Gut Reactions to Georgia Tech

Quick gut reactions to the roller coaster ride tonight in Blacksburg.


Terrific performance up front by the Hokie defensive line. Derrick Hopkins, Luther Maddy (prior to getting banged up) and all four defensive ends were outstanding. That is as well as a Hokie d-Line has played the run against a GT team. Foster had much more confidence in stopping the whole attack, with the DT's shutting down the dive and the outside guys rocking the QB.

The only weakness was pass rush, and at the end of the game you expect Gayle, Collins, and Marshall to get some pressure. At the same time, a position that we thought was deep now has some worries. Maddy was banged up and looked like a one legged man in an asskicking contest on some of those QB draws late in the game. Antoine Hopkins doesn't have much stamina and was basically immobile late. Kris Harley got some snaps, but didn't get low to take on the cut blocks, and Zach McCray got one snap and went a gap over, leaving a huge hole for the dive.

Linebackers played really well against the front, and not so good against the pass. All three linebackers that started tonight are liabilities in coverage, but when GT went pistol, one had to cover and Jack Tyler got the assignment. It is unfair to be critical, but on some of those late crossing routes, you expect your whip, as a hybird OLB/DB to be covering man rather than your warrior but slow mike linebacker. This defense is going to have a ton of trouble against short crossing routes until either Edwards gets back or Van Dyke gets some snaps on passing downs. I would consider removing Tyler, moving Bruce back to mike, and playing JGW at backer in passing situations.

Kyle Fuller was outstanding all night. With one bust in coverage aside, Kyshone Jarrett was nasty in run support. The Hokies used the safeties much more in run support than I expected, and Jarrett really was sharp. Bonner didn't seem to be around the ball much, but that may have been by design.

Antone Exum was absent in run support all night. Repeatedly on quick pitches to the boundary, Exum turned his pads towards the blocker and then absorbed the block. He seemed content eating the blocks, and he got turned out again, and again, and again, and again. When he locked down the go route late in the game, then waved his hand Olajuwon-style, I threw my shirt at the damn TV. That is what you are supposed to do, now make a tackle. Totally out of character, as the strength of his play at safety was run support. Torrian Gray should be so deep in his ass on film study that Exum's breath should smell like a whistle.


So, I think we can all agree that the offense was inept for most of the game. I think, more than issues with players performance, that the lack of identity really reared it's head tonight, as did long stretches of horrendous playcalling.

Until Logan Thomas turned it on late, he really struggled. He didn't look good in the last scrimmage, and tonight it seemed like there was so much motion and so many different formations that his footwork and mechanics went to shit. Even worse from my point of view was his repeated failure to call audibles when GT showed blitz to the play-side. The speed option in the first half really stood out,  and once I get the film, we will document and show video clips of the plays.

At the same time, the coaching staff did Logan NO FAVORS. Georgia Tech runs a 3-4 and kept their linebackers wide all night. They repeatedly blitzed outside the tackles. And, in zone coverage almost every defensive back was within 7 yards of the line of scrimmage. Yet, for reasons only Rich Kotite and Matt Millen may understand, Mike O'Cain repeatedly called short timing routes and slow developing sweeping runs. When Logan ran play action in the 1st half, the dive fake often had holes 6 yards wide. Quick hitting inside stuff was there all night, and when they ran it, both Holmes and Coleman looked excellent. Then, the vertical route to Knowles completely wrecked the Groh scheme.

Offensive line gets mixed reviews. Pass blocking was good, although Wang and Becton had a first half bust and Painter-Via combined for a bust in the second half. Run blocking was good when the play was quick hitting up the middle or some misdirection, but the sweeps just had no chance. Andrew Miller, David Wang, and Nick Becton all had rough nights at different points, especially Miller.

How bad were the "starting receivers?" At different points, Eric Martin and Joey Phillips were getting looks. Dyrell Roberts has to stretch the defense. Marcus Davis has to stop quitting on routes (4 different half-assed efforts in the first half.) The most important factor in GT's defensive success was the unmitigated failure of the starting receivers to stretch the defense. Thank goodness Knowles got to take a shot, and Logan made the throw when it counted. Then, Corey Fuller steps up. Honestly, how many of you would have said that Corey Fuller and Demetri Knowles would be the go-to guys in winning time?

In the first half, I got frustrated with Holmes lack of explosiveness, but boy was he assertive when he got to carry the load in OT. And, Coleman showed the ability to be the gamebreaking counter. While I still think Edmunds would be my guy of the 3, Holmes and Coleman have to get more carries. The pistol is a RUNNING offense, and the play action doesn't mean anything when you throw all the time.


I'm happy with the way the D played except for the missed tackling on that first GT TD run. If I'm not mistaken the D did sack Washington twice.

I actually walked away from that game feeling good. Yes, the offense was atrocious (the wideouts need to learn to catch balls - it wasn't all Thomas' fault, the running game was anemic, and Thomas looked shaky). The defense wasn't as lights out as I was expected based upon the hype.

So with all of that criticism, how am I still able to feel good? They fought. It could be early onset dementia, but I swear I remember a time when a close game like that would have resulted in a loss.

It was the first game of the season. As long as O'Cain and Stinespring can figure out an offensive identity in the next few weeks, they'll be okay.

Now for the nervousness of a game on Saturday. Don't care that it's Austin Peay - it's another really short week.

I feel similiar here...being very surprised at Davis's lack of

hands at different times throughout the game. There is a long season to make needed changes but I thought he would be an easy go to guy all season.

I feel pretty good about it also considering VT will normally get better as the year progresses. I was pleased with the D overall, that triple option is tough for anyone to stop and I expected to see GT get some points. I think our D will look a lot better against other teams who run more pro-style attacks as long as our secondary can stay healthy.

For the first game, against GT, on a big stage, I'm glad we got the win - we were due for a big openning win. This was a must win for our season and I'm glad they pulled it out even though it was ugly offensive play at times.


I thought Holmes did a good job after his first carry when he tried to bounce outside and lost 2 or 3 yards. I was surprised at how little work they gave both Holmes and Coleman throughout the game. Like you said, play action doesn't mean much if they only expect to pass and are going to blitz.

"This is just spectacular... These people are losing their mind. This is beautiful." -Mike Patrick

17 carries between Coleman and Holmes all night, and they were excellent EXCEPT when Logan didn't audible out of a wide run that was going right into a blitz.

I think everyone is being kind of light on Logan. Yes, the receivers did not get much seperation, but he was still throwing high frequently (he is lucky that he didn't kill Davis on the skinny post completion in the first half.) And, last season we saw Logan repeatedly audible out of plays when teams showed blitzes into that zone. Last night, he seemed oblivious to it. I kept looking at my girlfriend saying "they are blitzing strong side", always outside the tackles. Logan looked at them, and then ran the play anyways. With the OLB out wide, the OL has no angle to handle them unless it is a kickout play. The speed option was really the point where I thought to myself "he looks like he is in a fog."

Luckily, when they got into the 2 minute offense, everything woke up, including Logan's arm and head. Perhaps because they run their top 10-12 plays that Logan is comfortable with? BREAD AND BUTTER FOLKS!

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I agree that Logan looked shaky out there.

As far as the audibles, could it be possible that on certain offensive plays and formations, he was told to just run the play called and not audible? Not because of his abilities, but perhaps because the rest of the offensive is getting used to the system under game speed. Just a thought.

Here we go again...

First game of the year and my Bryan Steinspring hate is already at midseason levels. Can we please get an identity for our offense? It's like he's throwing darts at a play sheet up in the booth. Please god, the only thing I want in this world is for Steingspring to be fired.

Rant Hill

Hypothetically, let's say we fire Stinespring or O'Cain. Then what? The Frankinator hires another offensive coordinator, or more than likely, promotes another from within to run his conservative offense. The offense by design is meant to complinment the defense. That won't change unless we get a head coach committed to scoring gobs of points. Mike Leach, Holgo, etc... run their entire practice around scoring points, it's a top-down change that starts with how you practice, to who you recruit, to how you calls plays.

However, this doesn't excuse the play calling. We didn't do a good job running the ball and working play action either. I agree with French, the middle (A-gaps) were there for the taking, but we kept going outside as a result of bad play calls, and bad reads. The wide receiver screen was begging to be a pick-six.

Finally, there are better websites to rant about the coaches being fired.

in a perfect world, fridgen

In a perfect world, fridgen would be OC. Key phrase being "in a perfect world". I think the destined OC will be shane unless he becomes HC first (different topic altogether).

That being said the biggest offensive worry I have is the amount of QB sneaks we keep running. Yes, I know LT3 is our focal point this year and he is 260lbs, but every man has his (physical) breaking point. I would rather have a healthy LT3 running our offense at the expense of a more conservative QB sneak percentage, then keep trucking him up the center 50-60% of the time and risk Mark Leal running the offense due to injury.


If you're going to hate on someone, at least know what the hell you're talking about. The man's name is Stinespring. And as of last season, Stinespring does weekday offensive scheming and coaches from the field while Mike O'Cain is play calling from the booth.


Stiney was in the booth for this game actually. But the hate is unneccessary regardless.

Logan 3:16

My hate is reserved for Sean Glennon

We can blame him, right?


Thanks for correcting that - couldn't tell where he was from the stands. And agreed that it kind of doesn't matter for these purposes.



Game 1 in the books and again it looks like O'Cainspring can't get enough of the WR screen. It was like watching a replay of the UNC game from last year.

I'm guessing there were multiple exchanges like this in the war room:

O'Cain: "Coach Stinespring, I'm thinking we should attack GT's soft safeties with some vertical plays followed by a solid running attack, which will open up PA passes..."
Stiney: "Of course!! Wide reciever screens all night then!! We're gonna beat this team 1.5 yards at a time! They'll never have an answer for the WR screen!"
O'Cain: "I'm not sure you understand what I mean, coach..."
Stiney: "RUN THE WR SCREEN, DAMNIT!!! And when you're done with that screen, RUN ANOTHER GODDAMN SCREEN!!!! We're gonna screen 'em until they don't know their asses from their elbows! SCREEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"You know when the Hokies say 'We are Virginia Tech' they're going to mean it."- Lee Corso

You must have not followed ocain's history much. WR screen is his favorite play. During his tenure at Clemson a large complaint was no offensive identity. I don't see it getting better. What happened to all the pistol stuff from scrimmages?

I will have to go back and track the plays, but it seemed like they were around 40% pistol in this game. The no huddle and quick to the line stuff was what was missing, and early on, even though they were moving the ball, I thought Logan was making poor reads deciding to keep instead of give to the dive man. Before the GT defense started shutting things down, the dive back would hit the hole and there would be miles of acreage in front of him. Holmes and Coleman should be combining for 25-28 carries a game, especially between now and the UNC game.

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out of curiosity...

do you think they moved away from the no-huddle in order to eat up time of possession?

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They were excellent at those screens last year, and they basically told the D when the screen was coming by lining up in the I with twins to the wide side of the field. The reason the screens were so effective is that the blocking receiver also could fake a block and blow past the cover guys, who are flying forward to cover the screen. The deep threat had to be respected.

Last night, O'Cain didn't test Georgia Tech deep except on 3 throws. GT's DB's stayed in zones with the safeties heels 7 yards deep. Because that threat was not shown (fake screen, over the top), as soon as they went twins, the entire secondary was coming forward. It just wasn't there.

Run middle either from the I, ace, or Pistol. Preferably quick veer dives. Then go play action. As soon as O'Cain saw what GT was doing, that should have been the game plan. When he finally woke up (the Journell missed FG drive), it was almost too late.

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my less technical gut reactions from a drunk dude in the stands

I felt like early on, Logan didnt trust the RBs because he never handed it off on the option plays. Logan was throwing high all night. The O was absolutely stagnant for the middle two qtrs (did we go for -6 in the 3rd?) Corey Fuller had the game of his life. The D played their hearts out, but GT's D played great too for most of the game. JMU Hokie is right, this is a game we would have lost a few years ago.

And to the lady behind me who kept yelling for Journell to miss kicks and that "a team with criminals doesnt deserve to win" but who was still wearing a 2012 orange effect shirt: Stick it up your ass!

phew, what a game, sex drugs and college football amiright?

"That kid you're talking to right there, I think he played his nuts off! And you can quote me on that shit!" -Bud Foster

Play calling

Stinespring and O'Cain looked like Tweedledee and Tweedledum whenever the cameras zoomed in on them in the booth. It really is sad how long now this program has went without having quality play calling. They made Al Groh look like a defensive mastermind.

Think they should have stayed with JC when he had the hot hand in the 4th quarter. The TE call in the end zone worked, but why the 2 yard routes going wide to the big slow guys when we needed to be throwing down field late? I like the slant patterns and we got a lot of yardage after the catch on those.

The third and Logan or should I say first, second, and third Logan was predictable. People are on to that now as evident by the results. Glad we got the win though and got the first game, big game out of the way on the right side of the scoreboard. Now we can eat our vegetables (Peays on Saturday) and continue to get better before the next real test.

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Logan is being sent to the line of scrimmage with options. He needs to audible out of plays based on what he is seeing. I believe several of the playcalls that TKPers have been critical of should have been audibled out of by Logan at the line of scrimmage. Some film study of this game will be very beneficial I think.

Who cares if it was predictable

It was the safest option we had, and if we didn't get it, then Journell had a FG that was shorter than an extra point to make. Play calling at that point was pointless, because the more fancy we would try to get, the greater the likelihood of something like a turnover occuring.

Logan 3:16


1. Marcus Davis needs to work on his hands, and he can't give up on plays. He's had trouble with his ball skills since he's been at VT - frankly, he almost looks suprised when he catches the ball cleanly. He dropped a WR screen that would have been a 10 yard gain and he was flapping the ball all over the place when he fumbled. Dyrell Roberts dropped a ball too. Logan was high all night, but there were 3 balls that should have been caught. I miss DJ being healthy.

2. David Wang truly looks like a bowling ball. I'm not sure how he blocked.

3. I think Michael Holmes and JC Coleman will both be very good.

4. I still want to see Martin Scales demolish somebody.

5. Kyshoen Jarrett looks small out there, but he's got a heavy shoulder. I was liking what he was doing in run support.


He looked like a fish out of water at corner, just uncomfortable. I wonder if he'd rather be back playing safety. I thought he was good in coverage, although the Bees didn't push him much. There were a few plays where he'd come up in run support, and just looked hesisitant to make the tackle. To me, it looked like he was using his outside arm to defend the sideline, and the cutback, rather than make the stick. Whether, that's by design, I don't know, most of the time he had help though, and Bruce or Tyler would come in and clean up the mess.

He would run forward, and then just seemingly let the guy block him. It made no sense. You are the fastest guy on the team. Shed the block and make a play. If he needs lessons, he should watch Kyle Fuller on every play. Even though Fuller missed a tackle or two, you did not see him getting blocked.

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The DBs were told to respect the option pass, which GT only did once, and because he stayed home, Kyle Fuller was in great position. If Fuller and Exum wanted to shed blocks and attack the A-Back pitch, they could have every single time. Instead, they literally stayed in the hip pocket of the WR, in the event they took off on a go route for the A-Back to heave a duck to.

offense looks a little shaky

But don't worry. I remember LT had a bad game last year. Then the next game he went 23/25 with 5 TDs.

Defense did their job, was fun to watch at times. Need to use our RBs more.

This morning

I was getting a cup of coffee and we called a WR screen. It didn't work.

I feel like I've been beating a dead horse on this since the 07 Orange Bowl but the play calling repeatedly has taken the team out of games. It doesn't matter how well you execute if the strategy is bad. For two solid quarters the team abandoned what was working and the results speak for themselves. The ability to call a balanced game that capitalizes on a defense's weaknesses just does not exist in Blacksburg and some serious decisions have to be made if that's going to be fixed. It might mean losing a friend or two for Beamer, but he's a highly paid professional not a rec league flag football coach. And the stuff about continuity being important to recruiting is bogus. Winning is important to recruiting.

And to preempt the coaches blaming lack of execution for the offense's struggles, how about they also look at the insanely awesome execution at key moments that led to the win. They can't blame execution for their failures in this one.

I also feel like the team's preparation is lacking and has been for a long time. Last year against Boise they simply weren't ready to play. Most of the team looked like that tonight too. Frank changed his bowl prep when he realized it wasn't working and I think he has to do something similar with the preseason.

The team deserves a lot of praise though. They were intensely gritty. The defense was literally eating bags of sand like cereal they were so goddamn gritty. Logan Thomas is a leader and had the confidence to bring the team back even when he had had a shaky performance. WTF did Fuller come from? He will be an NFL receiver. Knowles got one at bat and knocked it out of the park. That was one of the best catches I've seen.

Boise 2 years ago

Agree on all points except one -- Boise was two years ago haha.

I loved the defense. Without the front 7 not allowing any big plays by their option, except for the QB counter draw that allowed Washington a 20+ yard gain.

Also, I loved the Knowles catch. It was a beautiful pass and catch. I was so frustrated with the game up to that point and so tense that when I saw the replay of Sweeting practically tackling Knowles and him still making the catch, my reaction was as follows:

*jump off couch*
*proceed to put up middle finger*

Knowles catch was an absurdly beautiful throw, especially after Logan had underthrown a couple of deeper passes and it was in a high pressure situation.

The defensive line was tremendous against the run. The lack of a 4 man rush was a bit of a letdown, especially from my guy The Million Dollar Man (but boy were him and Maddy wrecking it against the dive.)

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN


I have to say for the first game I am not really surprised at the outcome. Part of my hoped because of the hype on defense and LT3 being back with good receivers we would blow them out. It is hard though to do this when we don't have a set running game. How can we expect for anyone to get a ground game going when are swapping out the backs? At the most we need to play 2 backs and we need to set the times we use them so that they are prepared for those specific circumstances. I thought we were opening the playbook this year? Did we only move on to page 3? There were some obvious issues on D with cardio and players playing without focus but I know Bud will have that all ironed out. Biggest thing to me is that when something was working on offense we started to change it up and call the wrong plays. The offensive play calling issues need to stop.


I think the stamina issues with the D was more of a result of our O not being on the field enough. I think i heard we had -7 yards of offense in the 3rd quarter. Throw in that 7-8min drive by GT in the 4th...thats a ton of time on the field for them.

Hyping up Hokie Nation one video at a time.

Agreed. You could defintely see the wear and tear on Tyler. On the DL, the tackles may have been worn down (Maddy got dinged, and Antoine, Harley, and McCray were ineffective, so you had a one legged Maddy and a beast yet dead tired Skip Hopkins down the stretch.

At end, Wilson, Marshall, Gayle, and Collins went about 50-50. They should have been ok. Expect to see a ton of the ends standing up against Clemson this year.

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN

Totally agree. At halftime we were winning TOP 17-13, at the end of the game, we were losing it 25-35. That means in the second half, GT's O was on the field for 22 minutes vs our 8. That shit is unreal.

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Thanks Frank!

my gut reaction is that i am pissed off that espn3 decided to black this game out. i had to listen to the entire fucking thing on 106.7.

it *sounded* like the defense played well, except letting the second coming of reggie ball drive in the 4th and that the offense kept fagging off.

I took my Keydet dad to watch his first game at Lane in 35 years. We witnessed the first OT from row X of section 9 in the East. What a game! The D played their asses off and didn't give
up the usual huge GT run. Hell, their QB didn't rush for a TD this year. I expected a tight game, but not going into OT. Thought we'd finally exploit the field position the D slugged it out for so many times, in the Second Half.
Yes, the offense looked ragged, but I didn't expect them to pickup where they left off. I do see great things coming from our new HBs and WRs. Knowles' first reception was a deep TD pass! Wow!
I firmly believe that the best this team has to offer will be seen in October and beyond. The rest of our September schedule is manageable and we should be able to iron out some major wrinkles.

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If I'm not mistaken, didn't O'Cain spend games in the booth last year and Steinspring stay on the sidelines last year? Last night we saw them both in the booth. Play calling last year was at times bad, but better than last night. I'm wondering if having tweedledee & tweedledum together gives you the lowest common denominator in play calling.

And a side note...I hope Luther Maddy's girlfriend lays a big wet kiss on the big fella, cause he deserves one.....he played one heckuva game. Outside of a couple of plays, nice job on D guys!

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

Playcalling and Things

Ditto about the playcalling. The final drive of regular time when LT3 throws the ball to Ryan Malleck for gains of 3 and 1 yard when we are trying to march down the field? WTF was that?! Since when is Ryan Malleck a threat to break down the field for a big gain when he is blanketed in coverage. No disrespect to Malleck but seriously, WTF is that?

In other news, JGW nearly decapitated Tevin Washington and it was nothing short of awesome. A job well done to Knowles for catching that ball; what a way to record your first collegiate catch.

Kyshoen Jarrett deserves bigtime kudos, as French pointed out. The kid lays the wood, although I could do without the extracurricular celebrations. You made the tackle, that's your job. Now stop pounding your chest and act like you've done it before.

Finally, great job by the Fuller Bros. Corey Fuller was, without a doubt, the most valuable wide receiver. Between big catches, YAC, and falling on the MD7 fumble, I was equally impressed and surprised. Kyle Fuller, save the one play in the 1st quarter (I think. 16oz budheavy bottles are deceiving), did a bang up job.

Coaches: Watch the tape, make adjustments, and GET YOUR ISH TOGETHER!!!

AJ Hughes

Good work. While you were mostly responsible for the field position that led to GT's first touchdown, you did a commendable job punting in Lane, especially considering you played High School football last fall. Need to work on hangtime, though.

Hard to catch a snap

That's 3 feet over your head.

Logan 3:16


the snap wasn't good, but it hit him in the hands. Gotta make that play.

I do agree he did well for a true freshman punter, otherwise.

Row Z forever.

actually it wasn't 3' over his head.

it was right off his fingertips, and he didn't even bother to jump so that is on hughes.


It's not fair to put that all on Hughes. The snap was definitely high. If he's able to pull it down and get the punt off, then it becomes a great play by him. It's the type of play I'd hope an experienced veteran punter makes, but not a true freshman making his first start.


It looked like the ball came to the top of his head, and he was standing. Should've had that. It's a little high, but not much.

Play of the Game

Demitri Knowles TD with the defender on his arm?

any other nominations?

Hyping up Hokie Nation one video at a time.

JGW's Wrecking Ball

Even though it wasn't a sack, that play got me so hyped. Washington got himself JACKED.

how bout corey fuller dragging defenders on 4th down to get us in field goal range. or his bro's int, that was an all time moment in lane.

"That kid you're talking to right there, I think he played his nuts off! And you can quote me on that shit!" -Bud Foster

My Perspective

Logan looked up and down all night, mainly down through the first 3 quarters. Sailing balls, underthrows, etc. I thought he was just jittery in the first quarter and maybe he would settle down, but it never seemed that he did until late in the fourth when he made 2 or 3 good throws. Maybe it's a combination of him and the receivers not gelling but it seemed like it was more about Logan making bad throws last night. I hope he will correct that and with upcoming games against AP and Pitt, I think he and the receivers will get a little better.

The defense won this game for us in my opinion. They stopped GT early and played well overall. I don't expect any defense in the NCAA to totally shut down Paul Johnson's offense, and I expected to see GT put up about 17 points which they did exactly. The offense was a let down overall as usual (some things never change). But, it appears we have good weapons on the offensive side and I think they will improve as the year goes and hopefully we will stay as injury-free as possible.

Besides the missed snap by Hughes early and the missed field goal, the special teams looked pretty solid. But, those two mistakes made were critical and could have easily cost us the game. Beamerball is almost nonexistent anymore, but you would expect VT special teams to be good overall. I wouldn't call them that from last night's performance b/c of the two big mistakes. I'm hoping those may be two of very few mistakes they will make this season. But I though Hughes did a great job punting when he caught the football which makes me feel a lot better than last year.

I hope to see us pound AP pretty hard next Saturday and get Logan and Co. some rest and let these younger guys get some reps.

Go Hokies!

We actually came pretty close

To blocking a few kicks. The difference was this time around the D wasn't getting roughing the kicker penalties. I guess it was a bit more conservative approach at a block, and I think by season's end we'll have blocked a couple kicks this year. It's not just sending everyone wrecklessly at the kicker like last year.

Logan 3:16

I think that you are right about us getting a couple blocks before the end of the season. We need to get back to playing great special teams all around - great punting, kicking, returning, etc. I think we will be in at least a couple more real close games this season like unc, Clemson, and fsu. Special teams play will be critical in those games for us to win.

Play of the Game =

LT3 to Fuller on 4th down at the end of regulation to set up the game-tying field goal. Pure clutch on both ends.

LT3 definately CLUTCH!

looking for improvement

Its an old coaches saying that a team makes the most improvement between the first and second games of the season. Overall I'm happy with how we played, especially considering I thought this would be a defensive slugfest (it was). We can definitely improve lots, particularly when it comes to QB-wideout chemistry and Oline dominance, but that comes with time and in game experience. I'll be looking for this team to take massive strides this week, and for us to be a well oiled machine once we get into the meat of our ACC schedule.

a W is a W no matter how ugly. and to start the season at 1-0 is always a plus (something that has become a rarity for us in past seasons)

Oh hi

Nothing much to say that hasn't been said already other than I really really really hope they give LT a chance to shine and be all he can be. Playcalling has got to change. Just feels so futile talking about it after the last decade of this crap.





the worst was when espn called scales' number but it was actually holmes who carried. damn shame.