Film Study for Basketball?

I never played organized football, and I stopped playing basketball in the seventh grade. This means that I never really learned too much about the X's and O's, and it's really been interesting to read about some of that in the film study section on football. Is there anyone here that knows enough about basketball and/or would be willing to attempt a film study for basketball games? I know what you might expect a typical fan to know about basketball, but I'd love to learn more in depth things about it.

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I would like to second this motion, as a casual basketball ball fan it would be nice to learn some of the nuances of the game

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i think film breakdowns a la french on the bench for hoops would be awesome.

not to pitch another site on joe's site (and i hope you dont mind joe) but techhoops is an excellent and informative site and it's the closest thing to what yall are talking about. personally i've learned a ton about hoops over there, just like i've learned a ton about the gridiron over here.

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I think the guys over at Tech Hoops do a really excellent job covering the team. Honestly, French probably knows as much basketball as football, but like the rest of us, he's a busy guy. Who knows, maybe for the bigger games something will pop up on the site.

Brian's buddy who helped him with his preview seemed extremely knowledgable too. I nudged him to join the discussion, but don't think he's created an account yet.

I too know very little about basketball and am enjoying Mikey's recaps.

I just created a forum post debunking the assumption that the defensive lapse at the end of the WVU game was Green's fault. I've also been looking into doing a film's just on the list. Stay tuned.

If no one wants to do a full film study, I can add a few clips from each game that kind of focus on the key parts(what we struggled or did well with)/plays that determined how things were played.

let me know if you need any help on getting some footage. or if while watching the game you notice a play you would like included, go ahead and write down the time on the clock and I can do my best to cut it up.

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Both of the above sound like good options.

This would be great

Sometimes I feel like I miss some things while I'm working which is part of the reason that I read the recaps. Would be great to have video along with it as well.


you are the reason why I have decided to participate in this forum. I have been reading The Key Play for a couple months now, but it is you who just sparked up recently that really made me interested in this place. You are everything I imagine a Hokie to be: imaginative, analytical, curious, friendly, but most of all, you carry the spirit of ut prosim that we all strive to follow. You sir, are a true American and an inspiration to us all. Now with that, let's get this going #StartWillJohnston

Thanks Caldo.

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