Grillin' With Wolf: Blue Devil Burgers

Durham, North Carolina is the current home of Duke University. It was founded in Trinity in 1838 and moved there in 1892. The name was changed to Duke in 1924 in honor of Washington Duke, an American tobacco industrialist. The Blue Devils have won 7 ACC football championships, the last one in 1989 under Steve Spurrier. They have not had a winning season since 1994. However, they can still brag about beating the Hoo's and consistently graduating more athletes than most schools in the country. Duke has put out more alumni than I care to mention, although Ken Jeong is probably the best they have to offer. In honor of one of my favorite mascots in the country to hate, we are going to make Blue Devil Burgers (and by Blue Devil I mean blue cheese Habanero).


  • 2 pounds ground beef (stick to a fattier beef so that the burgers don't shrink and dry out, 85/15 is the leanest I usually go)
  • 3-4 Habaneros
  • 1-2 cups chunked blue cheese
  • Medium egg
  • Salt and pepper
  • 1 teaspoon onion powder
  • 2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
  • Fresh made hamburger buns

Mix your ground beef, onion powder, Worcestershire sauce, salt, pepper, and egg together by hand. Wearing gloves remove the seeds and stems from the Habaneros. Dice them and mix them into the ground beef. There are two ways to mix in your blue cheese: 1) you can just mix it in now, or 2) you can take two patties and put the blue cheese in between them, then seal the ends of the patties into one so that the blue cheese is trapped inside. Cook the patties on a clean medium heat grill until they reach your preferred temperature. Finish with any topping you like, and don't forget to grill up a side dish! Try corn while it is still in season or squash.



Wait a minute...

Did you just say use a fattier ground beef for LESS shrinking on the grill? This goes against everything I've ever heard about grilling burgers.

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im sorry

That came out some what wrong. A fattier burger will shrink more than a lean one. However, when taking a 15% fat content to a a 10% fat content you are more likely to dry out are 10% burger and the end result will be a smaller burger.

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