This is David Wilson's Whip.

For the kid that directs the Marching Virginias, catches rabbits, has 50 ties, scales Cassell Coliseum, backflips on the sidelines, and eats Chick-fil-A on Sundays this is what kind of car I'd expect him to drive.

Here are the details courtesy of Mark Giannotto.

While at home last January, Virginia Tech running back David Wilson spotted a 1978 Ford Thunderbird sitting in a Danville, Va., back yard, knocked on the stranger's front door and negotiated a deal to buy it for $2,000.

He then took the vintage car and added about $7,000 in enhancements, including $3,000 for a vinyl interior and a new paint job, another $2,000 for 24-inch rims, $800 for new tires and an additional $800 on a customized stereo system.

"Where I'm from, it's kind of like everybody my age got one," Wilson explained after practice Monday, adding that he'd been saving money up for a while and his parents gave him a loan. "It's the thing to do."

Swagg sweet as ice cream and whip is Sunkist LOL .... I feel like a sherbert

It's complete with "Ostrich" interior.

The legend grows.


that is one sweet ride.
definitely sweeter than my 87 Jetta I had in Bburg.

Better than mine too.

I pushed a black Ford Taurus that I pimped out with two tens and neon lights underneath the front dash.

Better than my ride

It came about every 15 minutes on Toms Creek and was packed with near puking freshmen fri/sat nights.

Hethwood route was even better

Former BT driver here. First weekend after classes start, Friday night about 9, I pull up to Burruss with a pile of freshmen waiting.

"Hey, people told us to get on this bus to find parties! Can you tell us where parties are?"

I wound up just telling them all to get off at the middle Foxridge stop. It was easier than explaining reality.


That's good stuff. I also like the first couple of weeks when cops showed up to a party. You could tell the freshmen by who tossed out their beer without being asked to and/or took off running!!

Sounds about right

Last year I was one of those freshman the first weekend heading to foxridge...Wasn't quite man enough to ask the driver where they were, but ended up just walking around foxridge for a good 2 or 3 hours before calling it quits and heading back to the dorm. Best part? I now live right next to the bus stop that I first got off at in foxridge.

Logan 3:16

Better than mine too..

As a freshman, I rode a sweet Huffy around campus... Later, I had a Toyota pickup that was an awesome upgrade until it blew a head gasket and sat in my parking lot for a few weeks until a buddy towed it 250 miles back to my parent's house!


don't forget the "whiptastic" handling that your Taurus had

Never to be Forgotten

Yea, it's nice and all...

Yea, that is a pimp ride for sure, and fitting for DW, but can you fit 5 kegs into it at once like my pimped out 1991 Corolla? Doubt it..


My ride for the 4+ yr. I was there was a 69 Chevy station wagon....the guys in my dorm wanted to paint a line down the center of the roof to see if planes would land on it.

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.


buick century


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balla....shot calla...20 inch rims....

not bad at all.

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1991 ford tempo ...

why i balled out ... cause All American JC Price's ride was a 1988 Ford Tempo.

What happens

when you shake the keys to the DW Whip on a key play (remember this is the ONLY time to do this!)

-Chick-fil-A magically appears at the feet of everyone

-Everyone's drink is now filled w/ their bourbon of choice

-A rainbow stretches from the south end zone to the north endzone

-A team of Burnt Orange and Chicago Maroon Unicorns gallop across said rainbow

-Jim Weaver actually grows balls

-Baby Hokies all over the world are happy

-World hunger is ended and malaria eradicated

-DMFW does 7 back flips including one in the pike position, jukes every defender, breaks 9.5 ankles and TOUCHDOWN TECH!

-All the cheerleaders, including the guys, get on one knee and propose to DMFW.

Totally saw an identical ride on my way to campus this morning... in El Paso. Cracked me up ^_^

Achievement unlocked: All of the Fullers

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Thanks Frank!

4 Cars in 5 years

1. Mazda RX-2, rotary engine, in a sedan (it was actually really fast) - engine seized after going home one weekend. My first car, I bought it in HS.
2. 1969 Mustang Fastback, real nice ride, totalled early summer after junior year.
3. Summer - 1968 Buick LaSabre, cost $75 at police auction, it ran well and I drove it off the lot. A land yacht!
4. Ford station wagon for senior year. Faux wood grain side panels. Ugh. But I could move all my stuff in it.

#Let's Go - Hokies

Riding YORMOM was the best $10 I ever spent
Cracked me up every time.
Got some hilarious attention as well.