It was WEAVER!

I don't know if any one has posted this yet, sorry if they have.......but geez Weaver come on! Did you even ask the fans if they wanted you to cancel the game?

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I get it. I really do. But as an alum that lives 6+ hours from Blacksburg, my wife and I plan ahead to take certain days off for the sake of football games. Last year's Labor Day night game? Yep, took that following Tuesday off. Did the same thing a few years ago vs. Boise State. His argument is as though taking one day off (something we have 6-9 months to prepare for, and potentially longer if the ACC WOULD GET ITS ACT TOGETHER LIKE THE REST OF THE WORLD) is a huge inconvenience.

I get it. People have kids and they need to save vacation for times that correspond with their childrens' vacation. But we don't hear an argument from him regarding Bowl Games that aren't always convenient and tend to require multiple days off of work...

In a year in which in-state recruiting is paramount, it is upsetting that we won't have a Thursday night game to showcase the atmosphere that we are all so proud of.

2 points

First, I'm as bummed as anybody that we won't be hosting a Thursday game, but...

1. As others have said, Thursdays really aren't great for recruiting. Yes the atmosphere is amazing, but remember these high school kids have to be in class at 8 the next morning.

2. Re: Bowl games. Our ticket sales in recent years have been rather underwhelming, so maybe with 1.5-2 extra vacation days people will be more inclined to go to a bowl game. I know I will want to have 2 extra days in Pasadena in January.

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in regards to recruiting

Kids are allowed to miss school. Especially when a huge decision regarding their future is at hand. I don't really see missing a day or two of school as a huge problem. Plus, I went to HS with Percy Harvin and trust me, teachers go out of their way to help these kids. I think a lack of Thursday night game hurts our recruiting efforts more than it helps.

Pretty sure Tyrod Taylor made a Thursday game in Lane once, can't remember if it was his junior or senior year at Hampton

Nobody goes to ..

...bowl games anymore.


Have you seen the photos from Weaver's press conference?

FOSTERS: Australian for defense


Just, genius.

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