Support the university, not the coaches

I have wanted to see change on the coaching staff for a few years now. The only way Weaver and/or Steger will get the message is if money stops coming in, but like most of you I still want to support Virginia Tech. My solution was to take my Hokie Club donation and give it directly to the school. I encourage everyone who is unsatisfied with the old boys club of coaches paying themselves exorbitant salaries and putting blame for their failures onto a bunch of 18-22 year old kids to do the same until changes are made on the staff. A few points:

1. The university really needs it. Some departments are struggling for money, especially since the recession caused cuts in state funding and losses in the endowment.

2. The money will go to scholarships, academic/residential facilities and research, and not outrageously high assistant coach salaries and bonuses.

3. I know a lot of you have season tickets that you enjoy and don't want to give up. It's possible you can split your donation and still keep your tickets.

4. Hokie Club allows you to earmark your donation for certain sports, but money is fungible and doing so won't really send the message that you're unsatisfied with the football program.

5. The coaching staff needs to be reminded they work for us, the university students, faculty and alumni. They act like the athletic department is their kingdom and its endowment is their personal treasury.

6. It will work, and the subsequent improvement will help the university and all the athletic programs.

I have brought this up before and it seems to make some people really mad. If you think it's a bad idea, that's fine. Don't get mad at me. All any of us want to do is help the university.

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I disagree. I believe the attention/success of the athletic programs help the school monetarily. This is a down year, but I severely doubt the coaches are any more okay with it than we are. I can't imagine the amount of things Bud has broken/drank? this year. Not sure how he lets his anger out...

At the same time, giving to the university is a great thing!

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Great Idea

I think for any of those who have stopped giving to the Hokie Club out of bitterness of the football program (im sure there are some out there) should give what they would have given to the Hokie Club, to the university instead. Just haulting funding to the athletic program out of bitterness just makes you look like a dick (IMO) who just wants football seats and parking passes. Instead you can take that money and still put it to something we all love. Like the posters said above, giving to the university is a GREAT thing.

On a side note, the words Hokie Club is making me hungry for that sandwitch in West End....(insert Homer Simpson drooling)


I guess to extend the idea you could give to the Red Cross or St. Jude's or whatever you choose. I like the idea of supporting the university, especially since I feel I benefited so much from my time there, but there are lots of worthy causes.

I think the key though is to remember that by doing this you're taking a step to help both the university/charity you choose AND the athletic department in the long run, since your action is likely to improve the coaching staff.

And I think I'll go for a red zone at Owens.


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Recent news has been good news

I happen to agree for the most part, but we shouldn't jump the gun with the recent reports that O'Cain and Newsome are on the way out. Obviously, we all want Stiney gone (or at least demoted) and some want Sherman gone, but at this point any change is good change.

If they make the changes (and it seems that they are, thank god), then they're doing the right thing and we, the fans, should continue business as usual. If they don't, then you're plan is a good one.


I have been thinking along similar lines as you articulated in your bullet points.
I think a more Noticeable method of sending a consistent message to the university community would be for fans to boycott all of the stadium concessions during the season. That would include the seat back rental chairs, sodas, food, programs, and even refusing to buy Tech gear at the University Bookstores.
I would even go one step further and urge the SGA to not even sell "Orange/Maroon/White-Out Effect" shirts. Another idea would be for the fans to boycott the Thursday night game, but still conduct tailgating activities.

I especially agree with point #5 - Hokie Nation belongs to all of us, its a partnership among the alumni, the players and the administration/coaches. Lately the coaches have been taking the fan support for granted. We need to start asserting ourselves, make our voices heard, and collectively push back.

Wouldn't mind the demise of the whiteout game but...

I think it is much more realistic to say the fans have been taking the team's success for granted. How does skipping the Thursday night game make me more devoted to my school or my team? It does not.

Better yet, how do I procure coke to mix my bourbon with? I'm not going to waste smuggling space on something with 0% alcohol.

Also... #turkeylegs

Skipping the game demonstrates to the administration that the

fans are restive, a showing of solidarity if you will. I admit that not showing up for a game could be interpreted as punishing the players because fans wouldn't be there to cheer them on, but's its only one game. I concur the fans are somewhat "spoiled", but Beamer does have a habit of dismissing criticism by denigrating the person calling him out.

Concession sales

A good portion of concession sales go to the clubs and other groups running the stands as a fundraiser so it would make zero sense to penalize them.


Is the single stupidest idea I've heard in a long time. Scratch that - second stupidest, behind the guy on Twitter who said we could win in the ACC if we "fire "Beamer, Stinespring, O'Cain, recruiters, and get rid of Logan Thomas".

As stated before, concessions money goes to the clubs/ charities/ organizations who run them.

The German Club sells the programs, and the money made from that goes to funding the Midwinters Dance.

The profits of the official University Bookstores goes back to the school for student-based programs. As stated on the Bookstore website: "The University Bookstore is a non-profit corporation that returns all profits to Virginia Tech for student related scholarships and improvements. Since 1968, the University Bookstore has returned funds valued at over $45 Million for such uses."

The effect shirts are the primary source of funding for SGA. A portion is usually donated to charity, with the rest funding community-based initiatives.

Boycotting the Thursday night game is exactly the kind of thing thats wrong with the fanbase. You say you're a fan, a supporter of our athletic program and players, but refuse to show up and express that fandom? Rather, you take a page from the Maryland fan playbook and just get drunk in the parking lot, turning your back to the very people and community you claim to support.

Those coaches do not work for you. They work for the university and if you think they're thrilled with the way things have gone this season, you're even more delusional than I thought. The coaches don't touch the "athletic endowment" aka Virginia Tech Athletic Fund (VTAF) beyond what is budgeted to them.

By boycotting the things you listed, or even the athletics department in any way, you won't be "asserting yourself" or "making your voice heard" or "collectively pushing back". The football team will be funded in the manner the university sees fit, regardless of what you do. Instead, your boycott would have the seemingly unintended effects of depriving student programs, charities, and other athletic programs while weakening the unity of the Hokie Nation.

If your love of Virginia Tech and the Hokies is so conditional that you would seek to punish our incredible institution after one bad season, then do us all a favor and give up your Hokie Club membership and tickets to someone who deserves it.


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If there is one thing I trust less than the coaching staff, it is the collective wisdom of any university student body. I don't begrudge anyone making choices on how to spend their disposable income, and I know that the thought of having to pay the salaries of employees who do not perform up to the standards associated with those salaries must be frustrating. At the same time, student body protests, boycotts, and other forms of showing displeasure are the act of self important kids who somehow think they have move the needle. Newsflash, you don't.

If the program has a good season next year, Lane will be full. If you don't use or buy your tickets, someone else will. The money you don't spend on a turkey leg means one more for me. Don't kid yourself, unless you are a top level donor, your voice means squat, and any fiscal damage you do to the program will mean less money for capital improvements, travel for recruiting, etc. etc. The coaches will get paid regardless.

This is what will drive change:
1) Frank Beamer decides that this season is unacceptable, and puts performance ahead of loyalty.

2) A majority of the 100K+ donors refuse to donate. I am talking the Mike Vick's, Bruce Smith's, the Byrds etc.

Remember where the program was in 1993. 40,000 people in the stands was a huge deal. There was no merchandising revenue. Even if John Q. Hokie fan spends less, it doesn't put any pressure on Beamer because he brought the program out of the wilderness.

If you really want to make change, use your tickets, support the team in the stadium, and then take the time to understand why they succeed and why they fail, and articulate those issues in every public forum possible. The movers and shakers will move and shake soon enough.

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Very well said!!

It's a great day to be a Hokie!

This argument is inadequate. Lane will likely remain full regardless (next year at least), but if the average hokie club donation of season ticket holders declines even slightly, that will be significant to the income of the athletic department. The majority of annual donations do not come from extremely large gifts.

"The money you don't spend on a turkey leg means one more for me"

This obviously isn't a serious economic argument, unless you think you can personally eat enough turkey legs to replace every single lost sale.

And then you go on to say that a decline in revenue won't get their attention, but careful study and public airing of greivances will? I appreciate the sentiment, I've been doing that for years, but it's not working. The administration cares more about the bottom line than the feelings of any of its employees, including those of legendary coaches.

The problem is apparently Beamer is unwilling/unable to accept that real changes need to be made. If he does clean house this year without any prompting, great, but he hasn't after any of the previous years so I'm not willing to take it on faith that it will happen now.

As for the wisdom of crowds, there is mixed evidence, but it's pretty hard to argue that the crowd is wrong in its negative assessment of certain members of the coaching staff.

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Lane Full?

I don't have the numbers (I don't think anyone does since the university reports nothing but sellouts), but a sellout in Lane is becoming a much looser term these days. The top corner of the SEZ has been empty for a while now, and the NEZ is an embarrassment.

As long as tickets are sold

They can call it a sellout, even if the fans are becoming complacent by either not attending or trying to make money on their tickets and nobody will bite. I remember days when a sellout meant a full house. I will continue to blame the new generations of fans that have started coming in since 2010. That's when I started noticing the attitude shift.

I like this so much

That I tried to +1 it twice.


It's tough to fight for a coaching change, without lessening support for the players/university. The football team is synonymous with the university, whether you like it or not. While the football team does not directly fund the university, it is our university's biggest marketing tool (See the 30% increase in applications Mike Vick's two year tenure here).

I believe Beamer is just as angry as much of the fans are, however, being the head of the program, he knows better than to discuss it publicly. While I do support an offensive coaching change (and I think it will happen) he knows he can't do it mid season. What's he supposed to, trash talk his coaches midseason? That just creates instability within the program. We're due for a bad season, but I'll judge Beamer by his moves over the off season.

Also, no one likes the white out game, but I believe those funds go to support Herma's Readers (I think that's the name?)

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I like that comment saying "I'll judge Beamer by his moves over the off season" a lot. If he doesn't fire at least 2 coaches in the off season, that tells me he is either inadequate and truly ignorant, or has completely given up on his goal for the national title. If that is the case, 2016 can't come soon enough. I do still have faith in him though. I will be one of the last people to write off CFB simply because he made us who we are, so I really hope he can get past his loyalty to make the necessary changes this year.

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Obviously, Frank is old school

You don't air your dirty laundry in public. You don't throw your coaching staff under the bus during the season. Major college coaches are CEOs, and CFB is one of the best at keeping his cards close to his vest.

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You can earmark Hokie Club donations for specific sports too. I'm sure the women's soccer team could use some extra money

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