Rejected fans' nastiness a nuisance to recruiters

Every fan base is guilty of this, but just know it's not helping anything. Twitter has made recruits even more accessible to the everyday fan. There are no words:



Absolutely uncalled for

This kind of ignorance is deplorable. Unfortunately this day in age the array of social media hubs grant access to our youth in a very vulnerable way. Even though an 18 year old is deemed an adult they should not be subjected to anything close to this just because they are unsure about their future. Graduating high school is stressful enough for those going for academic/social reasons. Therefore I can only imagine the added stress of choosing a school that will allow one to flourish as an athlete.

As well, recruiting is hardly an exact science. Losing a 4* or even blue chip prospect may seem damning at first. Naturally we all want a top 10 recruiting class with stacked talent. Nonetheless, schools like Tech have done a superb job of getting those "diamonds in the rough" in the likes of Grimm and Coale as of late.

I remember losing out to Stephone Anthony to Clemson last year on NSD. The sting worsened when he made a great play in the first matchup we had in October. However, at no point did I hate the kid for making the best decision for himself. We often joke about Hokies Respect, but when it comes to obvious things like this I think it need be top of mind.

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