Behind the scenes of Maryland's move to the Big Ten

Saw this over at r/cfb - was a pretty good read:

Maryland to Big Ten: ‘It’s money versus tradition’

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Saw that yesterday

Thought it was a very interesting read, well worth the time.

Intrigued me a bit as to how the University President supposedly has the final say in conference moves, but Loh (and I'd imagine a decent number of others out there) don't know the first thing about the finances of the Athletic Department.

Good read

So basically this is just the beginning of a television market war between the conferences?

remember when the rumor was going around about fsu and the big xii and everybody thought the sky was falling? now maryland actually does leave and everybody is like, meh.

i say good riddance, i've never been treated as poorly by opposing fans as i have been by twerps, both at lane and byrd. fuck them

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Everyone is currently saying "Meh", but cautiously awaiting the ruling on the ACC v. U of Maryland lawsuit.

If Maryland pays >$50M, then everyone will be content to stick with what we're doing.

If Maryland pays ~$30M, then, well, a handful of schools might look elsewhere, but I'd expect the conference to stay put.

If Maryland pays $20M or less, then the sky will, in fact, fall, since it would show that the ACC really doesn't have the authority it thinks it does, and there's just that much money to be had elsewhere right now.

The money is amazing if it is true

If Maryland really is able to make close to twice as much in revenues thru the B1G that through the ACC in 8 to 10 years time, then the ACC will definitely continue to bleed schools. How can a university objectively turn down a 50 to 100 percent increase in athletic revenues from membership in a new conference? All emotion aside, I do not blame Maryland one bit. The ACC is seriously underperforming in the management of their conference by not being able to provide its members with comparable revenues. If the ACC does not have plans moving forward to launch a TV network and increase revenues, the conference will continue to slide downhill towards the Big Least and ConfUSA.

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