Hokie Tracks are Outside the Playboy Mansion

David Wilson. David Wilson. David Wilson.

Andrew Jones writes that Wilson is ready to be the main man carrying the rock.

"It's a lot of pressure because I am expected to be the man," Wilson said. "A lot of hard work comes with it. I'm ready to take it on and get ready for the season."


Down to 201 pounds after losing seven during track season, Wilson believes the lost weight will help him get more breakaway runs from scrimmage. His first few steps off the snap have been incredibly explosive, but Wilson thinks the fourth, fifth and sixth, the ones that usually enable a back to break free into the secondary and beyond, will be improved.

If anything I would have thought Wilson would have tried to maintain or increase his weight so he could better take a season full of pops.

David Wilson being awesome at what looks to be Macado's. (via)

Bill Roth also caught up with Wilson.

BR: Favorite song?

DW: Hustle Hard, Ace Hood

DW and Roth also talk extensively about Hokie football. If you're into that sort of thing.

As was mentioned a couple of weeks ago, the STRAIGHT BURNER is nearly 100% healed from his compartment syndrome injury.

"I didn't think we'd get anything out of him this spring," said Tech trainer Mike Goforth, who admitted he was worried at times Roberts might not be able to get back to full strength for his senior season. "That sucker pushed and pushed. He was beating (All-America cornerback) Jayron Hosley out there a few times. I know nobody wants to hear that, but (Roberts) was beating him.

Stepping onto the scale earlier this week, Roberts was surprised to see he was up to 203 pounds, which is about 18 pounds heavier than his playing weight last season and the heaviest he has been in his time at Tech. It's "good weight" – the product of weight room-toiling as opposed to fork-shoveling.

Well, it seems like Dyrell has his jets and size back, that's encouraging news to say the least. I'm looking forward to watching him take contact in camp.

Jayron was named a Playboy Preseason All-American. He's going to intercept all of Hef's girls. ZING.

Andy Staples ranks Virginia Tech among college football's best jobs.

In terms of proximity to players, Virginia might be a better job than Virginia Tech. But Coach Frank Beamer has done such a good job convincing players from the stocked Tidewater area to come to Blacksburg that he has effectively negated any geographic disadvantage. Virginia Tech also can dip down into North Carolina, which has an underrated high school football culture that routinely produces great players. Virginia Tech would be higher on this list but for its revenue. The fan base is excellent, and Lane Stadium offers an intimidating home-field advantage, but Virginia Tech consistently ranks in the bottom half of BCS AQ-conference schools in revenue. The Hokies are quite competitive on the field, but Texas, Ohio State and the SEC powers are playing an entirely different game on the balance sheet.

Staples overstates the importance of proximity to Tidewater/Hampton Roads. Blacksburg is only another two hours away. For every recruit that wants to stay closer to home another one wants to go farther away. He even makes my next point for me, Blacksburg is closer to Carolina talent, and for that matter SEC territory. Traditionally we don't spend the way the big boys do, but the coach changes Beamer Co. just made weren't cheap, and they're already paying dividends.

It's flung up with varying degrees of force, the time it takes to hit the blades is uncertain, but no matter what it always falls at 9.8m/s2 and it's fun to watch when it's not on you.