Hokies 2011 Football Schedule Released

September 10th - @East Carolina
September 17th -ARKANSAS STATE
September 24th - @Marshall
October 1st - CLEMSON
October 8th - MIAMI
October 15th @Wake Forest
October 29th @Duke
November 10th @ Georgia Tech
November 17th UNC
November 26th at Virginia

We don't have a single Thursday night game. It's time to riot. Whoops, we can't do math. We have two of them @GT and home against UNC. We guess the ACC reused the 2009 template.

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I really love the fact we're playing Clemson and Miami early before they can get their feet underneath them.

Completely agree on Miami and Clemson.

Also, real happy that we snuck in another bye week before Georgia Tech. We must have someone's ear over at the scheduling office.

I think that the schedule sets up real well. Four weeks of (relatively) light competition, a quick two-game gauntlet at home, two winnable ACC road games sandwiched between BC at home, week off, GT, get hyped for Thursday night UNC, and then at Virginia. I know its February, and I blame that entirely, but am I the only one who could see Tech winning almost every game?

Not sure why we travel to Marshall - I thought those types of road games were behind Tech.

We also may not face a single ranked team, depending on how Miami and Clemson fare early.

Sets up perfectly for Logan Thomas. I believe we had to go to Marshall as part of them coming here twice. Has to be one of the softest schedules in recent memory.

It's a Miracle in Blacksburg...TYROD DID IT MIKEY!!! TYROD DID IT!!!

honestly i thought that when I saw the lineup earlier

But now I am worried that we MIGHT with the way it is scheduled. And then what will be waiting for us if we do? Being left out aka 2004 Auburn? Smacked down by a superior opponent (too many VT aka's for that one)?

Or will our O-line finally gel, front seven start plugging the middle again, and DWilson hold down the fort another year?

I'm not going to start the hype, just analyzing I swear.

1) I just died a little inside.
2) I guess Logan Thomas will need a soft schedule....seeing as he saw little play-time before he actually had to BE a starter.

Looking at each team's schedule

- Clemson has to face Auburn and Florida State at home before traveling to VT

- Maryland-Miami is the blockbuster ACC Labor Day game? Really? Someone else can at least sack up for opening weekend like VT has the past few years

- I really don't like BCS teams scheduling two FCS teams (NC State)

- UNC gets their bye before us

home games

might have to stay the week in blacksburg for that clemson-miami set of games. plus, the burg in october is heaven.

this schedule excites me far more than last years did (excluding the boise state game). all the road games are easily drivable from blacksburg, and the home schedule is WAY better than last years. clemson and miami are virtual locks for a 3:30 kick or later, which we only had one of last year, (wake, excludiing the thursday night game against GT of course), and the BC game always has a chance at a later kick as well. @ecu is a fun trip, as is @GT, and @wake @duke and @uva are virtually hokie home games, which is also very fun. im also excited to go to the @marshall game, just to check out a new stadium/scene. should be a lot of hokies there as well. then the acc championship in charlotte??? #BOOM im psyched

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From the fan's perspective I really love this schedule. The odd numbered years are just so much better than the even for us because of the way our conference games flip-flop. BC, UNC and Miami at home are infinitely better than GT and UVa.

The only thing that kind of concerns me is that it's too easy. I look at it and I'd be disappointed with anything less than ten wins. People are saying the schedule is set up to be ran. Those are lofty expectations for a team that's losing a 4 year starter at quarterback, two NFL running backs and that's still not proven defensively.