Streakin' Ain't Easy

     College football contains quite a tumultuous landscape. The mantra, “every week counts” is played to a raspy whisper at this point. However, weekends much like this past where the top 5 are either crashing through the wall or being thrown out on their ass show that one game can make or break you. College football is all about the streaks:  Wins, yards, catches, completions, home, away, conference, out of conference, etc. How else would consistency and quality be quantified in the sport?
    Fans of VT college football are very aware of streaks. Some are uglier than a mud fence (win % vs  top 10) and others a sign of something on the brink (*ten win seasons). Either way, known most for its consistency in coaching and execution on the field, 2012 has become a misfire of the dumpster variety flying in the opposite direction. The chance for 10+ died in Pittsburgh. We all knew it. Most of us denied it, yet no one was quite ready for a 5 and 6 season with one left to go to complete the pick 6, you’re in the bowl mix: game. And that last one has to come against UVa at home?

     It has been 722 days since UVa has scored an offensive touchdown. The last time they won actually helps remind me of my own Class of 2003 Reunion coming up. It’s almost expected. The rivalry has always counted but for many years there it was laughable. Last year seemed much bigger than it was, until the 38 point anvil dropped. This year, the boys up in Paris are doing as about as expected. Clouded in their own loss streak though is how close many of those were. To be honest, finishing off the year with UVa has become almost as welcoming the tryptophan induced coma after a Thanksgiving feast. Matt Schaub was their Mike Vick of sorts, giving them their last true blow for years to come.
     Enter the 2012 UVa Wahoos. Disappointment is nothing new to their fanbase but it seemed things were supposed to go in the right direction under Mike London, last year’s ACC Coach of the Year. Unlike the chest beating and hoopla surrounding last go around, they have absolutely nothing left to lose this year. Not to mention, their traditionally bigger foe is finally within reach to give a deaths knell to the season.
     This is where it gets ugly. One team, our team, is trying to redeem one shred of pride and tradition while the other wants to do everything in it’s power to tear that down. To them, the streak is theirs to upend. Even better is the satisfaction of having a chance to ruin even more than just a season by making ours truly go bowl ineligible for the first time in almost two decades (third highest in the country). Not giving them, wounded with nothing left, the respect they deserve would be foolish.
Then again, it’s UVA.
Boys, may they be the first thing fully lit up to bring us into yet another happy holiday season. Its hate week. Suck it, UVa. 

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When I read "Not giving them, wounded with nothing left, the respect they deserve would be foolish. Then again, it’s UVA." this is the first thing that came to mind:


I just love that this was immortalized on national television.

This kind of stuff makes it hard for me to respect UVA. But I do see your point, because if we go into this game with a "it's just UVA" mindset, we're asking for heartbreak.

With that said, our horrible season will not stop me from making as much fun of UVA as possible this week. It's the second greatest week of the year (turkeyday and UVA hate week, y'all), so I'm gonna enjoy it!

Let's go! #BEATUVA

If anyone here is ok with us losing to uva just to send a message that we need "changes" is getting slapped, 6-6 is awful enough. That is all.


Plus I really, really want some "Decade of Dominance" shirts next year...

Achievement unlocked: All of the Fullers

"Sam Rogers is a college football icon" SB Nation

Thanks Frank!

I would totally buy that!

Inorite? Ever since Joe & Co mentioned them I've been wanting one!

Achievement unlocked: All of the Fullers

"Sam Rogers is a college football icon" SB Nation

Thanks Frank!


The cool thing about this long streak is that each graduating class for the Hokies can say "we beat UVA my whole time at Virginia Tech" and on the otherside its so awesome for UVA to send their seniors off knowing they never beat Virginia Tech.


in the universe must be maintained....UVA must loose!

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

There will be a lot written this week about motivation...

VT needing this game for a bowl, uva wanting to ruin our bowl hopes, etc.

But this game usually has similar or greater motivation. Most of the time, we have needed this game for the division, and they are trying to ruin if for us. A few times, like last year, the winner won the division. I think that has happened thrice.

So this year isn't any different. Our back is against the wall to reach one of our goals. They can spoil it for us. Just execute, run the ball ...tackle...don't turn it over.

Decade of Dominance

T-shirts would be EXCELLENT! I would get one for the wife and all 5 kids as well. Sign me up on the pre-order list. Man, I hope we take care of business on Saturday. Gotta think that Taylor and Tweedy are going to play lights out in their last game at Lane. 10 in a row would be beyond cool!

I might have to buy the shirts for my folks and for my annoying Clemson fan brother too, just so he can use it to wash his car. Married a Klemp$on grad and went to the dark side, so sad...

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