Early Lookahead: Ohio State's Roster and Depth

Yesterday, Tribune reporter Teddy Greenstein published a story about two-time Tribune Silver Football winner Braxton Miller. There were quotes from Miller which made it seem like he was still deciding whether or not to return to Ohio State for his senior season: http://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/college/silverfootball/ct-spt-1213-....

"It's tough; I just don't know," Miller said of the stay-or-go decision. "I really have to sit down and go through the pros and cons. I'll talk to my parents, take it slow. Hopefully ball out on January 3rd and see what the scouts are looking at."

Miller is wary of exposing himself to the kind of injury he suffered in September, a sprained left knee. He attempted 153 rushes this season (down from 227 last year), averaging 16.5 in the Buckeyes' final four games. He said he's "getting tired" of the pounding and is well aware Ohio State will lose four senior starters on its offensive line.

Yes, the only returning starter along tOSU's front-five is soon-to-be junior right tackle Taylor Decker. Sensational running back Carlos Hyde is also a senior. Backup QB Kenny Guiton is also a senior, as well as H-Back Philly Brown. The Buckeyes top-4 receivers are all underclassmen. However, if Miller leaves, the offense will be in rebuild mode.

The only two senior starters on the defense are the pair of safeties C.J. Barnett and Corey Brown. Although, junior linebacker Ryan Shazier was a USA Today First Team All-American and could declare early too.

It's not even 2014 yet, but I feel much better about this matchup knowing what Ohio State will, and may have to potentially, replace.


When is the deadline for declaring?

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January 15th, but if he signs an agent and declares beforehand, it is pretty much set in stone. He can declare, and then back out if he does not sign an agent.

Five minutes after I wrote this.

Hopefully going against Anthony Barr in the bowl game will be a good learning curve for dealing with Shazier if he comes back.

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If he's smart, Braxton will declare for the draft this year. Losing the OLine will expose him to injury and I doubt that tOSU is going to be high in the rankings next year anyway.

I think i preferred Kenny G at QB. Too bad he is a senior. I think Braxton will stay. The CB Roby is leaving early.

Me too


Hahaha well played

Can we get some Kenny G at halftime?

I don't think they'll be in rebuild mode if Miller leaves. Guiton played spectacularly earlier this season in relief of the injured Miller. I think he'll go and they'll keep rolling.

That is only if Braxton gives Guiton an extra year or eligibility next season, Kenny Guiton is a senior. He will be at the game next year but as a GA.

A new season...new hope

Really? Wow, I didn't know Guiton was so old.

I personally would love to see Miller leave. He is like the Maryland QB and will give our defense fits. There defense is suspect but I would put money on them boat racing us with Braxton. The good news is if he does leave there is no one behind him or at least no one proven behind him.

A new season...new hope

Teddy Bridgewater is reportedly thinking about staying, so that would be 1 less QB taken infront of Miller if he leave this year. Maybe that will encourage him to go.

EDIT: I realize its probably not a very high percentage Teddy stays


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From what I've read, OSU fans think he'll stay ( I think most of us do as well) but the one thing they mention is him having a child and that they wouldn't be shocked if he declared to provide. Also, like it's mentioned above, he loses 4 of his lineman and other key players on offense so not only would his protection be worse but realistically, they probably don't make a National Title run like this year. (Surprised by a humble prediction by some OSU fans. ha)

Most of the fans seem to think that JT Barrett will be the next starter if Miller leaves. I remember him being a big time recruit. Typical Urban Meyer QB.

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One guy mentioned him, but a bunch of guys were high on Barrett. And yes that quote was referenced too. lol

I guess it's sort of like us debating about Leal/Motley/Hodges/Ford. No one will know until spring or possibly next fall about who will start.

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We do

Our DL and LB's are my biggest worry for the game. OSU has the O-line talent even with new starters. I think we will keep it respectable in the shoe but 2015 is when we take them.

Let's just beat them twice like we did to Nebraska and leave them crying delicious tears of sadness.

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Lets not forget that our defense will be rebuilding or hopefully reloading..the secondary should be better but DL and LB will replace a ton of aged talent.

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I'm a lot less concerned about the DL than LB. With how well Williams and Baron played in limited action this year, I think we'll be alright there. We may not be as deep and we won't have Manbearpig, but we'll have a DL situation that most teams will envy.

Dadi has been a force this season at times, but he needs to show he can be an every down player. The potential is there, and the games reps haven't been available with Gayle and Collins in front of him, but I want to see him dominate rather than assume the transition will happen.

Some of his liability plays were ugly. I'd hope it's simply anxious inexperience, especially the huge 15 yard momentum swinging penalties.

Kids got that spark though. He could easily become an ESPN darling.


I have confidence that, with the quality coaching available to him, he will get the training he needs.
He doesn't lack for the stuff that can't be taught.

Still, we've seen more good things out of him than any of our new linebackers. Mostly cause we haven't really seen much of anything out of the linebackers.

With Ekanem and Marshall will he be needed to be an every down player next year? He is exciting to watch because of his energy, but can't next year just be another bring along season for him and then senior year is when he puts it all together?

Both of them are likely starters if Wiles does not have confidence in Nicolas. Matt Roth and Justin Taylor may push for some playing time as well. I think I have heard good things from the coaches periodically about Taylor FWIW.

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Justin Taylor left the team after Spring Ball. He either transferred or quit; don't remember which. Roth played in 4 games, I think, before suffering a head injury. He hasn't played in a long time, and is no guarantee...

Dooley is the one to watch out for. he is 6-5" 250 and can move. apparently, he was a beast this past season on the scout team...

If Marshall comes back and is 100% committed he can be a beast. I hope that happens. While I'm putting my wish list together, it'd be great if Kris Harley worked his way out of Wiles' dog house and dominated on Saturday's like he does during spring and summer open practices.

That's what I was speculating with regards to Marshall. If he can be the player we think he can be (same goes for Ekanem), then that is a solid starting DE combo so Dadi can just come in and be the player maker role. Having Dadi and Harley on the field at the same time would probably drive opposing OLs nuts. Their motors are relentless and would be amazing to watch.

Harley would be a very nice complement to Maddy-Nigel-Baron. That would allow us to slow-play Walker and Nnadi (hopefully) as the situation dictates.

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If Nnadi commits, he should see early PT as well. Maddy, Marshall, Williams, Baron, Dadi, and possibly Ricky Walker and Vinny Mihota too hopefully go along with Nnadi. That's a heckuva DL if you ask me.

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Bud foster always reloads, Im not as worried about the D as some people

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I felt like we were more physical this year than last year. Hopefully, we will carry that over into next year. If we can get any semblance of a inning game going I think our WRs will compete well against the Buckeye Secondary.

I can't wait for this game. I'll be up at the horseshoe come September.

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VT will be in replacing a 3 year starter at QB, his second college start in the HorseShoe is going to be big test. Not sure if counts as rebuilding since our running backs and WR's come back. Hopefully they continue to develop.

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He will stay, and I believe we will look different against him than we did against some other duel-threat QBs in the past:

Braxton Miller to return, Ryan Shazier to go pro

The good news is that Braxton Miller will be returning to Columbus for his senior season in 2014, as a source told CBSSports.com's Jeremy Fowler that Miller has already informed Ohio State coaches of his plans. Which means the Buckeyes will get the leader of their offense back, and we know at least one of the names that will be mentioned as a Heisman candidate next season.


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yeah I was afraid of this...with an entire off season to prepare I expect CBF to put together a good plan and make sure the players know their jobs. We're going to need our offense to improve to have a chance in the game, but I think we can take some solace in the fact that OSU's defense doesn't look overly impressive.

As long as we don't get burned on ST I think we have a good shot in this game. We've all seen what we can do when we have a whole off season to prep for an elite team.

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If a tree falls in Scott Stadium does it make a sound?

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Noah Spence will also be serving two more games of a suspension to start next year.

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True Hokies STICK IT IN!!!

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LB Mike Mitchell to transfer from Ohio State back to home state of Texas to be closer to his dad. This leaves OSU a little light in the backer position.

Mitchell leaving OSU

Braxton Miller is apparently undergoing arthroscopic surgery on his right shoulder (his throwing shoulder). Nothing major though. Just thought I'd mention it.

Source: Surgery

We need to revisit and update this thread in August.

But then it would just be a look at their roster and depth.
This is an EARLY look at their roster and depth.

That would still be early, perhaps this should be early, early.

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What does this have to do with basketball?

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