A Myth Debunked

Okay look, I've read probably about eighteen too many things that said the end of the West Virginia game was Green's fault.


While Green should have stayed in the way of the ball handler just a bit longer, he was responsible for defending the kick-out man on the wing. The defensive blame played on two things:

1. WVU player goes up to pick Brown and he bites it too hard in what looks like an assumption of a defensive switch with the picker's man (Eddie) but there is no switch. Ball handler reads that and goes the other way, attacking space and creating defensive havoc.

2. Green hedges out, in desperation to slow the ball handler down to give the defensive rotation (Raines protecting the rim, either Rankin or Eddie picking up Raines' man.

3. Raines was SUPPOSED to be there. If you watch the play, Raines was not aware that the ball was on the other side of the lane, as his back was to the ball handler. Green guarded the kick-out because Raines was supposed to rotate over and protect the basket, while Rankin or Eddie would rotate over to defend Raines' man.

Green did what the play called for. Even if he picked up the guy on the dribble, there would have been a wide open man on the wing for a near buzzer beater (even though it would be better than an open layup).

This is an example of complete defensive miscommunication but that miscommunication was primarily between Brown, Eddie and Raines. Not Green.

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I remember post game, Robert said everyone was supposed to switch. He and Jarell didn't communicate which caused no switch and led to a wide open lay up. In no way was this Erick's fault but I do wish he would've forced the kick-out and made them make a three to win.

Another thing that frustrated me was people saying Erick should have driven to the hoop for the final shot. He had no where near enough time after catching the ball with his momentum going away from the basket.

I agree. I feel like Green did an amazing job even getting the shot that he did... Although it appeared he may not have gotten it off before the buzzer. Would've definitely had to have been reviewed.

I also agree.

I was a little upset actually that they drew up a play that had him running away from the basket. How was he gonna get a high percentage look that way? The look he had was as good as we could have asked for, but it wasn't the highest percentage.

One could even blame the shot not being high percentage because the timeout was called before they reached the frontcourt... If I recall correctly, the announcers criticized JJ for that move as we had to take it with 4 seconds in the backcourt.


In fairness, Green had sort of lost control of the ball when the timeout was granted. We wouldn't have made it to the front court with any kind of time left, and maybe not at all.

Yeah, I had nothing against the move. I'm just saying thaat was a factor.