Their Last Dance: Arkansas State

For college football teams last impressions are the ones that matter most. These are notes, observations and food for thought on our opponents' last game.

Arkansas State found the perfect beat against Memphis last Saturday. The Red Wolves put an old-fashioned on the Tigers, a 47-3 rout that saw Mephis outgained by 442 yards, a margin that could have been even greater had Arkansas State played their starters the entire game. But, BREAKING, Mephis is a terrible team.

--For the third week in a row Tech will play against a variation of the spread. Arkansas State's offense was explosive. They are currently T-21st nationally with 33 plays gaining 10+ yards, and T-7th with 7 plays gaining 30+ yards.

--It's a fast-paced offense with a lot of no huddle and calling plays from the line of scrimmage.

--There were pistol sets too!

--Redshirt freshman running back (Rivals 3-star) Frankie Jackson was very good. He's got take-it-to-the-house speed, but he'll also lower the shoulder and take on a defender. He trucked at least two Tigers. ASU made it a priority to get him the ball in space: zone reads, pitches and lot's of swing passes.

--Arkansas State's kick coverage wasn't very good. There were a lot of arm tackles, and players getting out of their lanes.

--Josh Jarboe's line: 7 receptions for 162 yards and 2 touchdowns. He's a flat out burner who broke Mephis' double coverage countless times. I'd expect to see Jayron on him all game.

--They lined up in the Swinging Gate formation on extra point tries.

NEWBS. (Seriously, I hated having an extra practice session in high school for teams who did this.) They attempted and failed a two-point conversion.

--The defense was underwhelming. The offense carried the team, the defense was a great compliment. Memphis made a lot of mistakes. They like to blitz, stunt and twist a bunch up front.

-- Quarterback Ryan Aplin was scary efficient and accurate (19/21, 274 yards, 3 TDs). He had one bad throw the entire game, an overthrown ball into the endzone that got picked.



The fact that you worked a Afrika Bambaataa video into your pregame article makes you pretty much the coolest dude ever... Also made my day at the office infinitely better, much appreciated joe.

I'm not worried about our defense matching up with their passing game too much. I think we'll only have to worry about letting up a big pass play every now and then. If we can prevent that it's going to be a rough day for Arkansas State...

I'm glad to see you write that their defense is "underwhelming" though. I'd love to see LT3 keep improving and learn from his first 2 games against this mediocre team. Thanks for the good post.

The Bambaataa

Joe, I would love to comment on your studious and comprehensive breakdown of our upcoming opponent but... I am totally entranced by The Bambaataa.

That one dude has the sweetest outfit ever created - lambskin leather jacket with the arms cut off and fur around the collar, black jeans with a ton of snaps on one leg, knee high boots, and ski goggles for that perfect finishing touch. Seriously, why don't people dress like this anymore? I don't understand. These dudes are obviously dripping with cool.

Could we convince our AD to have Ark St. run out of the tunnel into Lane to this song? Nevermind, might upstage Enter Sandman.....

i think they'll

do better on offense than ecu.

but the vt O will take the air out of the ball and they won't consistently move it on it on tech. they get worn down by mid 3rd and a semi blow out.