This game will make or break our season. I don't know about y'all, but I don't want to put on a happy face and drag my ass down I-81 to Blacksburg next week and pretend like nothing is wrong. Another win in Paris won't mean a whole lot if a trip to Charlotte doesn't follow it. I don't want ten forgettable wins and the Peach Bowl. I don't want to hear The Frankinator say, "we did a lot of things right," or "we're so close," after a loss in Atlanta. I want this team to say we've arrived, so very badly. They've worked their asses off for that.

Actions speak louder than words and this is our chance to make a statement in front of a national audience. The last time we had that opportunity we squandered it and were embarrassed by Clemson, at night, in a nonchalant Lane Stadium. Not this time. I'm going to be incredibly selfish and greedy here. I just don't want a win. I want us to slap the shit out of Georgia Tech.

Have you ever slapped someone? Aside from controlling OddJob and knocking around James Bond and company in GoldenEye 007, I haven't. I've punched a few people in my day and gotten into a few scuffles defending myself, but I've never slapped another person. Pimps slap, parents slap, Ric Flair slaps; you slap someone to put them in their place. The sting immediately puts the recipient at attention and bluntly delivers the message: know your role.

Georgia Tech's never won the ACC Championship Game*. They're a second-class citizen in their own state. They don't come close to selling out Bobby Dodd Stadium, a venue that's considered historic only because it's been standing up in downtown Atlanta for a long time, not because the Bees won an abundance of important football games there. Their fans read books and study at football games. Those same fans started a #avengenesbitt movement.

Since 2004 Georgia Tech is 63—37, and Virginia Tech is 81—22. I'd figure they have sore necks from looking up at us, but they don't. Year in, year out, they stare us straight in the eye, thinking they deserve our respect because they play us close. They believe we're equals. That shit needs to stop. We're not, you're just Georgia Tech. Enough with giving them excuses to feel good, and Paul Johnson reasons act like an obnoxious, insufferable, disrespectful asshole.

You might think it's overkill to kill a single bee with a machine gun mounted to the back of a Jeep. It's not. Box is a genius and you guys need to get your mock on.

We need to make sure David Wilson gets his touches. We can't miss tackles in the open field. The offensive line has to be able to finish blocks to the second level against the 3-4. Punts need to go far, can't miss field goals either. Logan has to play with poise and confidence. The d-line needs to control their gaps. We need to avoid the slow start. The receivers need to block downfield better. We need to do all these things to win, and I believe we can. We've done them before. But, sometimes you can analyze a game to death on paper.

In high school my o-line coach would preach that if you didn't know what to do, then just find someone and "hit 'em hard". My dad would always tell me before every game that the most important play was the first. No matter how I did it, I had to put the guy across from me on his ass. Set the tone for the next sixty minutes. It was sound advice. It's an all-time cliché, but the team who wants this game more and sets the tempo is going to win it.

Let's go.

*Vacated, fuck them.



This is the best gif I've ever seen.

Row Z forever.

Yes it is

I second that motion.

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Well said

I'm sure VT friends will give me crap for this.. but I'll trade a win tomorrow night for a loss at home against UNC.

I'm just tired of not enjoying watching the VT/GT game. Every season the game is painful to watch. Right now, this week, we are ranked # 10 in the country (basically by default...). I want to see us on nat'l tv LOOK like the #10 team in the country.

That gif is pure awesomeness. Excellent article and hope that Bud's new Defensive strategy works!

Well said Joe

I'm sick of Paul Johnson and sick of people thinking we should be scared of him and his out-of-date, high school-style offense. He has one win against Virginia Tech. One. By five points. And to be honest, if we stop them on that 3rd down with under 5 minutes to go instead of giving up a 40 yard touchdown, we probably win that one. I'm not afraid of him and I fully trust Bud Foster's ability to make CPJ pout on the sideline. His disrespect for Frank Beamer a couple of years ago still irritates me. Add in the fact that Heather Dinich seems to like him and my anger towards CPJ only increases. I don't like Paul Johnson. I want to win and I want to win bad. Bring on Thursday night!


This might be one of the dumbest things I've ever seen.


Last time

I went to GiT for a night game was when Glennon was at the helm in their practice squad Jersey. Was a great night as we won in that poor excuse of a showing by their fans. I've also slapped a man after he thought it funny to dump the ice left in his drink in my face outside of West End. I wasnt cool or calculated with it, simply struck. That face he gave afterward will always stay with me in my trophy case of accomplishment. This is our time to let them know they can hand it off to whomever they want on the way to a star strucken loss. Go Hokies!


This post put me in a damn good mood.

For the rest of my life, every time I kill a bee by either using raid, a flip-flop, a baseball cap and when I go balls deep and pour a 5 gallon can or gas in a yellow jacket nest and set it a flame... i will always remember Bud Foster destroying the GT yellow jacket at point blank

Post This

This is Grade-A Bulletin Board Material. Not their bulletin board; ours. Litter the team bus, the charter plane, the entire locker room with this column. This game needs to be an old-fashioned ass-whupping, where we kill them and then go to work on them (sorry, Ocean's Eleven was on the other night).

Like a great man from Atlanta, I have a dream that before the boys left for Atlanta, they walked through the tunnel into a quiet Lane Stadium, looked up into the North End Zone, and read the names on the banners: Dale, Loria, Beamer, Vick, Grove, Moore, Brown, Pyne, Smith. Then and there, each of them resolved to play this game -- one game, 60 minutes -- on a level worthy of having their name hung there one day. That confidence and success carries into the next two games, God-willing to the ACCCG, and another trip to a warm climate in early January.

I'm ready.

(Actually, now I'm ready to go play some GoldenEye, so I'm leaving work at noon.)

Don't say that.... El Paso is warm, and while the game is on New Year's Eve, so you'd be here in early January, I really don't want to see us end up in the Sun Bowl. Please dear god, no.

Achievement unlocked: All of the Fullers

"Sam Rogers is a college football icon" SB Nation

Thanks Frank!

Ill be there

I convinced mrsdozer to include a thursday night stop in atlanta during our honeymoon. A small victory in what I am sure will be followed by a long string of losses. GO HOKIES!

Hyping up Hokie Nation one video at a time.


She's either a saint or a Hokie, in either case +1 to her and congratulations to you guys!


oh yes, shes a hokie. we had the hokie bird come to the wedding! her brother tried out as a kicker for the team this fall and will be walking on this spring. imo beamer should be giving EVERY kicker a fair look.

Hyping up Hokie Nation one video at a time.

Especially the girl who tried out, because that's just awesome.

Achievement unlocked: All of the Fullers

"Sam Rogers is a college football icon" SB Nation

Thanks Frank!

I want to see the defense breaking ribs and dislodging footballs.

I want to see the Hokies line up and knock the GT ends and nose back into the middlle linebacker's laps.

I want to see David Wilson hit the hole with authority, get up field, and get every inch. If the hole lets you get 3, get three and run over a guy to make it 4. Don't go 50/50 on losing 5 or gaining 15. Control the ball, and beat them up.

If the Hokies want to win this game, then force 3 turnovers, and see David Wilson with a 33 caries for 189 yards stat line. That is a good start.

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN

Can I get an....


Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

Want to see our old Vtech Swagger back

This just got me pumped up. I hope our defense goes into thursday's game with the intensity, passion and pride. I want our defense to have that old Va tech swagger that we use to have when Aaron Rouse, Vincent Fuller, Deangelo Hall use to play for us. I dont want us to go into this game with a nonchalant attitude. We want to be the best we have to destroy who's ever infront of us. It just so happens Gtech is next.

LETS GO HOKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been waiting

for that player with some swagger to emerge since Rouse left the only player that isn't afraid to show some emotion after a big hit is Exum, and the way this game is going to be played is right up his alley

UVA: Jefferson's biggest mistake



love that signature bro

I want to forget that DeAngelo Hall was even part of this program. I still have nightmares about that chickenshit turning away from tackling Health Miller during the burtal 03 loss.

I want the entire Hokie defense to play like Brandon Flowers tomorrow night. Guts, toughness, fighting for every inch. Not being a front running pansy bigmouth jackass like DHall.

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN

Not only is this one of the best posts i've ever read, that GIF is incredible. If this doesn't pump the team (I hope they read it), let alone the fans, they are not worthy of being Hokies. Let's hit GT where it hurts, and shove them back down when they ask for help up.


Based on some of his comments in interviews, I'm pretty sure either LT3 or someone really really close to him does. (Ahem, Danny Coale is always open)

Achievement unlocked: All of the Fullers

"Sam Rogers is a college football icon" SB Nation

Thanks Frank!




Thanks everyone for the positive feedback. To be honest, I wrote it to fire myself up because with everything going on at PSU, realignment, and all the other scandals I was just getting way too depressed. College football is supposed to be fun, hating your rivals is a lot of that fun. I cannot wait for this game.

We're better than Georgia Tech; we just need to play like it.


This game

is second on my have-to-win list, right behind the smells-like-crap-wahoos.

Let's have a special teams TD and a defensive TD....been too long since either. A 70-or-so yard TD run by Mr. Chick-fil-A would be perfect too.

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

Slapping someone is such an incredible experience. Instead of punching a friend one time during a hockey game I backhanded him (with a glove on) and let me tell you, it felt great. Decking a friend is one thing but I didn't want to break his nose so I figured the ole' backhand taught him a lesson...heat of the moment if you will (we played on two opposing teams and he caught me with a wicked slash on an already sprained wrist- unintentional (was trying to knock my stick from my hands but caught the wrist guard instead) but still required an appropriate response).

I would love to give this to CPJ as well. To echo many sentiments I am sick and tired of those hosers in Atlanta- I live in NYC and every time I see someone with at GT shirt on and I (wearing my VT hoody as per usual) get dirty looks from the person. I am tired of seeing the huge run from '09 when we were ranked #4 and their fans rushing the field. I am tired of hearing about the nonexistent pass interference call last year and the avenge Nesbitt movement (not like he is gonna play QB in the NFL- relax weenies (GT fans)). I am tired of hearing about how Groh will finally get his revenge for Beamer kicking his ass for all but one year at UVA. I am tired of seeing the cut blocks and linemen/receivers blocking to injure.

I love seeing the fact that their title in '09 was vacated. I loved seeing Tevin Washington crying like a panzy after Carmichael picked him off in the endzone. I loved seeing Tyrod completely abuse them twice ('08 and '10). I loved seeing Glennon have two of his three best games against GT ('06- statistically and '07 where he just owned them). I laughed when the 2005 team led by Vick completely abused GT, their school, their city and Reggie Ball's pride and career. I loved Bryan Randall and Eddie Royal ripping out their hearts in '04. Most of all, I love seeing that high school offense running weenie CPJ yelling at his SP teams after Wilson ripped their unit apart on the return and having to swallow another loss to Beamer. I have hated GT since 2004. Now, its time for Big Brother (Beamer/Foster to CPJ/Groh) to bitch slap little brother and teach him a lesson about big-boy football. Obviously I agree with Joe- I wanna win this swinging away and getting third and fourth stringers in during the last quarter for mop-up duty.

LET'S GO...HOKIES! Go down to Atlanta and bitch slap them in their house to teach these wannabe weenies who owns the Coastal Division. Cry about your Natty in 1990. But hey- win an ACC Title post expansion- that's right, VACATED.

Virginia Tech '08
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I love this

What a great post! Made my miserable work day so much better.

Leaving for Georgia in 4 1/2 hours. Be there!

LET'S GO....HOKIES! Slap 'em to get their attention (that blank stare that you get from the person you just slapped thinking what the fuck??) then shove the football down their throats!


It's a great day to be a Hokie!

In Bud we Trust

#Let's Go - Hokies

good mascot mock, should be on that thread too

but you should change the fine print to "Made in Blacksburg, VA"

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

Dictate the pace, don't read and react. Deliver a blow, don't catch. Play like bullies in between the whistles. If you make mistakes, make them aggressively. Do what you do, instead of changing to react to what Georgia Tech does. Trust in your team mates, and do your job and win every down and every one on one battle.

That is how they win the ball game.

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN

On the GIF, I give it a...

Creativity: 10
Execution: 10
Gore: 10
For a perfect score of 30 from the Russian judge...

"The TKP community is unrivaled."
-Justin Fuente, probably

Rick James approves

What did Bud's five fingers say to CPJ? SLAP!

Virginia Tech '08
Fordham University (NY) '11, '12

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PSN Handle: duffmanhokie1568

Hokies, NY Rangers, NY Jets, NY Mets (sigh), USA Hockey, Richmond Renegades (R.I.P)

Just Win

We don't need to trade a win tomorrow for a loss later. We don't need to go in there to make CPJ and the Jackets look bad (though this is a desirable effect). This game needs to be about Virginia Tech. This game needs to be about us. WE need to find our identity. WE need to play a complete football game in all 3 phases. WE need to put together a complete effort, from 60 minutes left until there's no time left. Tomorrow, our season comes down to this game and this game only, so every guy out there should be focusing on this game alone. We should be playing for our team, not because we hate them. Every guy on the team has a big opportunity tomorrow, but especially Logan Thomas. If he's going to be the tough-as-nails, never flustered leader we expect him to be, then this game will be the next step. He started a legacy with the comeback against Miami, but his story is just beginning. Tomorrow is a huge day, and we should focus on winning because we know we can, not because we hate GT (though this is still the case).

"This is just spectacular... These people are losing their mind. This is beautiful." -Mike Patrick


I am not with you and Beamer on this one. If we have the chance to go in there and blow them out of the water, we should take it. If we get a lead, then go into a prevent offense and defense, we will lose. If we make them look bad by being the much better team, then so be it.

You say "We don't need to go in there to make CPJ and the Jackets look bad (though this is a desirable effect)" and I say WE DO!


It's a great day to be a Hokie!

Get Real

Yes, we have the better record since joining the ACC and alot of what you say is true. HOWEVER, the part about them "just being Georgia Tech." Wow. They have WON a national championship, not just played for one with a once in a lifetime QB. Virginia Tech is what they are, a team who can win 10 games is a ho-hum league and go to the BCS games and maybe squeck one out every few years(1995 to be exact. Beating Cincy in the Orange Bowl isnt nearly as impressive as beating Tenn in the Peach Bowl so Ill say Texas was the last big bowl team we beat.) Tech will, and has for the most part in the last two decades, always been as Beamer puts it "so close" and "almost there". You can only be so close so long before you need to realize a 10-win team is what Tech will be every year. There will always be one team on the schedule who beats us or a Duke who we allow to play us to a pathetic 14-10 win. But again, thats what we are, a team who plays down to competetion and once every season erupts (see the Miami game this year) and people ask have they finally decided to play real football. No, they just like to tease the fans to keep us coming back and in the delussion that they really are "so close" and "almost there" when in reality they have arrived. As an extremely consisitent 10 win team who just isnt on the same level of the national teams and fans who think we are need to begin to realize that we are not. That being said, I will be in ATL thurs night and hope VT smacks the bejesus out of the Ramblin Wreck!


It starts with

Showing up in big games and never letting up. No matter if we're up by 1 or up by 20, there should be no let up by the offense. The team should never be satisfied with "just a win" unless its in the National Championship game. We need that killer instinct back that came with the fundamental ideals of Beamerball. Where the team would bring it no matter who was on the field and when. Too often in recent memory has this team let up early, and as a result we've had some close calls and just some outright disgusting performances. We need to prove it on the field that we are not only better than the opposition, but rather A LOT better.

Logan 3:16


Comment from a Jacket fan...

Not here to rag on you guys, just hoping for a great game where everybody comes out of the game healthy. No need to start talking about chop blocks to me; GA Tech has only been called for 2 or 3 all season, so don't get paranoid. I know the Hokies have already had more than their share of them, and the Jackets are just getting back some key players themselves and they'll be awfully rusty.

The weather, so far, looks like it will be nice, maybe a bit breezy, so that shouldn't be much of a factor, and not too cold at kickoff.

I'm not sure how closely you've been following the Jackets, so I thought I'd provide a bit of scouting report; more about the defense as everyone is well aware of the Yellow Jacket offense. This is the second year the defense has been in Al Groh's 3-4 defense, and he's starting to open up the playbook recently with a lot of blitzing. GA Tech's Corners and Safeties are probably their strongest assets on the defense, however, they have recently been fairly effective stopping the run as well.

It appears the strategy has been somewhat of a bend but don't break rule; give up short yards on snaps and force long drives between the twenties, looking for field goals and turnovers. The defense has been improving as the year has gone on, and the statistics are somewhat deceiving in that a lot of the points against have come when the first team was off the field early in the year when the team had huge leads.

Regarding the two loses, to Virginia and Miami, the thoughts are that the team was physically and mentally exhausted. They were playing both games on the road, without any breaks straight from summer two-a-days, and we're in the middle of mid term exams. Clemson was at home after the exams...we'll see if that theory holds water Thursday night.


thanks for the input

always appreciated. We want to smack ya'll and talk a lot of game here but If you go to the game you'll meet a lot of classy Hokie folk.

I'm fired up already

Awesome. Love the anger.

I hate GT more than any other school in the ACC. I hate the way that they are also called Tech. I hate their stupid high school style offense. I hate their super generic mascot. I hate kids that read books at football games. I hate the way we can't seem to slap the shit of of them like we should. I hope the reports are right and that we were preparing for them during Duke week. I want LT3 and David Wilson to straight truck people. I love this article.

Can't wait

For LT3 to truck someone in the first quarter and the stadium go even more silent in disbelief. Avenge that bitches!!!
Nobody cheered when Nesbitt broke his arm. And unlike tech, we don't have to make s#!& up to try to fire up our fans. We are there for EVERY game. No lets go out tonight and make sure they are 0 fer Virginia!!!!!!

I'm a man! I'm 44! Hokie thru and thru.
@BuryHokie #ThanksFrank

i'm back.

only thing i can focus on in the office today is the game tonight.
so i decided to make this graphic for your viewing pleasure.
david wilson takes one to the house again. techmo bowl touchdown for the win!

go hokies!


Ok after reading this i want to throw on a jersey and get in on the action tonight!

I desperately want to see a big TD run by David Wilson and a blocked kick for good measure. When it's a QB keeper we need to make him pay for that decision, by the end of the game he needs to be pitching the ball out of fear.

we made a helluva statement. Go Hokies. Hope that raid stung tonight.

This is one of the best feelings I've had after a win.