Report: Scot Loeffler is Virginia Tech's new Offensive Coordinator

As first reported by CBSSports' Bruce Feldman, Scot Loeffler has accepted an offer to become offensive coordinator at Virginia Tech.

David Teel reported last Friday (January 11th) that Loeffler was a candidate. On Monday, Mark Giannotto reported Loeffler and former Auburn offensive line coach Jeff Grimes were in Blacksburg meeting with Frank Beamer.

Last season Loeffler began as offensive coordinator at Auburn, and ended up going down with Chizik's sinking ship. The Tigers were ranked 115th nationally in total offense (305.00 yards per game), and 112th in scoring offense (18.67 points per game). These complaints by Auburn fans seem eerily familiar.

The Loeffler Question – What the Heck are We Doing?

Here is a simple question: What is Auburn trying to do on offense? We all see what the results are. But what is Auburn's offensive identity supposed to be? You would think after watching every play of every game that we would all know this by now. We thought Loeffler was hired as a "run-first" guy but we are actually throwing the ball much more than last season. (The actual breakdown shows more run plays than passes, but when you account for all the scrambles and sacks, the numbers are much more even.) And the constant rotation of players and seemingly random play selection at times doesnt allow anyone to get a rhythm.

This offense is attempting to do way, way, way too much. And that is one of the reasons that execution is so bad. Pick a few things and execute them perfectly. We don't care if the playbook is thicker than the last volume of "Harry Potter" if we can't run most—or any—of them successfully or even competently. Oklahoma State is leading the nation in offense and they will often run the same play six times in a row on a drive. But they execute it well.

To give Loeffler the benefit of the doubt, Auburn had a dearth of talent on offense, and the pieces didn't fit. He was given a tough task to transition from Gus Malzahn's Hurry-Up, No-Huddle spread to a more pro-style run-first offense. No matter the circumstances, he failed.

However, in 2010 he was successful as offensive coordinator at Temple. Here's an excerpt from a feature on Loeffler.

Temple quarterback Mike Gerardi can be excited these days. Because he's the latest prime pupil of Leoffler's in a line that began with the New England Patriots' Brady and extended through the Miami Dolphins' Chad Henne and the Denver Broncos' Tim Tebow. Find a QB with whom Loeffler has worked and you'll hear the gushing of a converted zealot, the contents of a mind melded to Loeffler's.

"Talk to any quarterback Scot's ever coached," said Carr on Wednesday. "They'll all say the same thing: His meetings are unbelievable. You're gonna learn the game and he makes it fun. His expectations are high. But they're not unrealistic."

This man found a way to get John Navarre on an NFL roster for two years. Case rested.

Loeffler has a solid track record with developing quarterbacks (Tim Tebow, Chad Henne, and John Navarre), although one of his latest projects, Florida's John Brantley, never became a star pupil.

A statistical comparison of his two stints as offensive coordinator:

Another telling stat, Temple was 11th nationally in time of possession (32:49).

Loeffler has a diverse offensive background, working under Urban Meyer, Lloyd Carr, and in the NFL (Lions). For as long I can remember, Tech's offense has been listed in the media guide as "Multiple", which hasn't exactly been a synonym for successful. Here are a couple of quotes from his Auburn presser.

His offensive style? "You know what, I like it all," he said.

But he perhaps signaled a change from the hurry-up offense that Gus Malzahn employed at Auburn the last three years. Loeffler said his goal was to "protect that defense" and his duty would be "helping our defense and special teams here at Auburn."

If Loeffler said similar things in his interviews with Beamer Co., it's unsurprising to me that he got the job. It's evident he wants to run the ball, but it's not clear what scheme he will use to accomplish that goal. Here's Loeffler again in an interview after he was hired at Auburn.

"I don’t know what pro-style is anymore. Whenever you watch pro football on Sundays, you're seeing empty, you're seeing three (receivers on one side of the formation) by one (on the other side). You still see some two-back. I don't know what pro football is. I don't know what spread football is. What everyone's trying to do is simply this: they’re trying to find a way run the football. If you can run the football, it sets up your play-action game, and if you've got a run game and a play-action game, it forces the defense to be on their heels on first and second down.”

If it's an oil and water blend of differing philosophies, we will probably continue to see an unfocused, unproductive attack. However, many successful coaches and offensive coordinators say they use different concepts to create a focussed gameplan, finding the right mix while not straying from base bread and butter are the difficult tricks.

I know this, when I listen to a coach talk about running the football, playing great special teams, and defense, I think about what made Virginia Tech football special.

I like this hire. Loeffler's had success, he's worked with championship coaches, his offensive ideology matches the Frankinator's, and he'll continue the youth movement on Beamer's staff. I don't think anyone can predict how he will turnout. Although between now and kickoff, we all will certainly try.



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Oh, and BRACE THE MESSAGE BOARDS for 24 hours of hand wringing over Logan's announcement.

Who's going to be the WR Coach?

Is Antonio Freeman busy? Flashing a Super Bowl ring around can't hurt on recruiting trips. I can't remember if he was a good blocker (to be frank, I showed up in Blacksburg in '98 so he was slightly before my time there).

buzz is that we're going after Moorehead from Stanford

Super Bowl ring? check.
Success & Credibility as a college coach? check.

Wiley, Brown, Russell, Drakeford, Gray, Banks, Prioleau, Charleton, Midget, Bird, McCadam, Pile, Hall, Green, Fuller, Williams, Hamilton, Rouse, Flowers, Harris, Chancellor, Carmichael, Hosley, Fuller, Exum, Jarrett

he's doing local Ravens post-game coverage.

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We hire someone from Auburn, we play bama next, its obvious that we will (not that we weren't already) beat alaBAMA!

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RB coach

Anyone got Lee Suggs' number?


If anyone's curious, he's currently seeking employment. He spent 3 years coaching at Oberlin College. Someone use your "sources" inside the athletic department and get TD Lee an interview.

How about we either....

...hire the best gu or let the OC pick his guy. But don't try to shoehorn Hokie legacies into where they aren't the best qualified.

You mean like...

"Shoehorn Hokie legacies," you say? You mean like giving the job to a former long snapper that has never coached running backs before?

I'm pretty sure Shane coached RBs at Mississippi State


I missed that one year of experience he has. My bad.


Shane was/is one of the most coveted young assistants in the southeast. He's bona fide.

You're talking about hiring someone on their name only.

1 more coach

with auburns OL also hired, and reports that Stiney is staying (and Shane obviously is), we have room for 1 more coach. Who's it going to be?

And what position is Stinespring going to hold? Shane to special teams, Stiney as either WR or RB coach?

Stiney to TE coach is what I've heard

seems like kinda a waste just to do tight ends. TEs and special teams, leaving shane on RBs maybe?

Lest we forget...

Stiney also coaches OTs. It might be better if he coaches only one position.

No, I *don't* want to go to the SEC. Why do you ask?

We don't love dem Hoos.

TE & Recruiting Coordinator

that's plenty to do.

Wiley, Brown, Russell, Drakeford, Gray, Banks, Prioleau, Charleton, Midget, Bird, McCadam, Pile, Hall, Green, Fuller, Williams, Hamilton, Rouse, Flowers, Harris, Chancellor, Carmichael, Hosley, Fuller, Exum, Jarrett


I imagine he will slide to TEs/recruiting coordinator. Shane could stay at rbs, and then we get another WR coach. Loeffler would have to be OC/QB

It was a catch

Perhaps he should have run the ball even more. The top two running backs at Auburn both averaged almost 6 yards a carry and scored 14 touchdowns. I am trying to catch up on film. Auburn seemed to transition back into a more traditional offensive set, but still ran some of the read/spread as well. This is worrisome, because I think this team desperately needs a singular vision and fundamental set on offense and it seems like Loeffler dabbles with multiple offenses. At the same time, he has spent time with people who really understand those offenses with Lloyd Carr's pro-set at Michigan and Meyer as the originator of the HUHN in big boy college football at Florida.

My biggest worry is supposed to be Loeffler's strength. He is supposed to be a QB guy, and yes, he worked with some good ones. But, ask yourself, did each one get better under his tutelege?

Henne was a longtime starter at Michigan, but his best season was his freshman year. John Navvare was another highly touted guy who never really improved. Tebow was as good a college football player we will see, but his game was much more dependant on his athleticism and willpower than mechanics and throwing. He was a better passer as a senior, but not significantly. Brantley was the top QB recruit in the country and didn't pan out. Keihl Frazier was the 5th best QB recruit in the country, and his performance last year made Logan Thomas look like John Elway. They like him, but I don't see the upward trend in performance that I would like to see.

I need to learn more about Grimes.

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN


It's all about The VPISU
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Rockin in The Bakken.
GO: Freeman Rebels, Keydets, Black Knights (the VMI of the North), NY Rangers & Giants, and ATL Braves.

If you can't join em?

Hire their castoff coordinators.

Rick Ross has something to say


Beat Bama

Nicely said!


Nothing on Tech Talk Live about this yet. Presser tomorrow perhaps?

It's all about The VPISU
VT '10, Born & Raised in the 804.
Rockin in The Bakken.
GO: Freeman Rebels, Keydets, Black Knights (the VMI of the North), NY Rangers & Giants, and ATL Braves.

Assuming Grimes is coming with him, I put together the same Sacks Allowed and Tackles for Loss Allowed by his offensive lines since 06 against VT's as I did for Adkins over the weekend. Somewhat of a mixed bag - those last two years at Auburn were ugly with a capital 'U'. Maybe it was just that toxic down on The Plains?

Sacks Allowed
2006 - 17 total (1.31/game) - 14th nationally

2007 - 18 total (1.39/game) - 29th nationally
2008 - 28 total (2.33/game) - 86th nationally

2009 - 21 total (1.62/game) - 49th nationally
2010 - 23 total (1.64/game) - 53rd nationally
2011 - 32 total (2.46/game) - 95th nationally
2012 - 37 total (3.08/game) - 107th nationally

Sacks Allowed
Virginia Tech
2006 - 29 total (2.23/game) - 77th nationally
2007 - 51 total (3.64/game) - 116th nationally
2008 - 38 total (2.71/game) - 114th nationally
2009 - 31 total (2.39/game) - 91st nationally
2010 - 34 total (2.43/game) - 99th nationally
2011 - 17 total (1.21/game) - 24th nationally
2012 - 25 total (1.92/game) - 63rd nationally

Tackles for Loss Allowed
2006 - 54 total (4.15/game) - 8th nationally

2007 - 74 total (5.69/game) - 61st nationally
2008 - 71 total (5.92/game) - 67th nationally

2009 - 78 total (6.00/game) - 77th nationally
2010 - 74 total (5.29/game) - 65th nationally
2011 - 97 total (7.46/game) - 115th nationally
2012 - 93 total (7.75/game) - 116th nationally

Tackles for Loss Allowed
Virginia Tech
2006 - 79 total (6.08/game) - 77th nationally
2007 - 107 total (7.64/game) - 117 nationally
2008 - 93 total (6.64/game) - 116th nationally
2009 - 85 total (6.54/game) - 95th nationally
2010 - 90 total (6.43/game) - 107th nationally
2011 - 91 total (6.50/game) - 111th nationally
2012 - 85 total (6.54/game) - 104th nationally

The sacks allowed stats...

Glennon sure did suck.
Tyrod sure was great.

I think you mean LT was great.

2007 - 51 total (3.64/game) - 116th nationally -- Glennon
2008 - 38 total (2.71/game) - 114th nationally -- Taylor/Glennon
2009 - 31 total (2.39/game) - 91st nationally -- Taylor
2010 - 34 total (2.43/game) - 99th nationally -- Taylor
2011 - 17 total (1.21/game) - 24th nationally -- Thomas

Taylor had this infuriating ability to scramble around and step out of bounds for a 4 yard loss instead of throwing it into the stands. Glennon didn't see many rushes coming, and the ones he did see coming just made him cower.

LT, in 2011, didn't take sacks.

my bad

you're right

Mixed bag

Change is good - especially when it's long overdue.
As pointed out by Joe in the post, there are some eerie similarities re: multiple offenses, lack of identity, etc.

I like the SEC pedigree and potential for recruiting.
But part of me feels like we're pulling off an O'Cainspring mask and discovering another O'Cainspring mask underneath.

Too Debbie Downer-ish?

fingers crossed...

It's all about The VPISU
VT '10, Born & Raised in the 804.
Rockin in The Bakken.
GO: Freeman Rebels, Keydets, Black Knights (the VMI of the North), NY Rangers & Giants, and ATL Braves.

All we're missing is a

All that gif is missing is a treadmill...

Listening to Auburn fans

It does sound a awful lot like that might be the case. Eh...could it realy be any worse than it has been?

I think that we are resting how bad auburn was offensively later year squarely on his shoulders, when I believe that Chizik had a lot to do with it. Hopefully he gets back to his teachings from Carr and Meyer and runs a more pro-offense. In my personal opinion Auburn had the personnel to run the spread (like they previously did under Malzone) and therefore he called plays that he wouldn't normally of called because of it.

Don't ever let the pressure exceed the pleasure. - Joe Maddon

Looks like Wikipedia is trigger happy as well..

I'm optimistic about this decision. I think it's obvious he has struggled in getting an identity, but I'm sure Frank has a vision and will make sure the right thing gets done.

With all that said, Frank is a wait-and-see kinda guy, so maybe Scot's first season will be trial and error? Hope not.



you beat me to it. that was FAST

Don't see anything about it there

Since a wiki is open sourced anyone can edit it without fact-checking. It gets corrected by peer review.

If you check the history you can see it has been edited two dozen times since yesterday. It has also been rolled back due to potential vandalism.

#Let's Go - Hokies

will this hire keep Logan for next year? I hope so

tyrod did it mikey! tyrod did it!

I'm glad there's resolution to the whole thing (as long as this isn't retracted at some point). I'm not too thrilled about hiring the QB coach for the Lions when they went 0-16, but I will gladly give him and whomever he brings on as his position coaches a chance. I wish him nothing but the best and hope he's able to make a positive change to VT's offense and understand that it may take more than a single season to see any real changes.

This might work

You gotta commit to it and hope for the best. But there are plenty of red flags that this is a terrible idea.

I just don't understand why an OC who knows Urban Meyers system would come into Auburn and take Gus Malzahn talent and try to run a pro-style set. That just seems nonsensical to me, and only is attributable to being too weak to talk Chizik out of it. If that's the case, what hybrid cluster truck will Billy Hite ....errr....Frank Beamer talk him into?

Room for improvement against bama

Let's hope he learned a Lot from his last game against bama on nov 24th
1st Downs 7
Total Yards 163
Passing 71
Rushing 92
Penalties 8-77
3rd Down conv 4-12
Turnovers 3

Passing Leaders
Wallace 5/14 71 5.1 0 2

This can't be overstated and is a very relevant point ...

But then again, compare our stats against Bama

1st downs 11
Total Yards 155
Passing 91
Rushing 64
Penalties 6-45
Turnovers 2

I agree being held to zero is a big difference than scoring 24 (7 on special teams), but I guess I'm trying to show it can't get much worse haha.

Considering the candidates, I believe this was the best hire for VT. The reasons:
1. Understands Meyer's & Carr's offense well, although, I bet he uses Meyer's offense more.
2. Extremely motivated after the disaster in Auburn... This situation reminds me of the Belichick era in Cleveland (just on a much smaller scale)
3. Young, energetic, and will likely have a great influence on recruits
4. No connection to Beamer - I am really supportive of hiring VT guys and all, but it was clear the offense needed a clean cut (although Stinespring is still on staff...)

Of true, bona fide candidates, I don't think any other has the upside Loeffler offers.

🦃 🦃 🦃

For those of you who are interested there is a full game video of the Auburn opening game versus Clemson from last year.

Disclaimer: I am no French, but just some things I saw from the game.

1) Running- Watching how Auburn ran against an ACC opponent in Clemson, gives me hope for what the VT offense can become. They dominated the line of scrimmage, with the two running backs combining for 188 yards on the ground. Another telling statistic is that Mason averaged 7.7yds/rush and McCallebb 6.8yds/rush. Keep in mind all the while Clemson knew that Auburn had a Sophomore QB starting his first game, and they were anticipating the run a majority of the time.

2) Passing- Kiehl Frazier forced the ball to his WR's quite a bit. A lot of the time it appeared that he would lock onto a route and throw the ball there even if it was adequately covered, one time resulting in an INT. However, his receivers didn't help him out on two occasions in the redzone. On a drive in the second quarter up 7-6 the Wide Reciever was wide open in the back of the endzone, but lost focus of where he was on the field and stepped out of bounds when he easily could of gotten both feet down. The second occasion later in the game the WR dropped an easy fade that the Clemson CB was completely out of position to defend.

3) Turnovers and Penalties- This portion had a large impact on the game. Every time Auburn was in critical situations their line would false start which ended up stalling the drive when they were on Clemson's side of the field (of note they were starting two freshman tackles). The turnovers while costly, only resulted in three Clemson points.

I understand that this is a very isolated incident; however I think it does have some credibility based on the fact that they were playing an ACC opponent who won a BCS bowl this year. If Auburn would have capitalized on missed opportunities (two td passes and untimely penalties) they would have won this game. I definitely recommend you checking out the video when you get some time, it has gotten me very excited for what Virginia Tech’s offense could look like next season.

Don't ever let the pressure exceed the pleasure. - Joe Maddon

One thing that jumps out to me

is what a beast of a blocker that the Auburn FB is....nice!

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.

Actually Clemson didn't win a BCS bowl this year. They won the Chik-Fil-A bowl, which a really good non-BCS bowl.

you are right my mistake, in my mind I thought they did because they were both in the top 14 as well as LSU being ranked 8th.

Don't ever let the pressure exceed the pleasure. - Joe Maddon

Love the series

Starting at 35:02, until the fumble. But they looked really good running the ball.

#Let's Go - Hokies

Mixed Reviews from Auburn fans

Talked to some Auburn fans down here in Hville, Alabama. Said the Auburn Offense was too predictable under Loeffler. Knew what was coming as soon as they lined up at the line of scrimmage. And so did the opposing defense. However, another fan did admit that the players that were at Auburn at the time that he was there did not fit into the scheme he was trying to run (pro style). Bright side is that the worse case is not any worse than it has been already.

Several prominent members of the national media (see Mandel, Stewart) are bagging on the Loeffler hire due to his production at Auburn.

But, being the stat nerd that I am, I decided to take a deeper look at Auburn's offense over the past few years. Yes, they were terrible last year, but were there underlying issues that went beyond Loeffler's abilities (besides Gene Chizik being a terrible coach)? The numbers seem to indicate so.

Auburn Total Offense
2007 - 335.2 YPG (97)
2008 - 302.3 YPG (104)
2009 - 431.8 YPG (16)
2010 - 499.2 YPG (7)
2011 - 337.8 (100)
2012 - 305.0 (118)

Auburn Scoring Offense
2007 - 24.2 PPG (84)
2008 - 17.3 PPG (111)
2009 - 33.3 PPG (17)
2010 - 41.0 PPG (7)
2011 - 25.7 PPG (70)
2012 - 18.7 PPG (114)

As you can see, with the exception of a two year span in 09-10, one of which it had future No. 1 overall pick Cam Newton under center, Auburn's offense has been pretty terrible over the past six seasons. Remember this includes 2008, which for at least part of that season was coordinated by Tony Franklin, who orchestrated the nation's top offense this past season.

These numbers lend itself to a couple theories. First, Auburn is a dumpster fire and has been for some time. Keep in mind they're on the third coach in six years. Auburn's overall record 07-12? 47-30. Yes, they have a National Title during that span, but if not for the $ervice$ of Cam Newton in 2010 how would those numbers look?

Moreover, everyone still praises Malzahn as a fantastic OC, but how do those 2011 stats look on his resume? Are we just going to choose to ignore them?

Second, there's an old saying - sometimes it's Xs and Os, sometimes it's Jimmys and Joes. Maybe, just maybe, Auburn didn't have very good players, especially on offense, the past few years.


This one may sound absurd on the surface, especially when you take a look at Auburn's recruiting rankings according to Rivals since 05:

2005 - 13
2006 - 10
2007 - 7
2008 - 20
2009 - 19
2010 - 4
2011 - 7
2012 - 10

Not a single class outside the top 20. (Conversely, Virginia Tech has only had two recruiting classes ranked in the top 20 by Rivals during that span).

But we all know recruiting rankings are subjective and can be way off. Let's take a look at the number of offensive players drafted since the 2008 NFL Draft (which would be all the players that contributed to the above total and scoring offensive numbers):

2008 - 1 (OT King Dunlap, 5 total players drafted)
2009 - 1 (OG Tyronne Green, 3 total players drafted)
2010 - 1 (RB Ben Tate, 2 total players drafted)
2011 - 2 (QB Cam Newton, OT Lee Ziemba, 4 total players drafted)
2012 - 1 (OT Brandon Mosley)

The Tigers have only had six offensive players drafted in the past five NFL Drafts - and only two of them have been skill position players. Auburn has put 15 players total in the NFL since 2008.

Now let's take a look at Virginia Tech's offensive draftees during that same span:

2008 - 4 (Duane Brown, Eddie Royal, Josh Morgan, Justin Harper, 8 total players drafted)
2009 - 0 on offense (1 total player drafted)
2010 - 1 (Ed Wang, 5 total players drafted)
2011 - 2 (Tyrod Taylor, Ryan Williams, 3 total players drafted)
2012 - 2 (Danny Coale, David Wilson, 3 total players drafted)

The Hokies have put eight offensive players in the NFL during the same span. Even if you just look at the past two drafts, Virginia Tech has put more skill position players in the NFL than Auburn has in the last six drafts. The Hokies (16) and Tigers (15) have almost the exact same number of NFL draftees over the same span. VT's record from 2007-2012: 60-22. Again, Auburn was 47-30. The only difference is Auburn had one magical year in that stretch where they had a transcendent talent at QB and won a MNC.

(Side note, I really hope the VT staff uses numbers like this when recruiting players.)

What do these numbers mean? Well, nothing for sure for Virginia Tech. Hokie fans won't know exactly what kind of OC Loeffler is and what he can do with the talent on Virginia Tech's roster until #AUG31 (#BEATALABAMA). But what these numbers could indicate is that Loeffler was in a no win situation down on The Plains last season.


I wanted to do almost this exact thing but didn't know if I had the time, and then I open this up and here it is. This just confirms for me my feelings about the hire...I'm glad we're moving on and trying someone new with experience on a big stage, but his past doesn't make me overly excited. He hasn't had great performances, but he didn't appear abysmal either. Pretty much I think you're kidding yourself if you think we're suddenly going to be a top 25 offense, but if you don't think we're taking some step forward from the current situation you're kidding yourself too.

Good post

One comment RE: Malzahn though. I don't think anyone can really question his resume, even with those 2011 rankings. When looking at that season within a larger framework, it is clearly an outlier. Malzahns' Total Offense ranking by year:

2007 (Tulsa OC) - 1
2008 (Tulsa OC) - 1
2009 (Auburn OC) - 16
2010 (Auburn OC) - 7
2011 (Auburn OC) - 100
2012 (Arkansas St HC) - 23

Personally, I feel the jury is still out on Loeffler because there is not enough data on him as an OC to make a good statistical assessment. His two offenses as an OC resulted in Total Offense rankings of 63 and 118. Perhaps down the road, those will become outliers, but for the time being I would say there is no way to extrapolate that data to predict his future success (or failure) with any real degree of certainty.

To defend (or at least try to be optimistic about) Loeffler's numbers at Auburn; even for Malzahn that offense was terrible, so Loeffler obviously didn't inherit anything good. Honestly, I'm not expecting Loeffler to get us a consistently top 20, or top of the ACC offense. I just want it to be more reliable and help the defense stay off the field while putting up more points than the D allows.

Think you captured it in a nutshell

Honestly, I'm not expecting Loeffler to get us a consistently top 20, or top of the ACC offense.

That seems to be the general mindset of the vast majority of our fans, which I find very interesting. As a program that has won as consistently as we have, why are we letting past offensive performance dictate expectations for future performance? Just because our offense has been poor in the past doesn't mean it should be poor in the future, right?

Here's the fascinating part to me... The fanbase seems generally satisfied with this hire. Or at the very least, there are just as many fans who are "happy" or "ok" with the hire as there are fans who don't like it. Now, imagine for a second that Bud left and Beamer had to hire a new DC. How many fans would be happy if we hired a guy with 2 years of DC experience, both of which resulted in total defense rankings in the bottom half of the nation? Regardless of the circumstances that led to those rankings, I doubt few if any fans would be ok with that. It just goes to show how much the Stinespring era has effected our expectations and how large the gap is between that and our defensive expectations.

Do you think it's Stinespring that has lowered our expectations or that having Bud Foster allows us to be content without a high powered offense?

Good question

Some of both.

I think a lot of it has to do with the idea of "who we are" as a football team. We are a defense first team.

Also, looking around college football, I so rarely see a team that is dominant on both sides of the ball. The teams that are going to be top 5 in the country in offense often have porous, terrible D; look at WVU, they put up silly numbers but couldn't defend a thing. I don't know if it's a philosophy thing or a talent cap thing.

Lastly, I'm ok with middle of the pack numbers because I want the offense to pound the rock, take their time. That kind of offense can be highly successful, but as far as numbers go, show up as middle of the pack.

That is fair

I agree it's unusual to see a team dominant on both sides of the ball, but it's not all that unusual to see a team with a dominant unit on one side and the other unit still being above average. Alabama, Florida State, NIU, Notre Dame, and Oregon were a few that immediately came to mind as having one unit in the top 10 and the other in the top 50 or so. I haven't run the numbers, but I would venture to say most BCS Bowl teams follow that profile and virtually every team that plays for a Natl Champ would (which is our goal, right?).

Agreed, and I would hope to see 50 or better, so I guess I should have clarified as "a little better than middle of the pack." I think Loeffler can do that here consistently, and I'll give him the benefit of the doubt if it doesn't happen in '13, particularly if LT3 leaves. Regardless, I'm going to be optimistic and assume he's better than status quo, and better than some of the other names that had been thrown around after Pep was shot down.

Its where coaches, specifically the head man prioritizes. With the rules on practice time the coaches have to prioritize what they're going to focus on.


Oh, I wasn't trying to say Malzahn is a bad coordinator - not by a long shot. I was just trying to point out that even good coordinators can have really bad years, which Gus did in 2011. My point being - people shouldn't say Loeffler is a bad OC just because his 2012 numbers at Auburn was awful. Maybe it was beyond his control.

YES...I think?

I've said it many times before on these boards, ANYTHING is an improvement. I'm hoping this will bring with it the resurgence of our program and not make us look like this:

"You know when the Hokies say 'We are Virginia Tech' they're going to mean it."- Lee Corso

I don't know and understand this GIF, but I can't stop watching it...

in Fuller we trust

The one thing I like about

The one thing I like about Loeffler's play calling from what I noticed is he actually tries to create mismatches and attack them. Kyle Frazier was bad, real bad. Multiple times on film I've seen Loeffler had a good play called with a good match up but Frazier just missed. Think of one of O'cains better play calls from this year. FSU fourth down full back in the flat off of playaction wide open and Logan missed, just flat out missed. Frazier did that every other pass play it seems.
Anyways, Moorhead's receivers at Stanford blocked really well. They seem to run good routes. Stanfords routes aren't very difficult. They do some rubs and picks though which I never really saw our offense run. I think this was a good hire it's going to be a lot of the same o' same o' we're used to and that fits in with Frank's identity. I just hope the new coaches can get the most out of our players and help them develop into top notch football players.

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From CBS Sportsline

The last line of the hiring announcement:

"Virginia Tech isn't known for its offensive prowess. A hire like this might explain why."

I hope this isn't a bad omen, otherwise Stiney is back in charge after a couple of years.

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Side note: When ever this is announced, during the press conference someone needs to ask him if Danny Coale caught that ball. If he answers yes, we made the right choice.

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Time will only tell if this hire works out or not. I think it is good to bring some fresh eyes to the offensive side of the ball, however the question for me is does Beamer keep his hands off the offense and let these guys do what we are paying them to do or does he and the "old guard" still get involved.

UVA: Jefferson's biggest mistake


I think this is the key point. Too often in most sports it seems that if a new coach doesn't get results in a year or two, he's out the door. We gave Stinespring more than enough chances but Beamer stuck with him. Hopefully Loeffler and whoever he brings in will be given time to recruit and develop players, and within a couple of years we can see if there is hope for long-term success.

4 years

I'm betting they'll be here for at least 4 years - which should be plenty. Beamer's contract will run through 2016 (and Weaver's in 2015, I believe). Barring a contract extension or some other event that cut's his time short this is Frank's last chance to fill that trophy case. There's no way he makes as big a change as this before he retires.

Don't expect much

The offense will probably not look much different. I hope at least the playcalling is better and execution is better, especially timing. I hope the plays are designed to use the players effectively.

I really hope better talent can be recruited that can make the scheme work. Otherwise it might be the same old thing.

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sounds familiar

"To give Loeffler the benefit of the doubt, Auburn had a dearth of talent on offense, and the pieces didn't fit."

That's Virginia Tech Football every year.

So....are they going to officially announce this...ever?