Animal Champion Warrior Legend.

Watch these.

Every time I read or listen to Daniel Rodriguez's story, whether it's by Dan Rather, himself or someone else, I'm left speechless.

In high school my teammates and I used to call ourselves Animal Champion Warrior Legends. I'm still not sure how to exactly define that phrase. At the time we thought it was a fitting description for a focused team of undersized kids who trained year-round at all hours of the day to win a state championship.

As I've gotten older, and learned more about the world and some of the extraordinary people in it, that phrase pops into my head when no other combination of words will do. For me, it's begun to define winners in life, rather than just those on the field. Daniel Rodriguez is a decorated war hero with more Bronze Stars than Rivals' stars who's also trying to live a dream and play football. He is an ACWL.


"Ideally Virginia Tech would be the dream, so. I was born and raised a Virginia native, Hokie fan my whole life, so, that'd be the school I want to play for." — Daniel Rodriguez


"I think it's likely that I give an undersized, over the age Army guy a chance." — Frank Beamer

I think every Hokie, myself included, hopes this happens.



I like the term! Very fitting...maybe the Frankenator installs a ACWL award after the spring game....this kid should win the inaugural award. I'd love to see this kid destroy the GT kick returner on Labor Day.

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

I've seen stuff on this man before and, like everyone else, have been thoroughly impressed and amazed at him. Again, like others, I think that he would make a strong addition to the football team and I hope that Beamer truly sees this and is willing to give him a real chance at a spot on the team.

I may have missed it in the Rather piece: does anyone have an idea of when he might get in to VT?

Frank offered him to walk on so I assume he'll be there this summer/fall.

Being the son of a man who's suffered through ptsd for 40 some odd years, I've gotta say he seems to be dealing with it really well. The fact that he's so open and honest about everything speaks volumes. He's been through things the rest of us can hardly understand and his therapy is football. It's really cool.

I am rooting hard for this dude.

Can he get on the field though?

"That kid you're talking to right there, I think he played his nuts off! And you can quote me on that shit!" -Bud Foster

still needs to get

in thru admissions. no one is quite sure how much work he still needs to do to get in.

After a little reading this is how I understand it too.

Basically they (NCAA / Tech) need to determine how much eligibility (if any) he lost while at community college, then he needs to apply to, and be accepted at Tech, then he can walk onto the team.

Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

Somebody buy this man a turkey leg and a beer... And get him on a good football team.


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I was in Bagram watching the feed of that fight, complete nightmare for the guys on the ground. ACWL indeed. Prediction - Wayne Ward II on special teams.