any word on Harris?

His Twitter has me worried...

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He already announced

I thought he already announced that paperwork was sent in wrong so he has to enroll in June rather than this semester, so he will be here for the Fall but not at Spring Practice. Unless I'm thinking of something completely different.


Harris tweeted that all the paperwork are in order. He passed the Clearinghouse. The problem is Admission did not give him a matriculation letter, which basically states that he is a now a student.

He got royally screwed by an imp in Admission who didn't take care of the necessary paperwork.

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nope .. that's not totally accurate there guys

What I know/think

1. Error reportedly originated at FUMA.
2. Papa Harris is upset with the process, taking calls and visits from UM,Rutgers, Temple.
3. Harris wants to be a Hokie, awaiting letter of matriculation from VPI.
4. Monday is the last day a student can enroll for the Spring semester.
5. One would have to think that if the ball is in our court, SOMEONE can expedite that application
6. He, his Pops and FUMA coach have all expressed uncertainty on what to do if papers don't pull through on Monday
7. If he's not at VT in the Spring, something tells me we may very well loose him

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I doubt its going to happen.

I believe the university is closed on Monday for MLK day. :(


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yea something isn't right here

if the university is closed, and I just check it is in fact closed, then wouldn't a deadline be the next business day?

also, Beamer doesn't know about this and can't make a call and chew somebody out?

Pretty sure that would be NCAA violation

Coaching staff can't interfere with admissions process.

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Joe, looks like TKP needs to advertise there, people obviously aren't paying attention to how important this is.

We'll be lucky to see him on the roster, after all this bs

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I would hate to see him on the Miami roster. That would be worse than seeing Daniel Rodriguez run down the hill at clemson with an American flag

Miami will likely be on probation.

I thinks it stands that he'll be at VT in June.

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Seeing Rodriguez didn't bother me. Harris will.

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Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

He made it pretty clear on his twitter where he wants to go no matter what. sounds like his dad is making noise to try and push them to get him in now not in june.


yeah .. wasn't VT's fault .. they can advise on what needs to be done but they can't

a) assist him in filling out the paperwork
b) interfere with the admissions process
c) make special provisions (like opening admissions dept on MLK day) for an athlete

these are all violations and that's not gonna happen under CFB.

most think that he'll still be here in june. there really isn't a lot for him to gain by "trying" to go elsewhere.

wonder if the same thing was happening with Rodriquez

But he thought it was the VT coaching staff holding things up because he couldn't accept the fact their hands were tied. Which leads me to believe, that Swinney and boys at Clemson don't care about NCAA violations.

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Maybe it's because I hate Clemson, but I've thought they have been committing violations for awhile now. A lot of stuff adds up like the Dwayne Allen post orange bowl comments and the Chad Kelly twitter picture. If they are, they do a good job of covering it up.

I have no idea why my username is VT_Warthog.

Arkansas blew a 24-0 lead in the Belk Bowl.

Didn't have the grades

Rodriquez didn't have the grades to get into here. Apparently Clemson didn't mind and took him. Beamer said he would have loved to have him, just didn't meet the requirements.

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from a recent applicant

I can tell you that the admission process isn't very user friendly and all I was doing was applying to an extended campus and some of my paperwork got screwed up by VT so I can only imagine the chances of it happening with everything a scholarship athlete would have to do.

Transferring Experience

When I transferred to VT, it was a very aggravating experience. I remember calling, wondering where my acceptance or deferment letter was, because the transfer acceptance deadline was approaching. Finally my mom got fed up and went to the admissions office and flipped shit, turns out my acceptance letter couldn't be found, but they told her I had been accepted. Apparently this shit would happen all the time because admissions would get flooded with hundreds of transfer requests in the winter and admissions would be short staffed. This was in 2004 & I can now understand why this would happen with a massive volume of paper coming in, but its 2013. These type of mishaps should not happen to anyone, especially if you're an incoming athlete.

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