Offensive Struggles

Two parts of our jacked-up offense really stood out to me this year:

1. Pre-snap motion. WTF is it for? Typically, pre-snap motion is to help the QB identify coverage and/or isolate match-up advantages. I'm pretty sure VT's was completely pointless. The concept of isolating one of our best receivers on one of the defenses worst players would make O'Cainsprings head explode.

2. Play-action. Our play-action fakes were terrible. On several occasions, Logan ball-faked to no one. On most other occasions, the ball fake was several feet away from looking legitimate. Who was this fooling? This HAS to be teachable during practice. Right?

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Play action is terrible

It freezes no one. Logan has huge hands and should fake the ball with one hand.
He runs the ball so damn much..Im surprised he didnt get hurt. Hes a tough kid and I think with a better offense --he will excel.

We have to be the easiest team in the country to scout. I think we run a total of 5 plays on offense. 3 of them are running plays and the other 2 are the fade route and the throw the ball up in the air route.

Our playbook is the size of a mini wafer.

Once again--everything is based off kicking a field goal--NOT GETTING IN THE END ZONE.
I explain it like this --if our offense was a car with a stick shift..we would go from first to second gear but never reach 3rd or 4th. If it got going too fast in second we would need to pull over.

If Braxton can run as many times as he did and not get seriously hurt, I think Logan can handle the carries. I don't really like it, but if it is all that works...

"I never surprise myself"

For the first point I think you're completely right. I make fun of it when I'm in the stands at every game. And the thing is that it's not just O'Cainspring that does it, watch us on kickoffs, we put a guy in motion on the freaking kickoff! What could that possibly accomplish?

On the second point, you're right that our play-actions don't do anything. And to even further your point, I think our first 5 plays out of the I-formation in any game are play-actions. Who is going to bite on a play-action when you haven't shown that you'll run the ball out of that set the whole season?

Rip his freaking head off!