Reports: WR coach Kevin Sherman to Purdue

First reported by @coachingsearch it appears one offensive coach is leaving the team after the game. more changes coming?

more info certainly coming later ...

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Thats the 1st

If we lose Beamer needs to come out tomorrow and get rid of Stiney, Ocain and Newsome. Also heard that Shawn Elliott is the next OC at VT thank you shane if that is true.

Don't understand why Elliott would make that move, but I really really really really really hope you're right. I think he'd be my number one choice of any current offensive coordinator.

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He's listed as Co-Offensive Coordinator, along with Steve Spurrier's son. His salary is $300K, which is $50K less than what Stiney currently makes. I'd imagine the pay raise, plus the opportunity to run an offense on his own would make it tempting.

I'm here for the memes, I just stay for the football.

Let the changes begin!!!

Hopefully signs of more to come.....

Really hope this isn't true...

Sherman had been the lone bright spot over the yeasr for this offense. Look at who he has developed and put in the pros. I'll give you this year was odd. But he was a firey coach who would show some emotion (unlike ever other O coach). Also heard (from a very credible source) his wife loves the area and doesn't want to leave. Guessing if he goes it will be because the new OC doesn't want him. Don't think he would go on his own.

We put the K in Kwality

Then that's a sure sign Sherman was going to get canned

You don't go to Purdue for a lateral move from VT, and no way is Sherman going to be an OC. Even if Purdue had a tenured cach, you don't leave VT and Beamers stability for Purdue. You certainly don't do it with a brand new coach.

Unless he's leaving before being fired?

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or, ugh, he's jumping a sinking ship because he knows...

CFB is NOT planning significant changes in offensive coaching, and he sees the writing on the wall (please be wrong, please be wrong, please be wrong).

Surely the tipping point has been reached, and now even Beamer must realize that staff continuity and loyalty has practical limits???


Still, you don't leave a stable situation like VT unless you are

....encouraged too. The Purdue job has a 75%+ failure rate in five years.


I saw somewhere that he might be going back to JMU after this season

I think Sherman, who's head was furthest from the block, going to Purdue means sweeping changes. Grab your pants.

I sure hope you are right.


Roger that

Grabbing the pants.



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