Tyrod, a starter in 2013?

Peter King is suggesting the Ravens could let Flacco go due to cap reasons, leaving the door open for Tyrod:

So in my scenario, Baltimore passes on matching. Then the Ravens take the sixth pick in the 2013 first round and fortify the aging defense with the best linebacker or pass-rusher. Then, I'd assume, the Ravens would try to acquire a veteran quarterback in exchange for a mid-round pick (Alex Smith?) or a late-round pick (Matt Flynn?) and also draft a rookie, so that there would be two QBs in camp to compete with Tyrod Taylor for the starting job. The Ravens with two addition first-round picks over the next two drafts ... a dangerous proposition considering what a strong personnel and scouting staff Newsome oversees.

May not be a bad idea, considering the impact of Wilson, Kaepernick and RGIII last year.

Here's the link: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/nfl/news/20130211/monday-morning-quarte...

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While I would love to see Tyrod starting for the Ravens. I think the chances of Baltimore not retaining the Uni-brow Kid somewhere around 0.0000001%


Did Peter King bump his noggin?


Would it make a difference?

RIP Stick It In

There may be riots in the streets of Baltimore if they let Flacco go after being Superbowl MVP. As much as I love Tyrod, I can't see this happening.

It was a catch

Would anyone really notice if people destroyed baltimore? Its already shitty

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If you get off the Highway in Baltimore.

Goodluck finding it again. Difficult to get directions from a clerk whose whole store is behind a 2 inch thick bullet proof barrier.

Haha I'm pretty sure I've been to that gas station.

It is a pain to get back on the highway for sure.

3rd and 10=QB sneak


If by "that gas station" you mean all of them, yes you've been to that gas station.


What? No way....

There is no way the Ravens don't re-sign Flacco. He just won them the Super Bowl and will be the face of the franchise once Suggs leaves (I think he takes over for Ray as the "team leader" for a few years before he retires/is released). Flacco will get an enormous deal because Bischotti is no fool. He knows that Flacco's play was a major factor, along with the obvious goal line stand, in winning the title this year. Newsome can try to manipulate the cap all he wants- if they jettison him there may
riots in Baltimore.

That being said, I think Tyrod will eventually be traded or released from the Ravens. When Flacco inks his deal, Tyrod will essentially have little, if any, chance at ever starting a full season for the Ravens. The only way he earns the starting role with Baltimore now is if Flacco goes down with a major injury, forcing Ty in and him leading the Ravens to a near undefeated season with VT Vick-esque play. THEN maybe they start him over Flacco the next year but the odds are not in Ty's favor. I actually see him going to the Jets at some point: they loved him at the combine and wanted to take him but at the time Sanchez was winning playoff games and had them in two consecutive AFC Championship Games with a reliable backup in Brunell who played well whenever he got in the game. Rumblings on our side of the fence are that Rex wants to acquire a mobile QB and if Ty becomes available then they will pursue a trade with the Ravens (mid to higher round draft pick plus one of our three QBs- probably McElroy) or just wait until his rookie deal is up and offer him a larger contract than what the Ravens will pay plus the real opportunity to win a then-recently vacated starting spot. I've also read somewhere that KC would explore a trade for a young, mobile QB and Tyrod fits that to a 'T.' A dark horse team could be the Giants- their backup is David Carr, so I bet Tyrod would be an upgrade there if no team wants to give him a shot as a starter, but something tells me he will get a shot to earn a starting job in training camp somewhere in the next few years.

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If Tyrod starts anywhere, my money is on the Eagles. There's rumors of Vick going to the Jets and Nick Foles doesn't seem like the prototypical Chip Kelly offense. Tyrod could do big things in a high tempo offense like that

No way Vick goes to NYJ

The Jets brought in Marty Mornhinweg this offseason, who was recently the OC in Philadelphia. He runs a West Coast system and Vick is the antithesis of a West Coast QB. Vick only had one good year in Philly, and Reid had not released any of his playcalling duties at that point (2010). He catered the system to Vick's abilities. When MW took over, he didn't mesh well with MV7 because he did not change his system at all and it showed on the field. Besides having one of the worst O-line's in the NFL, Vick just isn't accurate enough of a mid-range passer to flourish in that system. Had the Jets kept Sporano or brought in Pep Hamilton as OC, Vick would've been very close to a sure thing for the Jets. Also, Chip Kelly has been essentially recruiting Vick to stay in Philly and calls him nearly every day (on an interview with First Take and a SportsCenter spot). He also said Philly is looking at former Oregon QB's to bring in, particularly Dennis Dixon, to run the system.

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Guess not

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Tyrod is trade bait.

Given the success of the running QBs, I see the Ravens trading Tyrod this offseason. Someone to think about in this instance is Minnesota, perennially under the radar for someone like him, but makes a lot of sense, to me at least. What do all the successful running QB teams have in common? A great running back! Minnesota has the best RB in the league right now, and currently a mediocre QB starting for them. Ponder is not good, stop kidding yourselves right now. I thought Tyrod was going to originally get drafted by Minnesota, but I was wrong. I still think he ends up here.

Plus, wouldn't it be awesome to see Tyrod beat Christian Ponder for something on the big stage?


Well being in Jacksonville I'd love to see the Jags pick him up. Having MJD they fit your mould as well. Anyone is better than Gabbert/Henne!!

Tyrod to Philly seems like a good fit, unfortunately.

It's all about The VPISU
VT '10, Born & Raised in the 804. Freeman Rebels, Keydets, Army Black Knights, NY Giants, NY Rangers, and ATL Braves.

As a hokie,

I'd love to see Tyrod start. As a Raven's fan, I don't know how you can trade Flacco. When was the last time a Superbowl MVP has been traded? Never?

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The article doesn't suggest trading him. The scenario suggested is that the Ravens, not wanting to sign Flacco to a deal making him the highest-paid qb in the league, Franchise him, and then the Browns offer him some absurd amount of money ($30million/year). The Ravens then can't match that, so Flacco goes to the Browns, and the Ravens get 2 first rounders from the Browns as compensation). I don't see that happening, myself.

It was a catch

Desmond Howard, Deion Branch, Santonio Holmes, Dexter Jackson. All of them weren't traded, but they were let go of within 2 years of winning SB MVP. Jackson and Howard left in free agency the following offseason.

Rip his freaking head off!

But Flacco isn't like most quarterbacks who have won SB's recently. He's not a consensus top 10 quarterback. Before him the SB winning QB's were Rodgers, Peyton, Eli, Roethlisberger and Brady. It's hard to argue that any of them aren't top 10 quarterbacks, it's easy to argue that Flacco isn't. In other words, Flacco isn't as good as most SB winning quarterbacks.

And Doug Williams would be the closest to Flacco, but he doesn't really count because that was a different situation entirely.

Rip his freaking head off!

How about the last QB to take the Ravens to a Super Bowl?

If my memory serves me correctly, didn't Trent Dilfer bounce to Seattle after winning a Super Bowl with Baltimore?

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Joe Flacco >> Trent Dilfer. It's not even a contest. Flacco was Superbowl MVP and had an aging defense. Dilfer was not, and had one of the best defenses ever dragging him there.

It was a catch

Lets be real about this whole thing

Yea really no comparison there.

Guys, Flacco will be the Ravens qb next year. Tyrod will get his chance one day, but it will not be with the ravens unless Flacco gets hurt.

I don't disagree, I just provided that as an example of letting a QB go after winning a Super Bowl.

What is most likely to happen is Baltimore, unless they can reach a deal with Flacco before hand, will use their franchise tag on him and see if he can follow up his success in the following regular season.

#TeamPeanutButter - because your cakes, pies, cookies, and ice creams are better with it!

Speaking of the Eagles...

Per Adam Schefter: Philadelphia and Michael Vick have reworked his current contract: one year, around $10 million. He will "compete" for the starting job in Philadelphia.

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Where is this "Baltimore love Flacco" stuff coming from? About a month ago everyone anywhere near Baltimore was even making fun of him. 4 good games (still shouldn't have won SB MVP, Boldin was clearly the best player on the field) doesn't make you a $100 million quarterback. With how bad their defense is giving him that kind of contract would be irresponsible. He's at best a top 10 quarterback, again that's a best case scenario. He knows he can get that money from a team as dumb as the Jets and the Ravens know that they can't afford to waste that money, especially with the extremem cap concerns they have. Unless he gives them a hometown discount I wouldn't be surprised to see him walk. But I think the most likely scenario is the Ravens franchise him, hope he plays like himself next year, and then get him for what he's actually worth.

Rip his freaking head off!

Yea, some of the Raven fans I know are still a little skeptical of Flacco. Will he be the inconsistent QB that he was for the last 4 years or the Franchise QB of the last 4 games. That being said, most fans don't know enough of Tyrod to suggest he would be any better. I think, it's just going to come down to numbers and value. The Ravens are very business-like and hardly make over-signings due to media conception or sentimentality. However, from a PR standpoint, it's hard to sell that the Ravens will be better without the Superbowl MVP.

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Here's the thing about Flacco

When he doesn't have the right support personnel, he doesn't look like he did in the playoffs. Simply go back to when McKinnie wasn't playing LT. With an underperforming OL, he's no world beater. But add McKinnie, move Oher to RT and Oseleme to G, throw in a new OC, and BOOM, the offense is clicking. Plus their defense got back a few key starters. The Ravens victory was a team victory but as we know QBs get an inordinate share of the credit in these situations.

If I were the Ravens I would lay out the laundry list of players they will have to cut due to the cap, and how he will look the next few years as a result.

Reality has a mighty pimp hand.

Totally agree. Add that to the fact that while everyone was lauding his zero-interception playoff run, they overlooked a number of throws that should have been picked off (specifically the Denver bomb to Torrey Smith and the pass in the Super Bowl to Jones that was horrendously underthrown). If both those balls get picked, like they should have, the outcomes would have been entirely different and we would be having a very different discussion right now.

Why is it that everyone forgot about the end of the Miami game (I believe), where when faced with a 4th and 29, the dude checked down to Ray Rice and it was RICE who made the big play while Flacco panicked. I thought bigtime Top 3 quarterbacks made big plays during crunchtime...

That was against San Diego, and there is a 0% chance Rice actually got past the first down marker. They marked him 2 yards past where he went down. But reviewing the spot is almost always a waste of time so they left it.

Rip his freaking head off!

Actually they did review it and overturned it. They respotted the ball a yard shorter and remeasured. Although it was a lot closer on the second measurement, they still got past the marker.

I know they did, but the re-spots are impossible to get right. The angles they had weren't straight down the line (and there was no reason for them to be) so they weren't able to actually see where it should have been spotted.

Rip his freaking head off!

I love Tyrod

But that whole offense is built around the fact that Flacco is 6'7" and can see over everyone. I'm not sure 6' TT could do everything that Flacco is capable of. He wasn't asked to do a whole lot this season but from where I'm sitting, still collected a hell of a paycheck. Ride it out, make that $$$.

Not just his height, but his ability to launch the ball with his cannon arm. Torrey Smith benefits greatly by having a guy that can get it to him deep.

If only Minnesota could keep Percy Harvin, then when Tyrod gets there, it's pretty much a new and improved Stinespring offense. Great running backs, and bubble screens to Percy Harvin all day!