O'Cain to App State?

This rumor is stoked by WRAL's (Raleigh) Jeff Gravley.
App State's athletic director played football at NC State when O'Cain was an offensive assistant.
Maybe dominoes will start falling sooner than later...

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UVA: Jefferson's biggest mistake


You can't beat the weather.

Seriously, if he gets the job, good for him, good for us. It's a win, win, and I'd be interested to see what he could when he's running the show again.

Oh, and if there was an exit strategy in place, this makes much more sense than Stiney leaving to take a coaching job elsewhere. The Frankinator knows what an asset he is recruiting and he could be a positional coach.


Stinespring gets pummeled for play calling, but has the best recruiting network of anyone on staff. Make him TE coach?

I might make that same face if more changes really do happen


You don't say "No"

to Scott Satterfield. MOC never had a chance.


take stiney w ya when you go !!!!!!

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