Nasty -- Closed Scrimmage Notes

Word just came from the Hokies 66-play scrimmage this evening that the Hokies defense got 10 sacks on 66 snaps. And, that was with both James Gayle and JR Collins sitting out of the scrimmage to do classwork. Either the defensive line will be unstoppable this year, or the offensive line may be abysmal. Let's hope it is the former.

Other notes from the beat writers:

Logan Thomas was 9-13 for 70 yards. Michael Holmes lead the running backs, and a little bird told me that Martin Scales may have passed J.C. Coleman on the running back depth chart... Coleman didn't gain a yard on 6 carries.

The punters sucked again, averaging just over 30 yards a kick. The field goal kickers look like they may be ok inside 40, but don't hope for long field goals. And, without any live legs, this may be the first season in a long time that the Hokies have not had a dominant kickoff man. Kickoff coverage will be that much more important.

Demetri Knowles was used on a jet sweep and a reverse. They clearly like his wheels.

Finally in bad news, this from Marcus Davis on Twitter, "Hamstring blew out on me... Smh..."

Rangers playoff hockey starts tomorrow, so I won't be posting as much until the spring game. I am looking forward to seeing the Four Horsemen on the defensive line tear things up this year!

*Stats and information provided by Andy Bitter of the Virginia Pilot and Roanoke Times, except for what the little bird told me.


Best of Luck

To your Rangers in the playoffs. I will be rooting for my own Blueshirts as well, the ones from St. Louis. Should be an exciting two months

Logan 3:16

Joe's Thoughts

Michael Cole was in blue again. I'm bummed about that. I think he has a lot of potential and I was hoping for him to push for playing time in the secondary. That's hard to do when less than 100%.

J.C. had a long of 6, but big plays at the expense of negative yards isn't what this offense needs.


Hopefully Davis' hamstring injury isn't too serious. They're nagging and persistant, something to keep an eye on during the season and the rest of spring.


I couldn't help but notice that Dyrell Roberts had 3 rushes for 18 yards in addition to 2 rushes for Demetri Knowles, and 1 for Wille Byrn. Some of them are obviously the reverses / jet sweeps that we are used to, but the frequency of WR's touching the ball in the backfield seems to me like it could be a wrinkle of the pistol. Someone arleady reported from a scrimmage that they noticed Dyrell Roberts lining up wide, and then motioning to the backfield to line up next to Logan. Anyone thinking we're running any option / counter action from this formation to get the rock to our #StraightBurners?

Rushing — Holmes 5-25, Dyrell Roberts 3-18, Martin Scales 4-15, Knowles 2-6, TD (11), Thomas 4-3, Daniel Dyer 1-3, J.C. Coleman 6-0, Willie Byrn 1-5.

Stats courtesy of Andy Bitter.

Which is scary..

..for a lineback to assess whether Martin Scales is going to smash him the face or if Dyrell Roberts is going to be #StraightBurning to the sideline on a counter sweep.

My eternal pessimism

We lost our best WR and the OL is still a garbage heap.

Rabble rabble rabble.

I noticed that too, a ton of carries for the receivers. Dyrell has the speed to make it work, but I feel like we've been running end arounds to no avail for years on end.

What's a guy gotta do to get some of those 2008 punt or kick return toss plays that went for TDs?


Why is it so hard for us to get a good (if not really good) kicker and punter?? I don't get it. We're a top 25 team every year. I understand we aren't making a run at a national championship or anything, but seriously how many kickers can there be out there? I'm planning on grooming my future son to be a kicker since there is apparently not much competition...let's hope even he will want to be a Hokie kicker.

they always developed walk ons. this is the same strategy, but it has backfired.

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN

a lot of schools do that

last year was the first year in a long, long time that it back fired and that was really only punting.

journell was on scholie.

I don't start my masters until next year. So I will be unable to try out for walk on kicker this year (also I am still job searching around Blacksburg). I have the feeling that our OL is going to be abysmal the first half of the season. We have a tough schedule this year and with the OL we may struggle to win this year. The good news is it may keep LT3 here another year.

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