Would Marcus Davis had been benched without 'The Vid'?

This is the most disturbing element of the whole thing...

When was the last time we saw a player benched for poor effort? Anyone? I can't recall...

Why now and what does it say about our coaches and the messages they send to our players when benchings occur only when a fan site notes poor effort?

What do younger guys like Dimitri Knowles, Asante, etc. think when they see this?

I'm pissed...

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FWIW -- I'm pretty sure he was being benched before the video was released. The coaches watch hours of film every week. Give them a little credit. They saw the plays in that video long before we did.


He's been playing like that all season, and it's been noticable. I firmly believe that he was benched due to the public outrage that resulted from the video. Honestly, the FSU game wasn't even close to his worst of the season with regards to blocking and effort.

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No way...

I am sure the coaches saw it all season. They evaluate these guys every day. Could it be that 19, 80 and 82 were not better options until pretty much all was lost and all that was left was BC/UVA?

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but his snaps were way down...

..at the end of the FSU game. In the 2nd half, Knowles was on the field a lot.

Excellent Question

I'm pissed off too 1985Hokie. There were several other games, plays, and instances where I saw Marcus Davis half-assing his duties and I didn't need replay or to watch hours of film every week. It's in plain sight so I don't give the coaches a lot of credit.

Here are the two scenarios I see.
1) The coaches finally reacted to Davis's inconsistent play based on their own observation. Which my question to that would be, what the hell took so long?

2) The coaches saw 'The Vid' and heard all the buzz around it and then decided to bench him. Which completely flies in the face of their established stance that they don't pay attention to outside opinions about the football program.

In either case the coaches are in the wrong.


We've seen for YEARS, when defensive players do not perform, Bud sits them and moves on. He does not tolerate it. The offensive coaches apparently do. This whole issue more than anything points to the need to clean house on the 'O' side.

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Another question: will he start this week? Although he made several nice catches, his blocking was still nonexistent and pathetic vs. BC.

Ok obviously Davis is the Division one athlete and I'm a division 1 nothing... but I'm trying to figure out why he doesn't block. There are a number of possibilities, maybe some of these?

A. He doesn't like blocking
B. He isn't physical
C. He is lazy
D. He doesn't give a crap

It is what it is .. MD7 will probably end up being the first 1000 yd receiver from VT .. and still be drafted in the first 3 rounds .. what does that tell you?

He only needs like 140 yards, so it's very possible.

I could be wrong, but I can't imagine him going in the first 3 rounds of the NFL draft. I guess if he tears up the combine some team could take him due to his physical tools, but we've seen that VT's 40 times are often exaggerated.

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