Quillie Odom and Lorenzo Williams leave football team

Editor's Note: This is reported by BeamerBall.com.

Both will stay at VT to finish their degrees.

I feel bad for Odom, who came in as a highly-regarded recruit and just couldn't seem to get things together to contribute.

Williams had a nagging foot injury that certainly didn't help things. But I wonder if this necessitates adding depth at whip with the DP move to running back.

This opens up two scholarships for the 2012 class which, at this rate, we are probably going to need. Linebacker depth is now a MEGA priority, so come on Edmunds and Clarke. With Odom's move to DE, maybe this means that Marshall gets closer to not red-shirting this year.


It seems like a linebacker is one step away from the door once he moves to defensive end, Jake Johnson anyone? Odom was uber talented, but in the end couldn't fit his talents around Foster's scheme. You have to be as much a mental football player as physical to excel in Foster's defense.

I wish both of them best of luck in the future.

Jake Johnson could have been an absolutely animal had he shored up his pass-coverage skills. He'd be starting this year too I think. Yet Tyrell Wilson at 216lbs is in the two-deep at DE. I don't get it.