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Maybe I -- we? -- are just spoiled as a fan base from the massive amount of wins and success that we've had over the past 10+ seasons, but it really is a sad thing when I just don't care that this game could have helped us win the Coastal. The loss didn't really affect me like it usually does. Hell, much of the losses this season haven't affected me in that way.

Know why that is? It isn't affecting this team either. If they don't show the slightest bit of frustration after losing ONE game, there is a problem. We've had this conversation several times on this site: OUR GOAL SHOULD BE A NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP. After our first loss, there should have been some recognition by the team that we were out of the hunt. I was beat up after that loss, PISSED OFF at how we got our asses handed to us by a BIG EAST team that lost to YOUNGSTOWN.

I was pissed then because we had lost our chance at what our ultimate goal should be: That precious crystal ball. Since then, we've piled on the losses, all on the road, which we have previously OWNED. The team has shown no willingness to be resilient. They seem not to show much effort, do not execute plays the way they should be executed... Mistakes have effectively killed our season, and seeing the lack of fundamentals demonstrated by this team in areas that used to be strengths (LOOKING AT YOU SPECIAL TEAMS) is extremely disheartening for fans.

The best thing we can hope for now is change. Not necessarily in the coaching staff -- though it would be a preferred outcome -- but in mindset. Go back to the basics. Execute the fundamentals and be responsible for what you can control. If that ball hits your hands, you catch it. Don't worry about hearing footsteps. If you see that hole, hit it. If you have an angle on the ball carrier, MAKE A TACKLE. If you aren't getting blocked, fly to the football. Gang tackle. That's what made us great as a football team, as a defense. Get back to it.

Rant over.

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I think our whole team can take a lesson from Kyshoen Jarrett's play this year. He brings it every down of every game and plays with that passion it seems like the rest are missing.

Against pitt when all signs were pointing to blowout, he came up with one of our best plays this season, if not the best. He gave us a spark that game that we desperately needed.

Even at the end of the clemson game when it was all but over and clemson continued to try to run boyd to score, he was in there every play and even showed frustration when boyd finally scored. Completely out of the game and he was still upset that they scored. I hated that game but I loved that part.

Last night he made a pretty good open field tackle when miami was running the clock out and it seemed like everybody else gave up. He also got juked pretty bad by duke johnson but I'll let that one pass haha.

I think his play this season will earn him more of a leadership role in the offseason/next season, so hopefully he can instill some of that passion in the rest of the gang. Go Hokies!

Love Kyshoen. I agree, he has been a very great player for the defense and has made several outstanding effort plays. Can't wait to see him more as he develops, because I think he's only a freshman or sophomore right now. Correct?

Kyshoen Jarrett

yup, Sophomore!

btw, his name is crazy. I feel the need to google it every time to make sure I'm spelling it right haha.

I just think Ky like KY jelly, then "shoe" then an "n". Works every time.


Kyshoen Jarrett is playing great this year. We need more of him. I wish Kyle Fuller, and Bonnar was playing as sharp as he is.

“I hope that they’re not going to have big eyes and pee down their legs so to speak,” -- Bud Foster

Amen to that.

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the play that palmer and pollack pointed out last night with jack tyler .. he's a player with some heart too ... he ran hard and got duke down after the 60 yd scamper and 3+ missed tackles .. big time play!! force miami into a fg instead of giving up the easy td .. exum has made his mistakes but he doesn't give up on plays either, from what i've seen ... bonner however does

our offense ... shit ... the biggest heart on our offense is a true freshman who is 5'6" and runs the ball like he's 6'5"

Our Biggest Heart on the O

Also hardly ever sees the field. Even after a big time performance just weeks before.

yup I love Jack too! I also

yup I love Jack too!

I also forgot to mention that Jarrett had a pretty good punt return last night when our backs were against the wall. You could tell he was trying to do a pitt repeat.

Apollo Creed

VT needs Apollo Creed to come take us back to the old school gym! VT will get back to where it was sooner or later, hopefully sooner, we will see.

Beamer's probably gonna retire soon, I honestly think that's when the downhill fall starts. Once he leaves questions will rise about Foster and Shane, I don't think both will stay.

Rip his freaking head off!


I think they have also hurt out leadership. BRUUCCEEE was one of the biggest leaders on the D last year before getting hurt, but this year, because he isnt always the best player on the field, he feels reserved about stepping up. Kyle Fuller has the same issue. He's been hurt and getting beat so he doesnt feel capable of stepping up. Antone was struggling at the beginning of the year with a new position and hurting us more than he was helping. May have kept him away. Antoine Hopkins would have been another one, but recovering from an ACL injury isnt easy. Dyrell may also fit into this mold but he's never really been a leader. Marcus Davis is the guy that should be stepping up, but he hasnt. Martin Scales could step up, but he doesnt get enough carries to get people on his bandwagon. It all adds up to a team with no true leaders...

Logan 3:16

And Tariq, who was our best defender last year in my opinion, has barely seen the field at all due to injury.

What has kept him on the

What has kept him off the field of late? I know he came back for the Bowling Green game but I haven't heard anything about him since then.

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Not really sure. Probably just hasn't healed properly. There hasn't been much word about him so I don't know. It really sucks though because Tariq is the man. He was all over the field last year and made so many plays for us. He'll be back next year though, only a redshirt junior!

Woah, I didn't realize this, I thought he was a senior. All of a sudden I feel much better about our LBs next season, Tyler, Edwards, RVD anyone?

And a likely Front 4 of....


If we can get Edmunds moved over the Mike and working in with Tyler and add in a couple of capable corners and Holland Fisher......

By the way, I saw on the depth chart that RVD is at the top of "Outside Linebacker." When did we drop the Whip terminology?


i thought tariq was a senior too ... good news ... mix in mckinnon some ... feel a lot better about that. we lose bruce, ahop, jgw, and that's it right (on defense at least).

our big losses come on the oline. anymore, i'm not so worried about our receivers (having corey fuller for another season would be nice though) .. but honestly, i think that dj coles was better last season and would've been better this season than md7 or dyrell ... and with some up and comers .. i think we'll be much better off next season with the wr corps