Almost every conference has some teams with issues. Every conference has traditional powerhouses. Admittedly the SEC has more, but having two strong teams is better than having one for national respect.

This means VT needs to win the NC to gain overdue respect and salvage the ACC's reputation!

#Let's Go - Hokies


Has anyone heard a timeframe on when the NCAA will decide Miami's penalty(s)? With the season fast approaching I would be shocked if it was done before then but I don't think it would be fair to their competition for this to linger into the season without current implicated players being suspended. Golden says right now he is waiting before he decides any punishment....


What does Golden have to lose by waiting? It wasn't under his watch taht all of this happened. If he sits them out and loses, it is far more critical to his reputation. My guess is he waits until either the university pressures him or the NCAA makes him sit the guys. If the university does, expect some fireworks. I would be willing to bet Golden wiggles his way out of this contract on the basis of the university not informing him of what they knew. This could just continue to get ugly!!

I respectfully disagree...

If he wants to show fans and recruits that he is serious about moving the program forward in a more credible, legal manner he will take quick action. I just think they are still working out a plan for addressing the allegations against the current players. Or like you said, he is figuring out how to get out of his contract while still getting some $$$.

Why he won't have the say...

The NCAA has been investigating for 5 months now so certainly Miami and Golden has known somehing was up before the story broke this week. If he wanted to make a statement, he should have enough information to do so by now. Much like UNC last year, I expect pressure, specifically from the media, will eventually be heavy enough that Golden has to announce the players will sit. This won't be his decision but will come from the AD or higher. It does nothing but hurt him if he holds out players that have a chance, albeit small in my opinion, from practicing/playing with his team. And the chance he gets in trouble for not holding them out is minimal as it was not under him that the violations occured.

I now think Golden will stay. He will be in a no-lose situation. If the team struggles over the next few years, he will be viewed as a solid coach who stood by a troubled program and was a great coach who was handcuffed. If he wins, he will only gain more prestige which will help sway recruits or land him another great gig. At this point, he may only look bad by running away from the problems.

Animated Story


sprinkling them in the locker room with tvs and cash, LOL.

Too funny.

Buns in the oven? Must be a soft brie-loving UVa quarterback to gets sacked.

#Let's Go - Hokies