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I want to get some feedback from you guys, how frequently do you use the list of "Recent comments" in the right sidebar? I find myself using it less and less, in favor of the "What's new?" tracker on the left sidebar, and "Recently Active Forum Topics" on the right sidebar. I was thinking of nixing it and going back to showing 10 forum topics, but before I did I wanted to hear feedback from you guys.




I rarely use it.

Usually just check the the "Recently Active Forum Topics" for new posts.

Same here

Twitter me

Pretty much only use "What's new?"

Has everything in one place.

Logan 3:16

2nd this. I only use what's new.


Thanks for the feedback

Unless I get an overwhelming response to bring it back, I'm going to kill "Recent comments". Also, I will work to improve the "What's new?" page. I know it's pretty raw.

I only use it if I'm checking frequently for a response to something I posted, otherwise I use "Recently Active Forum Topics". It would be nice if "New Blog Posts" were included there too.

I use the 'new comments'

every day to keep abreast. But I'll be perfectly honest, didn't know the 'what's new' link was there. So if others like that, I'm up for a change in operating procedure! Regardless, content is just absolutely magnificent, and I am so grateful for all that you guys do. Thanks!

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Just spent a few minutes with 'what's new' (should have done that before my first post, obviously...) and i'm hooked! Glad to know it's there, and I, like others, prefer it to navigating the 'recently active forum topics' bar on the right. Good lookin' out Joe.

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-Justin Fuente, probably

Gonna agree with all the comments here, the tracker (AKA What's New?) is actually my permalink to the site.

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Thanks Frank!

"What's new?" \ Tracker People

Any improvement you would like to see to it? I'm considering hiding the right sidebar, so the "What's new?" \ Tracker is wider. Thoughts?

Where it says "new" right next to the thread title, could you make that stand out a little more. Cuz when I'm just glancing down the page and a new thread doesn't have any replies yet I sometimes miss it.


Haven't even noticed the "What's New" until I read this post. Now that is all I use.

It's a great day to be a Hokie!

What's New Has Been Updated

There's a new big red button on the left sidebar, and the page itself as been updated. Unread posts are highlighted in red, new comment counts are bold red. Let me know if you like/dislike it, or have any suggestions.


Could you make the # of new comments a link again? It was nice to just be able to click that and have the link take you directly to the new comments, especially on longer threads like the recruiting ones.

Logan 3:16

Great idea.

And it's done.

Hmm, the maroon numbers for new comments are taking me to the comments section, but not directly to the new comments like it used to.

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Thanks Frank!

Yup I'm having the same issue.



Sorry about that guys.

Yay I like fixed things


i'm with some of these guys .. never noticed a what's new button .. it's functionality is nice but you may want to consider moving it out of being crammed in between those left bar things so that people noticed it a bit more

My goal was to make it big and obvious, that's why I went with a wide, dark maroon button. I am going to monitor it's usage, and make it even more obvious if people gloss over it. As we get more and more readers and posters, I am going to have to write a quick usage guide that points out all the hidden bells and whistles.

Thanks for the feedback!

lol, i'm comin for you jmichons!

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All right!

Number 6! Coming up on post/comment #300. And I've been on here less than a year. Noice.

I wonder...

if the big board updates as we post? "This is a test"

YES it does, that's awesome!


Haha, I'm just messing with you. The key is to be commenting on the Football Forums that are up during gamedays. I wager that about 200 of mine have come from commenting on just about every play that we've had since I joined in October of last year.

Well I'm gonna be honest here.

I only posted this so I wouldnt get passed in post count.

Logan 3:16

Woooo Top 20!

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Thanks Frank!

After using the What's New Button

for a few days, I'm finding I like it. I used the Comments previously to take me to updated discussions, but I find I like the big red button better.

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Win one for the Beamer...


Joe - just a thought, and maybe a bad one, but I wondered if the dashboard and new 'what's new' button could scroll with us as we scroll down the page. I ask because I find that I'm using it exclusively now to pop around the site, and on long articles with tons of comments it takes a while to get back to it to move on to the next amazing content or community discussion...
I'm no web designer, and maybe this is a bad look or a coding issue, but I just noticed that you have the real estate for it as the column underneath is always free, and it might be useful to folks.
Thanks again for all you do, and taking the time to poll users for feedback! Hoping to run into you or some of these other community people at the game Saturday (my first this year)!

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Scrolling elements on a page is tricky design (much easier to implement). One of the things I try to do here is keep everything as basic as possible. If I were to scroll them with the page the site might end up looking like gmail-- the sidebars stay put while you read the emails, you focus on a sidebar to scroll within them (long chat lists anyone). I think the site would lose a lot of its current feel for the worse.

However, getting back to the top of the page is important. Personally, I just use my browser shortcut. In Chrome on a Mac I just hit command + up key to jump to the top of the page. I think all modern browsers have a similar shortcut. One thing I could add is a link back to the top of the page, perhaps a small up arrow at the bottom of each comment, or footer of the site.

I definitely appreciate the feedback, so please keep it coming.

If you have a keyboard with a Home key...that works and that is what I use on my computer.

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Home button it is!

Works like a charm. And thanks for the thoughtful reply Joe.

"The TKP community is unrivaled."
-Justin Fuente, probably

Another Suggestion

In regards to the "What's New?" button, is there anyway that you could separate football topics from basketball? I know I'm probably in the minority on this one, but I could care less about basketball, and there is nothing more depressing for me than seeing that something new has been posted, only to be about hoops. If there was a way you could split the two catagories, my short lived excitement followed by depression would be improved.

And If you can't separate the two, could you at least put a denotion as to which catagory a post fits in? (similarly to how on the left side it states what type of post it is)

Logan 3:16


Is it possible to get a basketball schedule button up top? Maybe next to the football schedule button. I know it's a football site and those buttons are football related but it would be very convenient if the bball schedule was up there as well. Just a thought.