Are you pulling for LOLUVa in the NCAA Tournament?

Oh, oh.... I know... Trust me... I know

But I was just over on TSL (shame on me, right?), and apparently the hot topic right now is how everyone is pulling for LOLUVa to win it all this year. I repeat this... THE MAJORITY IS PULLING FOR FREAKING LOLUVA TO WIN THE MEN'S BASKETBALL NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP

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ACC Tournament Preview, Power Rankings Style

As an undergrad, I'd sit at home and tell myself it was okay that I didn't go anywhere for spring break because March Madness was happening. Now that I'm out of college, nothing could possibly get in the way of my absurdly high basketball viewing habits.

We haven't talked about the conference (basketball-wise) on the website much, but given that the "BRAND NEW, BIGGER AND BETTER ACC TOURNAMENT" starts today I figured that there was no better time to write about it than now.

Well that, and I wanted to write about winning basketball teams once this season.

I ranked each of the 15 teams in the tournament by how high I think their chances are to win the thing.

Miami @ VT basketball thread

It's rare I get VT games on tv, but Charter is showing a "regional" game right now that happens to be the Hokies. I can't decide if I'm excited about that or not.

As of now, 9:00 left in the first half and Tech is up 17-5. Miami seems unwilling and unable to penetrate our zone, and we're shooting fairly well as of now. Couple of threes for Emelogu, one (maybe two) for Barksdale.

Solid start.

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The College Football Arms Race: Examining Athletic Department Revenues

Editor's Note: Bumped to the front because I'm a sucker for numbers. Thanks for writing, Sammy. --Joe

Last week, news broke that Virginia Tech offensive line coach Jeff Grimes would be departing Blacksburg after one season for the same position at LSU. Grimes is originally from Texas, played his college ball at UTEP and this move gets Grimes closer to his Texas roots. However, the cold, hard fact is at the end of the day, Grimes likely left Virginia Tech because LSU made him a far more lucrative offer than the Hokies could.

As Joe pointed out in an earlier post, Grimes is probably in line for a significant pay raise from the Tigers. This has sparked terrific debate and conversation among the Hokie Nation and right here on The Key Play on both coaching salaries and Hokie Club contributions.

OT: Clemson Extends Contract for Dabo Swinney until 2021

This means we need to take advantage of every opportunity to get some revenge.

Clemson coach Dabo Swinney agreed Saturday to a new eight-year deal worth $27.15 million, keeping him with the Tigers through the 2021 season.

The Clemson University Board of Trustees Compensation Committee approved the terms on Saturday morning. Swinney will make $3.15 million in 2014, up from the $2.2 million he was set to earn this past season, will have more money available to pay his assistants and has a $5 million buyout if he decides to leave Clemson during the first three seasons of the deal.

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Good Company?

I was part of a thread about the USA Today revenue rankings, so I dove a little further into things. I created a table of 2012 net profit (Revenue - Expenses - School Subsidies), then went through and tagged all the major programs below us. It's a little sobering (please excuse the formatting didn't have time to HTML a table).

Having seen this, I'm glad that we have made investments in locker rooms, upcoming indoor practice facilities, etc as I definitely got the feeling that we need to up our game. That and I am tremendously jealous of the Big 10 network and SEC TV contracts. What are your thoughts?

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