Wish List Coach - Todd Washington for O-line

Hearing these rumors of Newsome supposedly resigning at the end of the season (MUST CREDIT TSL), I was doing some research and would LOVE to see the Hokies go after Todd Washington.

He's an assistant o-line coach for the Ravens, a Hokie graduate, was a 4th round pick and spent EIGHT years in the NFL, then went on to coach at the University of San Diego and in the UFL. I think Cornell had non-traditional coaching roots too (maybe Europe?) before being hired. Not to mention, Washington is only 36 and would be another young, energetic coach. Something tells me he is the kind of guy the line can actually get up and play for.


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What are the odds he steps down from an NFL job for a college equivalent? I really hope we have Tony Franklin as OC. If that's the case he can bring in whoever he trusts. However, if Newsome resigns and nothing else happens I'd be content with Washington.

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

He said that the VT hadn't contacted him

over on 24/7, but the way he writes so passionately about VT..i tell you he would prob take a pay cut just to come to VT...sounds like a good dude and he was the OC at San Diego State for a while too...

No, he was the OC at San Diego

not San Diego State. San Diego Torero's....a team that occasionally gets mentioned in March because they play in Gonzaga and St. Mary's conference.


And it was for one year.

I'll do it for 100K and a four year guarenteed contract.

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Can we start this petition now?

#TeamPeanutButter - because your cakes, pies, cookies, and ice creams are better with it!

petition for washington or french? i'd say a petition for either as long as french promises to continue bringing 'french on the bench' .. if not -- i'm out

This guy would be perfect.

What would lure someone like this in is the area and community.
Does he have kids? Blacksburg was just ranked the #1 place to raise a family (based on schools, cost of living, and crime rate).


thats probably because the only crime that happens is from VT football players

Touchdown Tech!!!

against VT basketball players. And vice versa.

Another OL Coach to watch: Jim Bollman

Former OL/OC @ Ohio State for 10 years under Sweater Vest. Beamer has mentioned previously how much he admired the Offensive @ Ohio State under Troy Smith's time.

Currently the OL coach at BC, so he'll be looking for a job soon.


That would be a horrible move by Beamer Co. Read this piece by Ramzy, one of the writers at 11W (my favorite).


It would be like a continuation of the Newsome era.

If Beamer Co. is going to shake up the staff, they can't bring in separate parts. Hire the offensive coordinator first, then let him make staff decisions.

Say for example Stiney is fired, does everyone else on the offensive staff go? Or is that left up to new OC?

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

ouch, I remember a great deal of dischord

...about Ohio State's offense in this era. Specifically, with Pryor, they seemed to have no idea how to do anything but have him run around unscripted.

But, alas, previous performance doesn't have much to do with coach hiring. I offer O'Cain, Mike as example #1.

Another coach to keep an eye on, Joker Phillips as WR's coach?

Are you kidding me?

Trust me Tressel ball would be worse then what we have now. Look at last year when Tressel was gone that team stunk. I live in C-bus and a lot of people here say Tressel was making the Offensive play calls not Bollman

A new season...new hope

Both Washington and Bollman

would be an improvement. Of course, a dead cactus might be an improvement, too. But I think Washington's youth could inject some life into a stagnant situation. Bollman has consistently turned out good lines at BC, even if the rest of the team looked like crap.

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

Bollman's in his first year at BC

...so, those OL's weren't his.

how good a recruiter would he be?

One of Newsome's strengths is recruiting the Tidewater area. Any coach we bring in to replace him needs to be an excellent recruiter who can establish good relations with the H.S. coaches in Tidewater.

Wiley, Brown, Russell, Drakeford, Gray, Banks, Prioleau, Charleton, Midget, Bird, McCadam, Pile, Hall, Green, Fuller, Williams, Hamilton, Rouse, Flowers, Harris, Chancellor, Carmichael, Hosley, Fuller, Exum, Jarrett

What? No...

one of Newsome's strengths was SUPPOSED TO BE recruiting the Tidewater.

he sucks at it. Probably worse than his OL coaching. He brought in Tyrod because he was buddies with Tyrod's dad. Since then, he lost out on a number of 757 kids until we reshuffled the recruiting duties down there to hide him.

Sherman, by the way, the worst recruiter we have. Including Foster.

O'Cain may be worse than Foster as well.

We have three excellent recruiters in Shane, Gray and Stiney. Cornell shows promise, but he's really been under the radar with recruiting and position coaching since he's been here. Foster isn't as bad as he used to be, he really has done a nice job in NOVA the last few years. Wiles is solid, always brings in a kid or two from out of the area. MOC, Sherman and Newsome are awful recruiters....and, notably...the poorest position coaches we have (although there is significant debate about MOC)


Yeah recruiting for VT in the 757 should be pretty friggin easy if you think about it. We've been the dominant football school in the area for a decade now! Why would the best in the area pick another regional school over Tech? He lost countless 4 stars in the past years. I think anyone else could do just as good of a job in that area.

i think the jury is still out wrt sherman .. he helped turn in two very average WR prospects (out of high school) in danny coale and jarrett boykin into:

a) the two best receivers (statistically) ever at VT
b) nfl prospects

will they ever be #1 or #2 receivers? no ... but let's not understate how impressive the two of them were

mike o'cain -- i think he gets a little too much flack .. he'll probably be a scapegoat and should take some of the blame for lt's regression but his playcalling hasn't always been bad and i think that his hands are tied a lot by stiney and frank beamer. people have said it on this and other boards and i'd agree -- typically, you want your OC and QB coach to be the same guy. it just makes too much sense.

as far as recruiting, you're right on with all of your remarks.

No, the jury is not "out" on Sherman. There's no way in hell he should remain after allowing Davis and Roberts to give such pathetic effort, and they aren't being taught proper technique and fundamentals. The success of Coale and Boykin was about what was inside them - not Sherman.

so. . .

all of the blame and none of the credit?

"That kid you're talking to right there, I think he played his nuts off! And you can quote me on that shit!" -Bud Foster

I personally believe....

...that MOC is the OC and that they demoted Stiney to OL coach a few years ago and just didn't announce it. Stiney's OC role is to "gameplan." I doubt he's doing that in a vacuum, so if MOC is helping gameplan and calling plays, he is the de facto OC.

I also believe that hiring a top notch OL coach would probably fix 90% of our offensive woes. Get a good OL coach and any play works.

I also believe that Sherman isn't worth keeping at this point. He did some good work previously, as you mentioned, but the devolution of the WR's this year signals that he has lost his effectiveness and his lack of recruiting doesn't help.

If we only replace Newsome and Sherman this year, which is the most likely scenario, I believe we will improve dramatically on the offensive side.

It's tough to defend Sherman, especially after two of his five-years players haven't quite developed (Dyrell is tougher to be upset with because of the frequent injuries) especially since VT's scheme pre-2012 was so dependent on solid run blocking at that position.

Royal, Morgan, Coale, and Boykin (and until this year Harper) are all on NFL rosters, which is more than you can say about any other VT offensive position though. Still, I think he needs to go. And VT needs to ditch the pistol and go back to what works.

what about the 2* prospects that became nfl prospects?? you don't think he had something to do with that? what about the progress that knowles has made as a redshirt freshman when he wasn't even playing football five years ago?? you can hardly blame marcus davis's performance soley on sherman? the one thing that is kevin sherman's fault though -- is that he didn't get him fixed or benched until now.

as far as the pistol -- they haven't given it a fair shot. it could work with a little time and competent offensive coaches at the helm.

Despite the numbers and guys making the NFL, Sherman would be my first fire, even ahead of Newsome, and it goes back a long way. The Hokie passing tree is abysmal and has been for a long time. With the exception of Coale (and Boykin when he wanted to) the route running of all the receivers has been subpar for a long time. I say Boykin, because I saw him run tremendous double in/posts for touchdowns against several teams, but other games were filled with banana routes where he couldn't get space. Royal, Morgan, Harper, and Hyman all made NFL rosters, yet the passing game was so so except for go routes and screens.

The fact that he has a brutal track record recruiting speaks volumes. I don't know if he has any interest, but I'd love to Antionio Freeman spend more time around the program. With all reverence to Andre Davis, Freeman was the most polished receiver that came out of VT, has a ring, and would be nice to see on the sideline, even as a visitor like Bruce Smith.

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Even more polished than Shawn Witten?

He's the only tech receiver that I know of that had better hands than Danny Coale..everything thrown witten's way was caught...steuwe had good hands too

Have the routes gotten any better this year? I remember for 2010 and 2011 multiple games with zero middle-of-the-field routes

This year is a complete flip. Other than go-routes, everything that they have run with success has been into the middle of the field in the 8-15 yard range. Slants, crossing routes, and skinny posts with Davis essentially boxing out the defender. Miami started jamming up the short middle of the field, and ever since the Hokies pass offense has been limited. Yes, Fuller had great success against FSU, but at the end of the game (when typical coach logic says take away the sideline to prevent the offense from stopping the clock) FSU zoned heavily in the middle 3rd and Thomas got locked on into throwing a pick.

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN

After reading more about Todd Washington, seems very impressive and has made his way up the coaching ranks very quickly, not to mention he's an NFL veteran with a ring (that would help in recruiting). If Harbaugh would hire him after his limited coaching experience, it's probably safe to say that he's impressive:

Washington resigned from the Toreros' program in early 2010 to become the offensive line coach for the Hartford Colonials of the United Football League.[4] In Hartford he worked for head coach Chris Palmer, who was the offensive coordinator during his tenure with the Houston Texans. The coaching staff also included former Texans teammate Dave Ragone. Hartford ranked No. 1 in total offense and No. 1 in rushing yards. Following the 2010 UFL season, four of his linemen signed contracts with NFL teams: Jacob Bender (Carolina Panthers), Colin Brown (Buffalo Bills), Pete Clifford (New York Jets), and Isaac Sowells (Detroit Lions).

Just throwing this out there for the sake of conversation, but what about Eugene Chung? Former Hokie offensive lineman now working as Assistant Offensive Line Coach with the Philadelphia Eagles. Granted the Eagles' O-line has been killed by injuries this year, he's more than likely out of a job after this season once Andy Reid gets canned. Also, his son Kyle is a commit in the 2013 signing class.

I'm here for the memes, I just stay for the football.

good idea

and also, thanks for turning me onto Mitch...

Could create a sticky situation

I hate seeing players playing for their fathers. It puts everybody in a horrible situation, especially if they play bad. No father wants to bench his son, but not benching him comes off as favoritism. Cody Hawkins (QB) started for Dan Hawkins (Head Coach) at Colorado a few years ago. After he graduated, they both said they were at different schools, because of the situation.

It was higher profile as HC/QB, but I don't want to see the offense crumble again.

Beamer did fine when Shane was on the team and Billy Hite's son (Griffin) is currently on the team. It can work.

But I see your point. My brother never plays his best baseball when our dad is coaching.

Good point

Shane and Griffin never were among the 22 starters though. I guess I'm fine with fathers coaching them, but not making decisions on whether they start. If Chung Jr. becomes a stud or never starts then there wouldn't be a problem, but anything in between might cause problems.

I also may have some pent up father coaching issues from my childhood. My dad never got into coaching until I got older, but he coached my 2 younger brothers in baseball, football, and wrestling. He was an awesome baseball and wrestling coach. His football team probably had negative total yardage on the season. I assistant coached for him a few years in baseball (toward several little league championships). I just never got to bask in the glory of being the coach's son like my brothers and several of my friends (I didn't get any playing time handed to me).

Of note...

...both Hawkins the coach and QB sucked.


good point but considering philly's oline play this season ... and more importantly that chung hasn't been coaching very long at all .. i'd say there are better options

i coach my son in soccer and baseball ... fortunately, he's a little stud of an athlete :) .. but to be honest, sometimes he gets the shit end of the stick because of it. i try to go out of my way to not give him preferential treatment if he doesn't deserve it and i'm definitely harder on him than the other kids

as far as chung goes, i feel like we have better options for an OL coach out there, some with more coaching experience. from what i've read, he was the S&C coach (or the asst S&C coach) and was just moved into an asst OL coach role this season ... he wasn't impressive as an nfl'er even though he was drafted in the 1st round. not saying that he couldn't do the job, just saying it's a risky move -- that the staff really doesn't need to take. there are better options out there for OL .. Malone at JMU has coached a pretty decent line from what i've read (at least running the ball), todd washington has considerably more coaching experience, go get the OL coach from Tennessee .. he seems like a good one .. just saying we have less-risky options .. that's all

Pick up the Ravens OC staff?

Cam Cameron for OC, Todd Washington for OL coach....all we need is a good WR coach (one who can drive it into the heads of receivers that they get the job by blocking downfield), move Steiny to TE's only. Ah, it would be a great Christmas gift to Hokie nation.

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.