Whats the worst loss for you?

Was just listening to Van Pelt and he's asking people that on twitter and I thought, "hey what perfect topic for TKP." He made an interesting point about how fans remember last second losses longer than the last second wins.

Surprisingly to me Boise kept coming to mind. Maybe it's because I was there and paid a physical price in both severe post game hangover and loss of voice for several days for an ultimately futile effort. It took me days to emotionally get over that game. It was ridiculous, I would lie in bed at night and think about what if this had happened or that. It actually made me question my fandom and sort of back off of it. That's been a positive for me, I just dont get so angry or bummed out about losses anymore. They're 18-22 year old kids and shit happens. It's just entertainment.

All that because we couldnt play a little 2 minute defense.

We as Hokies have a seemingly high number of heartbreakers to choose from so which one is particularly soul crushing for you?

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The Boston College game from 2007 is still the worst loss I have ever seen happen to any of my teams. It's even worse to me because we're in the National Championship game that year if we win that game. I still hate Matt Ryan because of that game.

Rip his freaking head off!

Agreed, agreed, and agreed.

That, and it was a long, cold, wet walk back to the dorms...

Absolute worst game ever.


I was there...after standing in the pouring cold rain with my girlfriend for hours (most of it spent being reminded how cold and wet she was) watching that game. That last 2 mins was heartbreaking. I still hate Matt Ryan to this day and am pulling for anyone except for him. I used to follow the Falcons when Vick, Hall, and Williams where there, when he was drafted I officially bounced.

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This. Fuck mattryan. Go 49ers!

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I was two days off of ACL surgery at this game

During the game doing the first down sign with my crutches was fun, then Matt Ryan happened and after the game crutching down the east stands ramps was not.


I was trying to explain to some of my friends why I wasn't pulling for Atlanta yesterday and this was reason number one. They were all, man that's a long time to hold a grudge. My answer? Well, I sat in that terrible weather on a Thursday night only to watch Matt Ryan murder our defense in the fourth quarter.

Hokies never forget.

So yes, that game definitely makes my top 5 of worst tech losses ever. Because it was simply atrocious.

ill never pull for matt ryan because of that game too

tyrod did it mikey! tyrod did it!

What hurt the most about this game was that I felt like, we as fans, earned that win. The rain didn't stop us; we were loud the entire night and I really felt that the team was feeding off of us.

The moment that Eddie Royal couldn't come up with the on-side kick, I knew we were in trouble. I mean, who else do you want to handle the ball in this situation?

Longest, coldest, quietest walk back to the commuter lot ever...

That wasn't Eddie. That was Josh Morgan.


Eh, I was at the top of the East Stands, it looked like Royal from where I was and I refused to watch any replay of that game.

that was an all time crowd that night, in an absolute hurricane. i wonder if the rain amplifies the noise because miami 09 seemed especially loud to me as well.

and yeah, it was a quiet walk back to the truck that night. once it got quiet i realized my ears were ringing.

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Definitely this one

Freshmen year in the Corps and it was the first game my TC got to sit in the front row so it felt like that last touchdown floated forever over Adibi and Parker. The walk back from the stadium in our rain soaked uniforms made what seemed like a 10 minute walk feel like an hour. The next morning the campus was completely silent.

JMU is a close second.

Top 3 Worst losses I've experienced in person

3. BC game as you stated. Cold, rainy, heart breaking. GDmattryan and their wennie of a HC.
2. Miami 05. That one hurt me for a LONG time. That atmosphere was electric, then we laid a BIG egg. MV5. Sigh.
1. JMU. Not only was it cold and miserable like the BC game - we were still recovering from the Boise St. ball crusher. Losing to those clowns was surreal.


BC was most definitely the worst!

It's a great day to be a Hokie!

JMU and auburn in the sugar bowl

JMU was awful. Miserable weather not to mention all the kids from my high school who thought they won a damn national championship. Also the Sugar Bowl against auburn. I just remember going for on 4th and goal when normally CFB would always take the points and then we lose by a field goal. And thn the unmentionable BC bullshit of 2007

all maroon everything

The JMU loss damn near made my head explode. I have degrees from both schools...

Matty Mother F'ing Ice

Oct. 25, 2007 - It was cold and we dominated the entire game until 2 late BC touchdowns. Of course we did end up getting them when it mattered in the ACCCG that year but still, it was painful.

That was a catch

The 2012 Sugar Bowl against Michigan probably had to be the worst for me. I still get sick whenever I think about that overtime. I feel like Tech played amazing and the refs totally robbed Danny Coale of that touchdown. Sigh. I actually shed a tear after that game and it took me weeks to get over.

"Tyrod, looking desperately, now throws it deep, has a man open, CAUUUGHT! Danny Coale, all the way!"

I have 3 favorite teams. VT, Kentucky, and whoever the hell is playing Tennessee.

2012 Sugar Bowl

JMU sucked, as did ECU and Boise. But nothing hurt worse than losing to Michigan. We outplayed them but got robbed. The worst part was that their fans were so nice and agreed that we deserved to win that game and that they backed into the win. It made it hard to be pissed at them and hate them.

Living around them makes it easy to dislike the average Walmart Wolverine (who most likely weren't the ones at the Sugar Bowl).

Temple, whenever that was, and the Miami Ohio loss on a fake FG. Rutgers 1992 was bad (50-49) when they scored on the last play (I was there) but we generally sucked as a program back then.

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That one is up there for me. That day was hell all the way around. I left Waynesboro that day at 3pm thinking I would have plenty of time to get there, get some grub and get into the stadium. Traffic was so bad because of the game, accidents, rain etc. that I didn't walk into the stadium until Enter Sandman came on. WHen I parked my car, I hit the back of an suv with my mirror ripping it off too. Then we lost the way we did. What a heartbreaking loss. At least we got even with them in the ACCCG.


Too many to count

BC in 07 obviously
Boise at Fedex
LSU Tyrod's freshman year
ECU in Charlotte
Plus many more

Non VT related - the Jeffrey Maier Yankees - Orioles game in NY.


long live Derek Jeter!

VT Class of 2017

Not a football game, but at Duke in 05 was sort of a dagger too.

That game was the same weekend as the 1st ACCCG. Of course we lost to FSU in that game and blew a chance to play PSU in the Orange Bowl (not to mention the officials were horrible in that game). Then to cap off a perfect weekend, we were on our way to beating Duke in bball and they beat us on a half court buzzer beater.


Tyler hansbroughs turn around baseline buzzer beater in the acc tourney was awful too. I just laid on the floor for an hour after that

all maroon everything

I was in fourth grade then and I cussed for the first time.

I love Virginia Tech, regardless of the outcome of every game.


VT Class of 2017

Was that the one with 1.6 on the in-bounds?

I still have nightmares about that game...

But football losses

1. 07 BC
2. 10 BSU
3. 12 Michigan
4. 05 FSU (ACCCG)
5. 09 Bama (had a chance but lost)
6. 07 LSU We got blown out in that game. Wish that game were played later in the season. Not saying we would have won, but our issues at whip and rover were sorted out and teh D would have held their own.
7. 03 Pitt (Loss started the slide that resulted in UVa's only win over us since 98)


07 BC, 04 USC, 05 Miami. I took those ones pretty bad.

Basketball was the Dockery half court buzzer beater against Duke in 04/05


Boston College, 2007

Without a doubt.

The Noel --> Wilford dropped pass hurt pretty badly.. but I think BC takes the cake.

Ha, I was in the drunk tank for the Wilford drop

The cops came in and told us and it went from semi-party atmosphere to depressing like that. The L was worse than the DIP.

If you look at the actual cost of loss

Clearly the worst was 2007 against BC. I remember standing in the North Endzone during the Monsoon and thinking with 8 minutes left "oh my God- I am going to be at VT when we are a SERIOUS contender for a National Championship Game birth." Then Matty Ice broke Hokie Nation's Hearts. Yeah we got revenge in the ACC Championship Game but still the sting of that loss still resides with me today.

Order for VT football since 2004:
1) BC in 2007
2) Auburn in 2005 Sugar Bowl (another game we should've won but execution in the red zone killed us as did special teams errors).
3) JMU in 2010
4) Kansas in 2007 Orange Bowl (see #2)
5) Boise State in 2010- major comeback and then the regular VT choke job at the end followed by horrific playcalling on final "drive"
6) Michigan in 2012 Sugar Bowl- simply didn't execute.
7) NC State in 2004- Brandon Pace missed FG as time expired. I thought it was good from the East Stands.....

Worst pro sports loss ever:
1) NYR losing to New Jersey Devils in game six of 2012 Eastern Conference Finals in overtime.
2) NYR losing to Philadelphia Flyers in game three of 1997 Eastern Conference Finals
3) NYJ losing to Pittsburgh Steelers in 2010 AFC Championship Game/NYJ losing to Pittsburgh in 2005 AFC Division Playoffs after having three chances to put the Steelers away.

Best win- NY Mets 8 run comeback against the Yankees in 2000 Subway Series (regular season) and same against Braves in 1999 when Mike Piazza ended the comeback with a 2 out, 2 strike grand slam; 1994 NY Rangers beating Vancouver Canucks in Game 7 of Stanley Cup Championship.

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I threw a chair into a hotel room wall when Lindros scored the empty netter in 97. Worst sports moment I can remember. Last spring versus the Devils was close (becuase it was the Devils), but I didn't have as high expectactions because I knew Gaborik was hurt and they were getting nothing from some of the other guys.

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN

Oh man, that 97 game 4 loss....

was bad (sorry- I put game 3 in, not 4 but yes I was infuriated in that game as well). I was silent after Lindros scored with 10 seconds to go and allowed my adolescent anger boil inside me for two days and may have let it affect some friendships/conversations with members of the opposite sex (by may I mean it most certainly did). Seeing the Rangers fight back time and again in that game with Tikkanen doing his thing (scoring timely goals and pissing Lindros off to no end) just to have a ridiculous backhand get in past Graves and Richter......ugh. Just like the NYJ loss to Steelers in 05, that shot still keeps me up at night sometimes whenever I see a sweet backhand goal.

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Try this

Losing in double OT in game seven in '96 to a slapshot from Steve Yzerman from the blueline that is continuously replayed every day to remind you. Not to mention the fact that it was "The Great One" himself that turned it over in the Neutral zone to give the puck to Stevie Y on the fast break.

Logan 3:16

That Stevie Y

goal is on every NHL highlight reel from the 90s. My question is what Fuhr was doing sitting in the net instead of at the top of the crease on an odd-man rush were the shooter is giving away the fact he is shooting from distance?

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PSN Handle: duffmanhokie1568

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A lot of people ask the same question

But there were a bunch of things that went wrong on that goal, so really you can't put it all on Fuhr. For instance, if you watch the video, you can see that there are FOUR Blues defenders in the area of Yzerman when he takes the shot, and not a single one is challenging him.

Logan 3:16

After the '07 BC game, I might say the two bowl games I've gone to: 2006 Chick-fil-A Bowl: Glennon pulled a double Glennon and led to blowing a 21pt lead from halftime. Not looking up the stats, but he had ~5 turnovers that game.

Orange Bowl vs. Kansas for 2 reasons: it was the coldest Miami had been in 100 years and I wasn't dressed/packed for it, and Brandon Ore was DESTROYING the Kansas D so Stinespring stopped running the ball.

There have been so many painful ones, so I'm sure I'm overlooking some.

Close between 07 BC and 01 Miami.

07 BC because it was cold and wet, and we dominated before the heroics of the second coming of Flutie...

01 Miami because 17 eventual first round draft picks, 38 picked overall, widely considered among the greatest teams in college football history. And Ernest Wilford could have tied it if he could have just hung onto the damn ball...

Part of me is also pissed because it was in the 70s and sunny in Blacksburg on the first weekend of December, and we were hosting a team just shy of the tropics.


UVA, 1998.

I didn't talk for 3 hours. Maybe 4. Never opened my mouth.

The rest....ehh.... I'm not a "National Championship" guy, I don't hold it as a goal, I don't think we'll ever see it. So when we lost to BC in '07, I just didn't think we were that good. I remember thinking we were lucky it rained the first 3 QTRs or Ice would have lit us up. National Championship game? Certainly it was painful and I did have the perspective to know it was likely a once-a-lifetime experience, but we "won" in so many other ways that night.

Then I just have the run-of-the-mill, WTF just happened loses. Like Pitt this year. Like Miami in '08. Or that ECU game. Or WVU in '02. Coming out and losing to a team that isn't as good as you really bothers me. Unpreparedness.

'98 UVA, first and only time I cried after a loss

I was in the Corps of Cadets and we used to sit on the 50yd line behind the visiting team than. I remember VT and Al Clark scoring at will in the first half. Than Aaron Brooks found his inner self in the 2nd half. I still remember Anthony Midget going for the pick and missing and having no help behind him. Al Clark got hurt again and was it up to Nick Sorensen on the final drive. Than those Wahoos rushed our field. I really learned to hate them because of that game. It was the 3 loss that season and another one we should have won but lost in heart breaking fashion.

At least we destroyed Alabama 38-7 in the Music City Bowl. #BeatBama

Ut Prosism. Lead me, follow me, or get the hell out of my way. Hokie for life.

I was in the north endzone for that game. Ughh.


Boise St 10' and BC 07'

This is my first time posting on this site. I have been coming back to it everyday reading the comments and enjoying the topics. Finally I admit I must convert and be a TKP fanatic.

So Boise St and BC were both awful losses and almost as equal in the heart wrenching, pain staking departments. What sets Boise St. apart was the HYPE. I mean all summer long all I heard was how VT was going to win and finally get over this hump. Well not only did we lose, but we lost on a defensive breakdown. I came into the office the next day and my co-workers took all my VT stuff and placed it beside a trash can on top of my desk. I admit I didn't move the stuff or the trash can for 3 weeks. I was so damaged inside I couldn't speak or watch football for awhile. For the first time in years, Fall was was no longer the sweet reminiscent smell of moving onto campus, but the devastation of failed expectations. So that in my opinion is why Boise St is the worse loss.


2005 Miami

ESPN was camped out in B'burg all week in anticipation of the game. It's the only time I've ever seen the National Championship Trophy. And then Marcus happend.

Virginia Tech Passing
Cmp Att Int Yds TD Long Sack
Marcus Vick 8 22 2 90 0 22 5

That's right, 8 completeions to go with 5 sacks, 2 picks and 4 FUMBLES! Thanks Marcus!

Go Hokies!


I wanted to put this game down, but I banished it from my memory because of the destruction that game did to my heart and mind. I was a RA at that time and never experienced that quiet of a weekend in my life.


That weekend was a serious instance of Bleaksburg. Seemed like the whole campus was depressed for days afterward.

Clemson Round 2

In the ACCCG game was the most pissed I've probably ever been. Yes the Boise loss hurt, and the JMU debacle was dreadful, but I just would not stop thinking about the Clemson game for weeks. The fact that we knew what they were going to do, and our players (Antone Exum) were constantly making remarks about how they were going to get revenge, only to be beaten even worse, was just embarassing to me. I also stayed until the end of the game, but with 4 minutes left in the 4th quarter, 90% of Hokie fans had already left, which was also embarassing.

Logan 3:16

That game was sweetened by a trip to New Orleans to play Michigan while Clemson got manhandled by the cousins. That made the Sugar Bowl even more painful. We had a chance to carry the banner even without winning the ACC and had it taken from us.

2012 Sugar Bowl followed by 2000 Sugar Bowl (NCG)

2012 - Danny Coale caught that.

2000 - And the National Championship Game simply because I was there. Granted I had an excellent time leading up to that game in New Orleans. Or at least I think I did. Pictures seem to support most of that claim.

Every UVA loss lingers

Funny thing is that I can't remember that last loss because its been soooooo long. But in NJ there is only one UVA guy at work that I occasionally cross his path. He will let me know when UVA wins, because I've had his number since I first met him. Even he knows UVA sucks! Sugar Bowl loss to Michigan is at top too!

Stop it with the Negative Waves!

UGA 2006

First half: Our defense dominated
Second half: We got Glennon'd. 4 fucking picks.

"You know when the Hokies say 'We are Virginia Tech' they're going to mean it."- Lee Corso

Good pick

Agree with you on the Georgia game (Chick-Fil-A Bowl).


I was there at the game and I cannot remember another game where I went from such highs to such lows after half time. I remember talking trash to UGA fans during half time when we were just dominating them and it looked like we would cruise to an easy victory.

This was our chance to show the SEC that we could play with them, and that we deserved a better bowl that year.

After half time it was a complete meltdown. Most people remember Glennon's miserable performance in the 2nd half, but there was also the horrible special teams play that would become a trademark of our later frustrations. UGA kicked a quick field goal and then caught us off guard with an onside kick where it looked like our special teams telephoned the kick-off in.

I think that game started the downward spiral for me that continued with Boise State, etc. where I started to put up an emotional wall from getting stung by my team.

Yeah, it wasn't all on Glennon. I remember a couple of big plays in the 2nd half that flipped that game. 1 was on UGA's 1st poessession we had them in 3rd and long pinned deep on their end of the field, they picked up the 1st down and flipped field position on us and the damn broke. but that onsides kick changed the game. I think we used that the next year at GT.
the other was a picture that I saw on TSL where Glennon had like 3 or 4 UGA defenders drapped over him while the O line was blocking noone.



But still, Glennon'd.

I am with you, however (and Bowman too, for that matter). A LOT of things occurred in order for us to piss away that big of a lead and with all of the momentum. Glennon doesn't deserve ALL of the blame. That game was over when they got the onside kick.

I was in the stands that night, and found the family of four VT fans in the seats behind me to be an accurate representation of game's mood:

1st Quarter: They begin passing around a Wild Turkey bottle to all in maroon and orange.
2nd Quarter: They feel bad for UGA fans and begin passing around Wild Turkey to all fans in ANY color.
3rd Quarter: They stopped passing Wild Turkey, began drinking remainder of said Wild Turkey.
4th Quarter: Dad punches son in face, mom throws BBQ sauce on dad (and my friends who happened to be in the way), son slaps mom in the face, cops arrest entire family as the clock hits zero.

It was terrible. Honorable mention to walking out of the Superdome to Auburn fans chanting "What's a hokie?!" Another characteristically shitty performance on a big stage...

"You know when the Hokies say 'We are Virginia Tech' they're going to mean it."- Lee Corso

I take all responsibility for this loss.

Halftime: my 12 year old self becomes interested in my dad's new reading glasses (who knows, no one in my family had glasses and i wanted to try them on). i ask to try them on, but i was wearing a hat, so i put the glasses in my lap and take off my hat.

little do i know, for some reason the glasses fall out of my lap and into the aisle. and i turn to see a guy walking down the stairs to find his seat, and **CRUNCH** his next step obliterates the glasses, my dad yells at me, and Glennon throws the game.

I'm sorry for ruining that game. never shouldve asked to try on glasses.

VT Class of 2017

National Championship game vs FSU....fight all the way back from 28-7 to take a 29-28 lead and let it slip away in the 4th

Has anyone mentioned Cuse 98?

That was fucking awful, McNabb (hate him to this day) hit his TE I think on 4th down in the Carrier Dome and ripped all our hearts out. Awful. The 62-0 redemption the following year was one of my happiest.

Temple that year was mildly less terrible, but in a way it lingers, because it's still brought up as one of the biggest upsets ever.

And of, Matt Fucking Ryan. I hate him. That was just horrendous.

That's mine too

Just was sick after that game.

Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in bad humor.


...I got really, really good at drinking that fall. I was blindly angry all football season.


This one really really hurt. Krusty the Klown!!!
Made it even worse when Krusty was signed by the Skins after the Beagles just threw him away.

That Cuse loss really hurt

I'm a man! I'm 44! Hokie thru and thru.
@BuryHokie #ThanksFrank

Boston college 2007, soaked in the north end zone was awful. Boise was awful too but bc was worst for me

tyrod did it mikey! tyrod did it!

My Sugar Bowl Tale (2012)

It hadn't been a bad bowl season for me so far, ...being stationed in Shreveport I got to see UNC lose to Mizzou in the independence bowl. I then packed things up and went to Atlanta to see UVA lose to auburn in the Chik-fil-A bowl on New Years Eve. Then to top it off, I headed down to New Orleans to watch my Hokies for the FIRST TIME EVER in person (couldn't afford it growing up...and being stationed in Louisiana now makes it even harder) It was like a God Send. ...anyway, I'm in New Orleans, I'm at a BCS game, I'm amongst other Hokie enthusiast such as myself. Awesome.

And then the catch happened. I shed a tear. We opted to drive back to Shreveport that night. I didn't say a word. 5 hour car trip. Not one word spoken.

I still refuse to talk about the game actually. I can't get over it.

Bomber flight crew?

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Munitions. Cruise Missiles. Don't be fooled. The name sounds a lot cooler than the actual job itself.

Not that I'm into Conspiracy Theories but...

I just want to say I find it a little too convenient that in that last three years, we lost to JMU (former stomping ground of Stiney & Newsome) and lost three times to Clemson (former home of O'Cain)!

Haha, let's make the next coaching hires swear and affirm their allegiance to VT Football!

It's all about The VPISU
VT '10, Born & Raised in the 804.
Rockin in The Bakken.
GO: Freeman Rebels, Keydets, Black Knights (the VMI of the North), NY Rangers & Giants, and ATL Braves.

Worst I saw Live 1. BC 07 2.

Worst I saw Live
1. BC 07
2. Miami 05

Worst I saw on TV
1. Boise St
2. Auburn

In hindsight I think the worst loss was that Auburn sugar bowl, because that was going to be the biggest reward, knocking off an undefeated "God's gift to earth" SEC team.


Man, what a great topic. Brings back so many bad thoughts and forgettable memories! For me, the loss to Boise was the worst. It was a game in which we had nothing to gain; win, and you're supposed to. Lose, and it hurts...well, for years. I'm not even considering the aftershock loss to JMU. That was one of our best teams in years and there is no reason we should have come away with an "L". I knew after the outcome that it would sting and our opportunity to play--and beat them again may never happen. This memory still makes my face scowl in disgust. I can tell you this; we've had enough close losses in big games, we're due for a win soon. Roll Bama baby.

If it ain't orange, it better be maroon...and if it ain't maroon, it better be soon!

It was a catch!

Oh, and how can I forget last years Sugar Bowl? I dropped a couple grand to take my pregnant wife and 1 year old daughter. Stayed with the team and was convinced we could win--err, did win. I held my daughter in my arms the entire game only to see the zebras give it away. I wrote a detailed complaint letter to the head of the PAC-12 officiating listing my frustrations and demanding an explanation on some of the rulings. Never heard back.

If it ain't orange, it better be maroon...and if it ain't maroon, it better be soon!

PAC 12 Refs are the worst in my opinion

Sugar Bowl National Championship game. Man.... so close.... might not ever get a better chance.

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I don't know why it had such an awful effect on me, but the Orange Bowl loss against Stanford had me reevaluating the role of sports in my life. Guess it was because it was towards the end of a long line of big game losses and we got blown out so bad in the second half that I had to accept that we got our asses handed to us. Michigan didn't have the same effect on me because at least I could blame that on the referee.

For the BC and JMU games, I was in such disbelief that I have effectively blocked them out of my memory.


NCG 2000

Awful. Just plain awful. Everybody hurt, worn out. The fourth quarter was like watching a train wreck in slow motion.

Order since 2004 when I was in first grade and really started keeping up with Tech football.
1) Boise State 2010-11
2) Michigan 2011-12
3) Boston College 2007-08 (became better when we won the ACCCG)
4) Miami and FSU 2005-06
5) Auburn 2004-05
6) ECU 2008-09
7) Georgia Tech 2009-10
8) Florida State 2012-13
9) UNC 2009-10
10) Cincinnati 2012-13

I love Virginia Tech, regardless of the outcome of every game.

MV5 being a complete fuck up!

For me its not a individual game, no for me its Marcus Vick. As a player i loved MV5 more than MV7 maybe because i was really to young to follow MV7 as closely i did with MV5. I firmly believe had Marcus kept his nose clean in 2006 he would have been a finalist for the Heisman and led an undefeated Hokies team to play Ohio State in the National Title game.

For games im gonna have to go with:

#1 2007 BC

#2 2005 Miami

#3 2010 Boise


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'11 Sugar Bowl

JMU I could laugh off

Boise, I knew we were playing a fantastic QB with peyton manning like ice in his veins

Alabama, I walked out feeling like we gave it our all, but lost to a better team.

Stanford sucked, but we just weren't big enough.

GT in '09 was also rough. Most boring game ever, mixed with a loss. blegh.

I'll never forget sitting in the super dome after Danny Coale made that catch. They went to review it, and I get a bunch of texts from all friends, both hokies and non-hokies, saying it was a catch and it was awesome and that the call was going to stand. And then the call was overturned... I have never felt so let down in my short life.

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JMU... I still get reminded of it whenever I come home for break

"Go Hokies!" - Thomas Jefferson

BC07 I woke up with Mono

BC in 07 by far, miserable game and I woke up with mono the next day.

Miami 05 was bad too, only game I ever painted up for, think it was in the 40's at kickoff.

2004 Sugar Bowl

If Jesse Allen could freakin catch, we win & we beat what many others think was the best team in the country

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September 11th, 2010 was my first home game as a Virginia Tech student after three years in the community college world (one year in Raleigh, two at NRCC). I'm very excited for my first Hokie home game as a student, and even though the weather was lousy, and I was still smarting over the loss to Boise State, I figured we'd show up and take care of business.

We're up 10 nothing in the second quarter, and I'm like, yeah we should be doing better, but it's not too bad.

Then, they score on a 77 yard screen pass to the running back in which we miss a million tackles. Right then, I knew we would lose. Even after a couple of Chris Hazley field goals, Drew Dudzik (damn him) scores two touchdowns on option plays that we look like the keystone cops in defending.

That game felt like a damn punch in the stomach. It didn't help at all that JMU kids had seemingly come out of nowhere in the student section, as I was surrounded by them.

Worst damn day of my life.

North Carolina Raised, Hokie Bred

BC 2007, but JMU a close 2nd

To make matters worse, after the JMU game I got the most burned, worst tasting pizza from DX on the way back to the dorm.

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Temple '98

Easy for me: Temple '98. Gave Temple their first ever Big East Conference win. Oh, wait a minute, I forgot, that game never happened!

The BC loss was tough, but at least it was to a ranked 1-A/FBS team in our own league. And the atmosphere (minus weather?) was insane.


The USC game was bad had the momentum and a horrible pass interference that could have eventually put us up by 10

thats a huge "could have"

'01 Miami, when they were #1

Block the punt, run it back, 2 pt convo hits him in the hands.................
I have spent many games in Lane, graduating in '97 and going back for several others. After that blocked punt, the old press boxes were shaking!!! One of the loudest moments I have ever had in Lane. And, most heartbreaking.

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This one was mine as well. It was my freshman year, so it was my first time I was totally blown after the game. The losses still hurt, but I guess my first is just the most memorable.

🦃 🦃 🦃

1998- The Aaron Brooks comeback. I swear to God, every pass in that comeback was a short out or curl against Anthony Midget. I think that is why I hate Nick Saban so much. Midgets. See what I did there.

Ok, back to overanalyzing JB Grimes OL's.

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN

Midget had a rough 2nd half to say the least.

That game came right after blowing it to Syracuse and McNabb for the Big East Title.

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The last one!

They all are extremely painfully!

Add 2005 vs Miami. I hated Marcus Vick, but they were a legit national title contender. Miami couldn't do anything but pound the ball and then hit Olsen on 3rd and 4 for 5 yards. On offense, that game along with the Orange Bowl vs Kansas were the two games where I knew our receivers would have to be sharper route runners for the Hokies to be elite. Nobody could get open, and Vick's complete lack of effort to improve on his mechanics showed that day. Putrid.

Five star get after it 100 percent Juice Key-Playing. MAN

There are way too many to name but

The worst for me would have to be the Wilford game Miami 01. A friend of the family had some extra tickets and offered them to my dad and me. I was 10 years old at the time, sitting about halfway up the east stands and I remember just being absolutely out of my mind with happiness after that blocked punt. It was so loud in Lane...I'm not sure I've ever heard it that loud again which is surprising cause that was before the south and west sides got expanded. Wilford dropping the ball...I had a good angle and I thought he caught it for about 5 seconds after the play. Then I had the realization: "he dropped it? he DROPPED it?" Horrible introduction to football heartbreak right there.

21st century QBs Undefeated vs UVA:
MV7, MV5, LT3, Jerod Evans, Michael Brewer, Tyrod Taylor, Sean Glennon, and Grant Noel. That's right, UVA. You couldn't beat Grant Noel.

I have only been following the Hokies since I became a student, and a little Vick action (the good one), but unfortunately I've seen quite a few. Here are the ones I attended:
1. BC 07 (cold, wet, miserable)
2. Michgan in Sugar (their fans were atrocious)
3. Boise St (ugh)
4. Bama (revenge anyone?)
5. JMU (low because I didn't have many connections)
Bonus. FSU this year (gut-wrenching because we were so close)

Danny Coale is still open.

This thread is causing PTSD-symptoms

As does the UPS Doug Flutie commercial and any time ESPN shows a BC game because the Flutie thing is inevitable, and if against Tech, then tied to 07. No game hurts as much.

JMU - I was just numb, didn't care, I was already broken from the Boise St game. The worst losses are ones that take you from a high to a low. I was already low.

Miami '05 I might have honestly blocked from my memory. My only solace was the team followed that up by taking revenge on UVA and absolutely DESTROYING the Hoos. That said, that could have been a NC year, though it was also later followed by...

FSU '05 in the ACCCG - To this day this game is the reason I have to resist the urge to kick a puppy when I hear that damn Chop. I think what pissed me off the most was that the FSU fans around us were practically silent until they started winning and the wheels were falling off.

Sugar Bowl '11 if only for Danny Coale; he deserved to go out a winner and he earned it too, but got it taken away from him by lucky bounces and horrendous officiating - the overturned call and the mystery second in the first half that should have run off before Michigan got to kick a field goal.

Any loss to Paul Johnson's GT - just so frustrating to watch them eat an entire quarter on a single drive.

just personally...

1-Michigan in the Sugar - my fiance knows there are two topics she still can't mention around me without me flying into a rage. Danny's catch is one of them. I think this one hurt so bad because I felt cheated.
2-JMU - my sister was at JMU, and was dog-sitting for me. I had to drive through Harrisonburg to pick up my dog that night on my way home from the game. There were fireworks. It was like a drive of shame.
3-Boston College - Sat through that miserable rain the whole game, only to see Matt Ryan rip victory (and a title chance) away from us at the last second. I died a little inside.
4-Miami in '05 - This was my freshman year. The campus was electric, and we had gameday. I was so excited. And then Marcus pulled a Glennon. The worst part was all those fireworks they had bought for the game that they set off the next night as an impromptu fireworks show. Every bang was a reminder of how few points we scored...

I guess 5 is a tie, depending on which one I'm thinking about more recently between FSU or Clemson in the ACC Championship, Bama, or Boise St... Those all sucked too.

It was a catch

Anyone remember....

1998 Syracuse game with Mcnabb throwing up before throwing a TD on the last play of the game? I still see that one.

yep. as I recall Corey Moore & crew were sticking it to him pretty good.


i hate mcnabb

that one still haunts me. or the uva game where we let them come back after leading 29-7 at the half.

florida hokie

I handled the JMU game surprisingly well. I laughed that one off. I hate the fact that many Tech and JMU fans despise the other now. I still root for JMU at every chance for state pride reasons (I will never root for UVA, though, unless they are playing against WVU. Then I don't care who wins.) It took me a while to start rooting for the Dukes again, but I got over it after we won the ACCCG that year, because I felt like we wouldn't have won those 11 straight games without losing to JMU.

I love Virginia Tech, regardless of the outcome of every game.

i think this thread is kinda evil lol reading every post just makes me more depressed about those losses.


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surprised nobody has mentioned

I'm surprised that nobody has yet to mention the loss to 'Cuse at the Dome back in '02 (when Randall set a passing record)...lost that one in 2 or 3OT; OR getting blown out by the Mountainqueers with our '03 "Championship" team in Morganturd...only points we scored was on a Special Teams play; OR the loss to Cal Bears at the '03-'04 Insight Bowl...kickers absolutely choked that game; OR the '97-'98 Gator Bowl ass stomping by the Tarholes...Shayne Graham's FG from almost 50 yds out; OR the '96-'97 Orange Bowl against Nebraska.


JMU 2010

This was no doubt one of the worst days of my life. I still have nightmares going back to that day. I can't tell you how many "how many lights does it take to light up Lane Stadium? 1 AA" jokes I have heard. JMU people are the absolute worst (sometimes worse than UVA) and I have hated them ever since. That game reminds me of how Ron Burgundy felt when the mean man punted Baxter over the bridge. That was the first time that I almost actually cried over a football game.


The reason this game was so pyschologically damaging and life changing was due to the boiling suspense all Summer long. I remember blogging in April and May on how excited I was and then it escalated to serious trash talk with Boise fans on a daily basis through June, July and into August. Boise was riding high as a top 5 team and we had what I thought our best team ever with Williams, Evans, and Tyrod and our defense and fully expected to break our cycle of big losses.

Like a few others mentioned, I couldn't sleep right for the better part of a week. I discussed what I realized was a problem with getting so close to a program and prognosticating beyond reason how a game would end. We are just fans. This game was humbling. It made me not even care when we lost to JMU in the rain and I slept alright after the Michigan game. We blew in 07 BC...the world would have found a way to keep us from playing LSU in 07 after the beatdown they gave us had we won that game. I also hate Matt Ryan to this day.

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